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Five score and eighteen years ago... ozeman is a of times, but you, like most Bozemanites, are included the founding of the Country Saffron Table. Upscale hair salon The Chapel town no longer. An unaware of the story behind the property. Bookshelf, Country Flower Shop, and the and popular bridal shop Eskay Bridal are also area once defined Henry Kirk relocated to Montana with his Paperback Barn–the latter utilizing the storage part of the homestead. almost exclusively four sons in 1872, following a stern warning space of the Red Barn and doing most busi- Feed Café offers a fresh array of delicious by its farming and from his doctor that smoky Pittsburgh would ness out of the building that is now The Roost breakfast and lunch items. Owners and busi- agriculture is well kill him in as short as a year’s time. Per the and formerly the Kirk Farm’s chicken house. ness partners Serena Rundberg and Chef on its way to doc’s recommendation, Kirk chose Montana After the Kirk sisters retired, the Red Barn Sean Lehmann are proud to offer Bozeman a becoming the for its clean, fresh air and likeness to his home- had a number of diverse commercial tenants menu of items made fresh, from scratch, on mountainside metropolis some will come to land of Scotland. Similarly, the Kirk’s chose including a saddle-maker’s store and work- site. From handcrafted specialties, soups & sal- embrace, while others cling to more nostalgic the Gallatin Valley for its rich and fertile soil. shop, a wine, cheese, and sandwich store, an ads, and delicious sandwiches to a selection of sentiments of what used to be. As we go bar- After settling in the area, Kirk and his son, antique furniture store, and internet café. health-conscious grains and a la carte options, reling into the future and Bozeman continues Harris, built the Red Barn in the summer of In 2009, the 111-year old Red Barn was Feed Café has something to fuel your busy to grow, the history of our city should not only 1898 with the help of other community mem- renovated top to bottom by current owners Bozeman day. They also have a wide variety of Bbe remembered, but celebrated. This is one bers. The Kirks’ eighty acres would remain a Christopher and Nicholas Harris in their effort coffees, teas, and fresh-squeezed juices to help philosophy the freshly opened Feed Café working farm until Harris’ death in 1958. to secure the local landmark’s place in you wash the nourishment down. Order at the strives to live by in their service to the commu- As the town of Bozeman continued to Bozeman’s ever-present history. The original counter, and enjoy your meal in the comfy, nity. The breakfast and lunch restaurant serv- expand, pieces of the farm were sold off. As dark patina timber floorboards actually remain farm-chic atmosphere or take it to go knowing ing what they call “artisan comfort food” is part of these land sales, Harris’ daughter, from the original barn. In this grand restora- that you’re nourished and ready for whatever housed within the completely renovated Red Marguerite, donated a plot of land to the City tion, the great-great grandsons of Henry Kirk life throws at you next. Feed Café is open daily Barn, the largest building of the Kirk of Bozeman that would later become what we created a space that speaks to the lure of from 7am–2pm. Visit Homestead just off of Main Street (across now know to be Kirk Park. Over the years, Bozeman–new but historically relevant. The to take a look at the menu, items available for from the Hastings Shopping Center). You’ve Marguerite and her younger sister, Elanor, Kirk Homestead is currently home to three purchase at the general store, or for further driven directly by hundreds, if not thousands would undertake many enterprises. These fine restaurants–Feed Café, The Roost, and information. • Contents Literature ...... 2A Dance/Art ...... 3A Calendar ...... 4-5A Theatre ...... 6A Film ...... 7A ART/Community ...... 8A Eco ...... B

RZ ...... C Montana Chamber Music Society Food Bank Food Drive MoR Brews & The Big Sky End ...... D Reynolds Recital Hall Bridger Bowl Museum of the Rockies Bi$Z ...... 4D March 16 & 18 - 7:30pm March 26, 8am - 2pm March 29, 5:30-7:30 ­Page 2a­•­The BoZone •­March 15,­2016

MSU’s Distintive Thrive with family-friendly events Thrive is set to host a number Thrive looks another 30 years into 4-12. You can learn strategies to feel Dialogues at the Hilton of events during the back half of the future to see the impact of its better about your parenting tech- From MSU News Service Tickets must be reserved in advance March. Here’s a look at what’s five signature programs: Child niques, deepen your relationship The Friends of Montana State at or by call- coming up! Advancement Project (CAP), Parent with your child and receive more University Library will host ing 406-994-3119 by Thursday, March Gym Days are back! Thrive Place, Partnership Project, Girls for enjoyment in parenting. The course Distinctive Dialogues, an annual 24th. For a complete list of table hosts a fun and FREE open gym for a Change, and Parent Liaison. Cost will take place April 7th, April 14th, evening of light fare and conversa- hosts and topics, visit friendsofmsuli- children 0-5 years old in Bozeman is $125 per attendee. April 28th, May 5th, May 12th, and tion, on Tuesday, March 29th, at the and Belgrade. Bozeman’s Gym Day Thrive has also announced May 19th at 6pm. Sessions will take Hilton Garden Inn in Bozeman. A All event proceeds go to sup- takes place Thursdays from 10- place at Hyalite/Irving, but the social hour with a no-host bar will port Montana State University 11am in the Wilson Gym. course is open to all families in the begin at 6:30pm with dialogues fol- Library collections. The event is Upcoming dates include the 24th & Bozeman School District. Cost is lowing at 7pm. sponsored by Toyota of Bozeman, 31th. Belgrade’s Gym Day takes $10 for a workbook. At Distinctive Dialogues, guests Ressler-Chevrolet of Bozeman, place Wednesdays from 11:40am- Thrive is a community-based are invited to join a table of five to Marilyn Sue and Jim Hamilton, 12:20pm at Heck-Quaw Elementary. organization established in 1986. At seven others and participate in a Pheasant Farms, LLC, the Upcoming dates include the 23rd & the heart of Thrive lies a preventa- conversation led by their choice of Bozeman Daily Chronicle and 30th. There will be no Bozeman or tive, strength-based, empowerment one of 17 local experts. This year, Allegra Bozeman. The Friends of Belgrade Gym Day during the week model of working with parents and dialogue topics range from literature Montana State University Library is of March 14th. Gym Day is children. They provide families with to diplomacy, Yellowstone to music, a group dedicated to enriching designed for parents and toddlers to the resources, tools, and support to and wine to running. Tickets are MSU, the lives of students and the have a place to go, socialize, and be raise healthy, successful children. $25 for Friends of MSU Library community by strengthening the able to actively play on cold Their programs have been devel- members and $35 for non-members. MSU Library. • Montana winter days! The Parent oped using evidence-based practices, Place provides plenty of riding toys, Parenting With Love and Logic, adapted to meet local community tunnels, and balls for the kids to play a 6-week course for parents of ele- needs, and rigorously evaluated to with! The Bozeman and Belgrade mentary-aged children. This course, ensure program efficacy. Thrive has school districts each generously developed by the Love and Logic developed critical community part- Paul Zarzyski reading provide a space for use for one hour Institute, Inc., will help you find spe- nerships built on sharing design, Cowboy poet, recording artist competing on amateur and profes- a week during the school year. The cific answers and strategies for some implementation, management, eval- and former bareback rider Paul sional rodeo circuits, riding bare- average number of parents and of those difficult moments in parent- uation, financial resources, and Zarzyski will bring his wild words back broncos–an activity he has children for Gym Day in a week is ing. Some difficult moments may responsibilities for programs. This to Livingston for a free reading on often compared to writing poetry. 96 people. include bedtime routine, getting approach, which has the success of Thursday, March 17th beginning at Following the reading, Zarzyski The Lily Ball will take place dressed, or just plain arguing. These the child at its center, results in the 7pm as the kick-off guest of Elk will be on hand to sign copies of his Saturday, April 2nd beginning at simple techniques will be geared highest quality services, maximizes River Arts & Lectures’ spring 2016 latest book of poetry, Steering With 5:30pm at the Hilton Garden Inn. towards elementary age children. scarce resources, and has a powerful lecture series. My Knees. A spoken word and music For the past 30 years, Thrive has Designed to help you find specific impact on outcomes for children. The 2005 recipient of the cd of the same title will also be been providing mentoring, educa- answers and strategies for those To register for any of these Montana Governor’s available. tion, and support for thousands of everyday moments that can be diffi- events or for more information on Arts Award for During his visit children and parents in our commu- cult in child rearing. For other Thrive programs, visit Literature, Zarzyski has to Livingston, nity. Join in for this exciting event as parent/caregivers of children ages • performed at the annu- Zarzyski will al National Cowboy also work in the Poetry Gathering in classroom with Elko, Nevada for the Park High stu- past 30 years and has dents. Events Jacqueline Rieder Hud fronts discussion toured Canada, are co-spon- Lane Books of Venice, CA is descent into what is commonly expressing themselves in continuum Australia, Wales, sored by the pleased to announce a discussion called madness. How the ascent out in the Wholeness of Nature and in England, and Russia. Murray Hotel. with Timothy J. Tate, Archetypal of her personal hell was achieved the larger Wilderness without.” He has recited his The public Therapist and his client artist will also be discussed. The relevance Timothy J. Tate has been in psy- poetry at the Kennedy event will take Jacqueline Rieder Hud, moderated of psychological archetypes, dreams, chotherapy practice for the past 34 Center and the Library place upstairs at by publisher Etan Boritzer. art, sex, and fury, figure prominently years. He co-created The Montana of Congress, per- Elk River Books, Laundry for Strangers: One into the recounting of this extraordi- Men’s Foundation, and has lec- formed with the Reno photo: Molly Morrow located at 120 N Woman’s Descent Into and Out nary passage across the precipitous tured extensively on Archetypal Philharmonic and the Main St. Elk River of Madness will be held fault lines of the human psyche. Therapy. Timothy loves the ineffa- Spokane Symphony, and was fea- Arts & Lectures is a Wednesday, March 23rd at the There will be a Q&A after the talk. ble mystery of life, renews through tured on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie non-profit organization that seeks Bozeman Public Library beginning Jacqueline Rieder Hud is an expres- hiking in the mountains, trailer Home Companion. He studied with to bring writers to Livingston for at 7pm. The discussion will relate the sionist painter who has journaled camping, golfing, fly fishing, and renowned poet Richard Hugo in free public readings, and also to soul’s journey deep into the fearsome her dream life for over thirty years. hosting a weekly radio show of the 1970s at the University of provide opportunities for those darkness of the human unconscious She has been a professional artist indie music on Montana, where he received a MFA writers to interact with local as experienced by Ms. Rieder Hud. exhibiting her art works nationally Etan Boritzer is the founder and in creative writing and later taught public school students. For more Veronica Lane Books recently for over 30 years. In Jacqueline’s publisher of Veronica Lane Books in Hugo’s classes after his passing. information, call 333-2330 or visit released the book Laundry for words, “The process of going Venice, CA. The company was start- During the same period, he began • Strangers as the artistic and liter- inward to intuit the way to one’s ed in 1992 using the slogan “Books ary record of that disturbing sojourn personal vision, to the creative radi- That Make a Difference.” Etan is by Ms. Rieder Hud. Mr. Tate and ance, has a tonality of wildness and himself a bestselling author of 14 Ms. Rieder Hud will retell parts of surrender to it. I see this dynamic children’s books, now published in the art and therapeutic process that within the psychic cauldron as a 16 languages. He teaches four yoga Elise Donohue celebration helped her survive the precipitous mirror of the instinctual forces classes a week also. • at Ellen A Celebration of Elise prominent member of the artistic Donohue will take place Saturday, scene and dear friend of Elise, will March 19th at the Ellen Theatre serve as master of ceremonies for Author events at Country Bookshelf beginning at the evening. Country Bookshelf in and Sirens. Janet’s debut middle the past twenty years he has worked 7:30pm. Ten of Elise Donohue Downtown Bozeman–Montana’s grade novel The Charmed Children of as a social worker for adults with the Gallatin was a treasure who largest independent bookstore since Rookskill Castle is an historical fantasy intellectual disabilities, while volun- Valley’s outstand- is missed deeply by 1957–has an exciting slate of March set in 1940 Scotland. Janet is a 2010 teering as a creative writing teacher. ing arts and cul- all those whose lives events for bookworms and literature graduate of the MFA/Writing for A member of Alcoholics tural organiza- she touched. The enthusiasts alike. Children and Young Adults program Anonymous and proud of living tions will join Bozeman communi- Attend an exciting Author Event at Vermont College of Fine Arts. nine years sober, Richard spends his together to honor ty, and places far with Janet Fox for The Charmed Another Author Event with time playing softball, writing, and the former Clyde beyond, benefited Children of Rookskill Castle on Tuesday, Richard Fifield for The Flood Girls directing hip-hop music videos. He Park. This tribute from her understat- March 15th at 7pm. “Keep calm will follow on Wednesday, March lives in Missoula, Montana. will feature The ed generosity, which and carry on.” That’s what 23rd at 7pm. The Flood Girls are a An Author Event with CJ Box Montana in turn has created Katherine Bateson’s father told her, special kind of team. Bound togeth- for Off the Grid will take place on Chamber Music a local environment and that what she’s trying to do: er over the years, they come from Thursday, March 24th at 7pm. The Society, Bozeman of vibrant and when her father goes off to the war, the small Montana town of Quinn. latest Joe Pickett installment begins Symphony, diverse arts and cul- when her mother sends Kat and her They’re dreadful at softball, and not long after the events of Montana Ballet, tural offerings. brother and sister away from have never once had a winning sea- Endangered, which left Pickett and his Intermountain Reserved seats to London to escape the incessant son. Regardless, they take the field best friend, Nate, separated, out of Opera Bozeman, this life celebration bombing, even when the children every year, ready for whatever the touch, and lucky to be alive. Nate is MSU School of are $5 and may be arrive at Rookskill Castle, an game will bring, whether it’s pop living off the grid entirely, relying on Music, Montana purchased at theel- ancient, crumbing manor on the flies or fist fights. The people of survival skills as an outdoorsman, Shakespeare in the Parks, Museum Join the family, misty Scottish Highlands. But it’s Quinn don’t welcome outsiders easi- and his ability hide his movements. of the Rockies, The Dance Center, friends, and fans of Elise, Saturday, hard to keep calm in the strange cas- ly, but they especially have it out for However, a secretive government and Kaleidoscope Youth Theater. March 19th at 7:30pm, to honor her tle that seems haunted by ghosts or Rachel, who for years was the alco- agency finds and blackmails him Joel Jahnke, local actor/director, remarkable legacy. • worse. What’s making those terrify- holic town harlot. She hit the road into locating a rogue journalist, who ing screeches and groans at night? soon after high school, but nine has gone off the grid too, but in a Why do the castle’s walls seem to years later, she’s back with a list of way that could lead to bloodshed. have a mind of their own? And why amends to make. Rachel knows her Pickett’s daughter, Sheridan, receives do people seem to mysteriously mother, Laverna, hardnose captain an invitation to join a nighttime, appear and disappear? Kat believes of the Flood Girls, wants nothing to wilderness gathering with a group of she has the answer: Lady Eleanor, do with her, and quickly learns that political activist strangers. All she who rules Rookskill Castle, is har- the rest of the team don’t either. knows is that they are “passionate” boring a Nazi spy. But when her Rachel befriends one of the only about their cause. Curious, Sheridan classmates begin to vanish, one by people in town who will acknowl- agrees to go. It’s a decision that will one, Kat must uncover the truth edge her–her 12-year-old neighbor place her directly in the middle of about what the castle actually har- Jake. An outsider like her, he’s danger. While Joe Pickett is conduct- bors–and who Lady Eleanor really obsessed with Madonna, thrift ing a series of unrelated investiga- is–before it’s too late. stores, and his daily outfit. With tions, he soon finds himself in Janet Fox writes award-win- Jake’s help, Rachel begins to make a Wyoming’s Red Desert. ning fiction and non-fiction for life for herself in a town she never Unfortunately for him, he’s also children of all ages. Her published wanted to return to. about to stumble across a diabolical works include the non-fiction mid- Richard Fifield earned his MFA plan, and it will leave him stranded. dle grade book Get Organized from Sarah Lawrence College in Even if he makes it out alive, he may Without Losing It, and three YA his- upstate New York. He grew up in be too late to save his daughter and torical romances: Faithful, Forgiven, Troy, Montana: population 956. For his friend. C.J. Box is the New York Times bestselling author of sixteen Joe Pickett novels. He has won the Anthony, Macavity, Gumshoe, and Barry Awards, as well as the French Prix Calibre .38, and was a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist, all for the Pickett novels. He has also won the Edgar Award for Best Novel for his first standalone, Blue Heaven. A Wyoming native, Box has worked on a ranch and as a newspaper reporter and editor. He lives outside Cheyenne, WY with his family. The Country Bookshelf is located at 28 West Main Street downtown. All events are free and open to the public, though an RSVP is recom- mended. For more information about the store or these events, visit or call 587-0166. • page 2A • Volume 23, Number6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar •• 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” March 15, 2016 • The BoZone • Page 3a

Dance party @ Baxter celebrates women MORe pints, politics Hysteria! A Celebration of Center promotes greater responsive- History Month in March to high- Women has been announced. In ness to the needs of university light the contributions of women & pictures honor of Women’s History Month, women. These local organizations throughout history and contempo- Chicks with Sticks and the MSU are joining the nationwide celebra- rary society. There’s a lot happening at the mention Museum of the Rockies. In Women’s Center present Hysteria, a tion of Women’s Hysteria is a Museum of the Rockies in the back addition, they will donate 10% of dance party featuring Bozeman’s fundraiser for Chicks half of March! Here’s a look at Whiskey Wednesday sales to MOR favorite DJ, Missy with Sticks and a “fun what’s coming up. through March 31st. Treat yourself to a O’Malley. Festivities raiser” for women and Popular series Brews & the Big great time that will also do a great begin at 8pm on all who love them. Sky will return for another session deal of good. Thank you Bozeman Friday, March 25th The event will run on Tuesday, March 29th in the main Spirits for supporting the work of at the Baxter from 8pm until mid- lobby of the Museum of the Rockies the Museum of the Rockies! Ballroom. The night on March 25th between 5:30 and 7:30pm. High Also at the Museum: new dance is open to all in the Baxter Flyers in the Big Sky: Aviation in Montana exhibits! 50 Greatest over age 18 with Ballroom. Enjoy a with Bozeman Yellowstone Photographs: National tickets available at special performance International Airport & Summit Geographic will be on display the door. Tickets are by Chicks with Sticks, Aviation featuring brews from Lewis through May 30th. In its 125-year $15 for singles, $25 show off your dance & Clark Brewing Co. Ever since J.C. history, National Geographic pho- for couples, and $12 moves, and try your “Bud” Mars’ 1910 flight at the state tographers have presented some of for students with ID. luck with a 50/50 raf- fair in Helena (the first in the state of the most striking images of our Chicks With Sticks fle. For more informa- is an all-woman bucket tion, visit Chicks with drum corps who Sticks ~ Bozeman empower and inspire by Bucket Drum Corps making a joyful noise. on Facebook. • The MSU Women’s

Learn to dance before wedding season!

Dancing is fun! It’s a great way confused with country swing, Triple Learn to float around the dance Montana), flying has been a chal- world ever captured on film. In to meet new people, gain self-confi- Step is related to the Polka. Tuition floor with the greatest of ease with lenge here in Big Sky country. MOR’s new exhibit, National dence, learn a social skill and get for the course is $68 per person. It Basic Waltz. This is a classic dance Today, aviation plays a critical role Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs, exercise. Lauren Coleman’s Have will meet on Tuesdays for seven done in ballrooms, country bars, in Montana’s economy. Whether you’ll see not only at the photos as Fun Dancing announces new Basic weeks starting April 19th, begin- contra dances, and many social bringing tourists to visit Yellowstone they appeared in the magazine, but Ballroom, Basic Country, and ning at 7pm. events. This class will cover or transporting Montana products to also learn about the stories behind Basic Waltz courses for beginners fundamentals of this timeless the world, aviation keeps us all con- them and the photographers them- starting the week of April 18th. No dance. Tuition for the course is nected. Join in to talk air travel his- selves. For some images, you will be experience or partner necessary. $68 per person. It will meet on tory and sample our state’s finest able to see the “near frames” taken Come and get ready for those spring Thursdays for seven weeks export: Beer! There is an $8 admis- by the photographer: the sequence and summer weddings! starting April 21st, beginning sion which includes a free glass and of images made in the field before Basic Ballroom serves as an intro- at 6pm. Intermediate and beer tasting for those 21 and older. and after the perfect shot. duction to partner dancing with a advanced courses are also Based on the popular summer Documentary videos throughout the focus on the fundamentals of the available. Classes will be held in time Hops & History program that exhibition reveal many of the stories Foxtrot and Swing. These skills are the Have Fun Dancing studio at supports the Living History Farm, of these iconic photographs and the used in all other dances. Tuition for 414 Bryant Street (off of North this new winter series pairs the histo- photographers who shot them. Join the course is $58 per person. It will Rouse) in Bozeman. The studio ry of local industries–presented by MOR and travel through 125 years meet twice a week for three weeks, features a spacious floating and MOR Curator of History, Michael of National Geographic’s history Mondays and Wednesdays begin- sprung hardwood dance floor Fox–with beer tastings from local and its most unforgettable images. ning at 6pm. which prevents injury and breweries. Each presentation Across the Andes is also open Basic Country will combine Two reduces fatigue in a unique and explores a unique historical Big Sky now! Deia Schlosberg and Gregg Step and Triple Step. Two Step is friendly atmosphere. For more industry to complement an equally Treinish set out to trek the length of an easy-going dance based on information on how unique local brew. This program the Andes Mountain Range from walking steps traveling around the to register and for more supports the Museum of the Rockies the Equator south. Creating a new dance floor with lots of fun turns. specifics, please visit History program. route, they covered 56 degrees of Triple Step is exhilarating, easy, or The Elise R. Donohue Lectures the globe and more than 7,800 miles and you will do this almost as often call Lauren Coleman at of the American West, in memory of through some of the most difficult as you do the two step. Sometimes (406) 763-4735. • Walter S. Rosenberry, will present conditions on Earth. And some of Michael J. Lansing’s the most beautiful landscapes imagi- “Insurgent Democracy: The nable. Their incredible journey is Nonpartisan League in North now captured by 60 large-format Come to fun ballroom dance American Politics” on photographs, personal journal Wednesday, March 30th from 6- entries, Insights into the Andean Ballroom Dance Bozeman is set well...mix, mingle, and support dancing in style!” Your job is to have 7:30pm in the Hager Auditorium. In way of life, stories and maps, in a to host an Informal newer dancers as they join the a great time dancing in a friendly, 1915, western farmers mounted one stunning exhibit called Across the Friday Ballroom Dance on Bozeman ballroom dance communi- casual atmosphere! Please bring in of the most significant challenges to Andes. Join MOR and travel with Friday, April 1st at the Bozeman ty. Dance to a great mix of recorded your dancing shoes to keep the wood party politics America has seen: the them as they trek over trails that Senior Center. music–including swing, foxtrot, and floor at the Senior Center clean, dry, Nonpartisan League. The organiza- have been used for centuries by There will be a fun and friendly waltz, Latin, nightclub, country two- and grit-free. tion sought to empower citizens and locals, train tracks, aqueducts, and dance lesson at 7pm, with open step, and more. Dress is casual, The Bozeman Senior Center is restrain corporate influence. Before across snowmelt-fed lakes and rivers. dancing beginning at 7:45. admission is $5 for BDB passholders, located at 807 N Tracy Ave. For its collapse in the 1920s, the League Across the Andes is a remarkable pho- Experienced dancers are encour- and $7 without a pass. This includes more information, visit ballroom- counted over 250,000 paying mem- tographic record of an even more aged to come for the lesson as the lesson. The motto is “Keep • bers, yet today it is all but forgotten, remarkable journey that led to neglected even by scholars. Michael National Geographic naming Gregg J. Lansing’s newly released book, & Deia Adventurers of the Year. Insurgent Democracy, offers a new look Using the past and present at the Nonpartisan League and a Museum of the Rockies inspires life- Bozeman Folklore hosts Contra Dances new way to understand its rise and long learning in science, history, cul- The Bozeman Folklore Society up your heels! ready to hit the hardwood! fall in Montana, the United States, ture, and art; advances knowledge will host a Contra Dance on An additional Contra Dance The Bozeman Folklore Society and Canada. Join MOR for a stimu- through collections, research and Saturday, March 19th beginning at will be held on Friday, April 1st (BFS) is an all volunteer, non-profit lating evening of discussion about discovery; and presents engaging, 7:30pm. Live music will be provided beginning at 7:30pm. Live music organization dedicated to promot- the Nonpartisan League. This event vibrant exhibits and programming. by Trade Winds featuring will be provided by Helena ing, preserving, enjoying, and shar- is free and open to the public. MOR brings the world to Montana caller Amy Letson. A half hour Handbasket featuring caller Bev ing the music, dance, arts, crafts, Presented in association with the and Montana to the world. For more beginner’s workshop begins at Young. A half hour beginner’s work- and skills of traditional cultures. It is History and Philosophy Department, information for these and future 7:30pm, with dancing continuing shop begins at 7:30pm, with danc- an associate group of the Country Montana State University. events, or to register, visit until 11pm. Admission is $10, $8 for ing continuing until 11pm. Dance and Song Society (CDSS). Bozeman Spirits generously or call Bozeman Folklore Society members, Admission is $10, $8 for Bozeman The Bozeman Senior Center is donates 10% of your bill when you 406-994-5257. • and $5 for MSU students. The Folklore Society members, and $5 located at 807 North Tracy dance will be held at the Bozeman for MSU students. The dance will Ave.Visit or call Senior Center. Bring your non- be held at Whittier School. Bring 406-581-3444 for more information marking shoes and get ready to kick your non-marking shoes and get about any of these events. •

Curry night at Bridger Kitchens A collaboration of Meta Sate tion, visit dinner-tickets-21357146801/. Hope Catering and Bridger Kitchens will sian-curry-night-5-course-pop-up- to see you there! • present Indonesian Curry Night: a 5-course Pop- Up Dinner on Saturday, April 2nd beginning at 5:30pm. This special night will help you to explore, share, and enjoy all the fla- vors of Indonesian curries. This is a one night only event and a rare treat to Bozeman. Tickets to this event are $70 per person. Dinner will take place at Bridger Kitchens’ location in Four Corners at 7540 Pioneer Way and will run until 8pm. This event is BYOB, so please feel free to bring your own favorite beer and wine to go along with this dinner. Several good white wine choices to pair with curries include a fruity rosé, off dry riesling, and pinot gris. Red pairings could include shi- raz, carmenere, and pino- tage. IPA, APA, and lagers are great beers to also accompany curry. co*cktailing starts at 5:30pm–this is a half hour window to uncork your bev- erage, enjoy Indonesian snacks, and mingle. Dinner service will follow at 6pm. For tickets, detailed menu, and more informa-

Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 3A

Page 6a • The BoZone • March 15, 2016

Rumors at Blue Slipper Catch Jesus Christ Superstar Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd icated to fostering cre- The Blue Slipper Theatre of bleeding in the other room and his Webber’s explosive rock opera Jesus ativity and building Livingston will present “Rumors” wife is nowhere in sight. His lawyer, Christ Superstar will hit the community through by Neil Simon with performances on Ken and wife Chris must get “the Shane Center this March. Jesus various arts program- Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and story” straight before the other Christ Superstar looks at the last ming, classes and Sundays at 3pm, guests arrive. As the con- days in the life of Jesus through the events. The Shane April 1st-24th. fusions and miscom- eyes of Judas Iscariot, and has been Center is home to a Admission is munications stunning audiences for over 40 years. thriving theatre compa- $15 for mount, the The performance runs through ny–mounting top-notch adults and evening spins March 26th in the Dulcie Theatre at community theatre $12 for stu- off into classic the Shane Lalani Center for the productions, classes, dents and sen- farcical hilarity. Arts, playing Fridays and Saturdays educational outreach iors over 60. The New York at 8pm, with Sunday matinees at programming for area At a large, tastefully Times said, “Has noth- 3pm. Special Saturday Matinees will schools, and intense appointed Sneden’s Landing town- ing on its mind except making the be presented at 3pm on 3/19 and Young Actors’ house, the Deputy Mayor of New audience laugh.” The New York 3/26. This show closes Saturday Workshops twice a York has just shot himself. Though Post called it, “Light, frothy and evening, March 26th. Tickets to all year. In addition, the only a flesh wound, four couples are fun.” USA Today commented, “Neil shows are $16 for adults, $13 for Shane Center offers about to experience a severe attack Simon makes people laugh a lot!” seniors and college students, and $10 access to a variety of of Farce. Gathering for their tenth And NBC-TV added, “Not only side for youth, and are available at the- short and long-term wedding anniversary, the host lies splitting, but front and back split- or by calling the rental spaces available ting.” Special permission to perform Shane Center Box Office at (406) for a wide range of rooms all keep the Shane Center given by Samuel French, Inc. 222-1420. Jesus Christ Superstar is artistic endeavors and community abuzz with daily activity. In striving Directed by Gary Fish, “Rumors” generously sponsored by Chico Hot events. A 165-seat auditorium, a lav- to bring the community together stars Gary Fish, Debbie Jamieson, Springs, Joanne & David Gibson, ish ballroom with attached catering through the arts, the staff is commit- Jason Moreland, Carmen Dunn, and Livingston’s Ace Hardware. space, a mirrored rehearsal hall, ted to inclusiveness and offering Tim Schaeffer, Peggy Wesigerber, Located in the heart of music and art studios, dance facili- affordable access to its programming Christopher DeJohn, Shannon Livingston, the Shane Center is ded- ties, offices, classrooms, and meeting and facilities. • Moreland, Michael Ross, and Kelsey Huber. The Blue Slipper is also seeking six women, ages 20-70, to audition for roles for a stage production of Verge comedy marches on “Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling on Monday, April 18th and Verge Theater has been enter- some of Bozeman’s best young tal- improv games similar to those you Tuesday the 19th. The production is taining for many successful seasons ent, in roles that will stay with you see on Who's Line Is It Anyway?, to be directed by Christopher and the excitement continues into for a long time. Performances will and perform long form improv that DeJohn. the spring! begin promptly at 8pm on Fridays is basically making up short plays on The action is set in Truvy’s beau- In March, Verge Theater is and Saturdays from March 18th the spot. You have to experience this ty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, proud to present These Shining through April 2nd. Reservations are to believe it!! It's a mere $7 to get in where all the ladies who are “any- Lives, Melanie Marnich's play $14, and can be made in person at and laugh like hell at our team of body” come to have their hair done. based on a true story of four women Cactus Records in Downtown S.W.A.T. trained Improv Players. Helped by her eager new assistant, who worked in a watch factory in Bozeman, or online at (S.W.A.T. = SouthWest Alternative Annelle (who is not sure whether or the 1920s. The story dramatizes the Theater). Upcoming show on March not she is still married), the outspo- danger that women faced as new ken, wise-cracking Truvy dispenses members of the American work- Young Frankenstein 2015 shampoos and free advice to the force, and the lack of concern by town’s rich curmudgeon, Ouiser, companies for protecting their (“I'm not crazy, I've just been in a employees. Contemporarily, as we bad mood for forty years”); an debate concussion protocols in the eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee, NFL, and despair over textile mills who has a raging sweet tooth; and collapsing on workers throughout the local social leader, M’Lynn, the world, Marnich's play adds a whose daughter, Shelby (the prettiest human voice to the dialogue and girl in town), is about to marry a speaks relevant volumes. “good ole boy.” Filled with hilarious Catherine Donohue lands a repartee and not a few acerbic but good paying job with the Radium humorously revealing verbal colli- Dial Watch Company, painting the sions, the play moves toward tragedy faces of watches with a radioactive when, in the second act, the spunky Radium compound that glows in Come check out what Improv 21st at 7pm. Reservations can be Shelby (who is a diabetic) risks preg- the dark. The women are told that Comedy is all about! Once again made online at or nancy and forfeits her life. The sud- the compound is not dangerous, Verge Theater is offering up a in person at Cactus Records in den realization of their mortality and actually may have healthful Monday Night sacrifice of the most Downtown Bozeman. affects the others, but also draws on attributes, but as the watches pile daring, death defying type of live Verge Theater is located at 2304 the underlying strength–and up, the symptoms start to mount, theater there is: Improv! They call it N. 7th Ave, in the strip mall across love–which give the play, and its and the women must fight battles Improv on the Verge! Improv from Murdoch's at the EXTREME- characters, the special quality to on many fronts as their new worlds Monday Nights feature The LY FUN edge of Bozeman. make them truly touching, funny, begin to decay. The emancipation Bozeman Improverts who will Reservations for all shows can be and marvelously amiable company that comes with money and work beguile you with their laser-like wits, made in person at Cactus Records, in good times and bad. Special per- outside of the home exposes the sharp tongues, and obnoxiously or online at Visit mission to perform given by women to new friendships, new large heads. These masterful, main the website for more information. Dramatists Play Service. ideas, and new perils. stage players improvise sketches built See you at one of these exciting The Blue Slipper Theatre contin- These Shining Lives will feature around audience suggestions, play shows! • ues its tradition of offering the best in community theater as it has for 50 years. Located in the heart of Livingston’s historic downtown dis- trict, the theatre produces four or Celebrate four centuries of Shakespeare! five full-length productions each sea- April 23rd, 2016 song, perform a son, with a variety of comedic and marks the 400-year small scene with dramatic selections included in the anniversary of your friends, dress annual lineup. The Blue Slipper Shakespeare’s death. up in costumes or hosts touring productions, music, In honor of the stay in your usual and comedy throughout the year enduring legacy of clothes…anything and offers a holiday variety program his plays and poetry, Shakespearean, in to the public free of charge. The the city of Bozeman any public place in Blue Slipper also hosts a Kids will celebrate with or around Bozeman. Playwriting Festival in the spring to Shakespeare Flash The Country give area students the opportunity to Mobs. Bookshelf will be the write, direct and star in their own On Saturday, Shakespeare Flash- plays. The theatre is located at 113 April 23rd, the words 400 headquarters. East Callender Street. For tickets or of Shakespeare will Participants and more information, call 406-222- erupt all over town: event coordinators 7720 or visit • in coffee shops, book- will be there having refreshments and stores, grocery stores, galleries, sharing stories of Shakespearean restaurants, trails, and other loca- mobs on this important anniversary. tions. Would you like to be a part All ideas welcome! Please contact of the Shakespeare flash mob? Gretchen Minton at You could recite a soliloquy or a [emailprotected] sonnet, sing a Shakespearean if you are interested. •

Circus returns to Gallatin Country Fairgrounds

The Jordan World Circus The Jordan World Circus, one of will return to the Gallatin County North America’s premier traveling Fairgrounds’ indoor arena during circuses, is owned and produced by its 2016 tour on Monday, April Jody and Patsy Jordan of Las Vegas, 4th at 7:30pm and Tuesday, April Nevada. Hailing from a long back- 5th at 4:30pm & 7:30pm. With ground of aerialists and circus per- three rings of affordable family formers, Jordan brings a unique tal- fun, The Jordan World Circus ent to the circus management field. will thrill fans of all ages. Come His exciting two hour shows are see the death-defying aerial acts presented on annual tours from and animal attractions–including coast to coast and border to border tigers and elephants. In addition by local Shrine Centers and Clubs, to the performing acts, kids will police and fire associations, civic have the unique opportunity to clubs and organizations, merchant ride and pet different types of associations, local presenters and animals. Tickets to this event venues, and fairs, festivals, parks and range from $15-$45 for single the like. For more information on and family tickets and are the Jordan World Circus, visit the- available through their • official Facebook page.

W r i t e r s Danny Waldo Bayard Lewis Terri Schlichenmeyer Zelpha Boyd Rebekah Schields Emily Lockard Dr Steven W Running Sister Marya Grathwohl page 6A • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” March 15, 2016 • The BoZone • Page 7a

BFS screens two acclaimed indies Movie Lovers ------Bozeman Film Society will pres- of Congregation Beth Shalom. engage audiences. Druid Peak will be ent the Oscar winner for Best On Wednesday, March 30th at introduced by ‘Wolves & Teens: “Un- Foreign Film, the Hungarian Son of 7pm (please note earlier start time), packing” Social Creatures,’ a presen- Saul on Wednesday, March 23rd BFS is proud to present Druid tation by Doug Smith, lead biologist Presents: A Place to Stand beginning at 7:30pm. Peak, the first in the inaugural on the Yellowstone Wolf Project and by Bayard Lewis spoken words of his poetry. He October 1944, Auschwitz- three-part “Science on Screen” film Katey Franklin, Director of MSU’s Birkenau: Saul Ausländer is a series, a national program sponsored Human Development Clinic and The story of a young boy with reads them aloud with grace and a Hungarian member of the by the Coolidge Corner Theater and Addictions Counseling Program. A an abusive, alcoholic father and a compassion that extends to all who Sonderkommando, the group of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. panel Q&A with the film’s Director, mother that abandoned her family endured the brutality of the prison. Jewish prisoners isolated from the Set against the backdrop of the Marni Zelnick, and Executive to escape the The filmmakers camp and forced to assist the Nazis in wolf reintroduction program in Producer, Maureen Mayer will fol- abuse is not weave stunning the machinery of large-scale extermi- Yellowstone National Park, Druid Peak low. The screening is a collaboration something that imagery of the nation. While working in one of the is a redemptive coming of age story with the Montana Outdoor Science usually ends well. natural landscapes crematoriums, Saul discovers the about a troubled teenaged boy School and the Montana This boy would and flora in the body of a boy he takes for his son. As (Spencer Treat Clark) whose mom, Environmental Educators. later be incarcer- desert plains and the Sonderkommando plans a rebel- unable to control him, ships him off Tickets are $8.75/General; ated for drug mountains of lion, Saul decides to carry out an to the wilds of Wyoming, where his $8.50/Seniors & Students (plus fees) charges and face Arizona and New impossible task: save the child’s body estranged father (Andrew Wilson) and may be purchased by calling the intense violence Mexico. They are from the flames, find a rabbi to recite works as a Yellowstone biologist. Ellen box office at 585-5885, online within the a bright and hope- the mourner's Kaddish, and offer the Shot on location in Wyoming, at or by visiting boy a proper burial. Montana, Utah, and West Virginia, the Ellen's box office Wednesday- Arizona State ful contrast to the Sweeping the Cannes Grand Prix, we see that the role of wilderness in Saturday between 1 & 3 pm, or two Prison. dark chambers and Golden Globe, and Academy Award the human experience is as necessary hours before the screening. Doors Jimmy desolation within for Best Foreign Film, Philadelphia as food, shelter, or love. If your chil- open one hour before the screening Santiago Baca’s the prison walls. Inquirer film critic, Steven Rea, calls dren are teens, or about to be teens, with wine/beer and concessions memoir “A Place When paired with Son of Saul “A crushing view of bring them along! The LA Times available in the lobby. BFS pass hold- to Stand” the poet’s words humanity at its most desperate, and a calls the film, “Enlightening... unde- ers and sponsors can reserve seats by becomes an incredibly personal they become something existential, view of one man’s fevered efforts to niably gorgeous.” Rated PG-13 the visiting or calling the Ellen Theatre documentary, one that drops dra- reflecting on the power hope and find grace and dignity amid the hor- film runs 115 minutes. box office at 585-5885. matic breadcrumbs to leave you the human spirit. ror.” Directed by László Nemes and Now in its 9th year, Science on Bozeman Film Society Member wondering how he made it out Journalists and authors who starring Géza Röhrig, Levente Screen provides national funding to Passes are available in the Ellen alive. have deep knowledge of the penal Molnár, Urs Rechn, Todd Charmont, expand film and scientific literacy by Theatre lobby before all BFS shows, Baca recalls in vivid detail his system in the U.S. also contribute Sándor Zsótér, Marcin Czarnik, creatively pairing screenings of pop- online at or Amitai Kedar, Son of Saul is rated R ular culture and documentary films by calling 406-585-5885. Visit their five year prison experience and the to Baca’s story, highlighting that for disturbing violent content and with lively expert presentations. Each website for detailed information on key moments that prevented his prisons in the 70’s were not built some graphic nudity and runs 105 film offers a jumping-off point for a levels and benefits of a Bronze, Silver succumbing to a life of violence with rehabilitation in mind. minutes. The evening will open with speaker to introduce current research or Gold level Membership–and as and fully surrendering his humani- Ardent film lovers will probably see a introduction by Rabbi Ed Stafman or technological advances that always, “Keep 'Em Flickering!” • ty. It may have been a happy acci- a parallel near the end of his story dent or fate giving him a once in a involving the prison warden whose

lifetime opportunity when a contempt for Baca prevents his

stranger begins writing him letters timely release approval from the Classic film & live music at the Ellen to see if he needs support. parole board. At that moment his reading and This narrative serves to remind h Downtown Bozeaman’s mainstay Movies continue with a very spe- which begins at 7:30pm. The best writing capacity were so limited us that education is one of the the Ellen Theatre is forever ripe cial event on Saturday, March 26th, part? It costs $5–now that’s a deal! Young Frankenstein 2015 with big screen and stage entertain- a screening of Back to the Future On Tuesday, April 5th, the Ellen that it took days just to compre- pathways to a life of meaning. In ment and the upcoming weeks are with special guest Bob Gale. Meet invites you to a very special concert hend this first compassionate letter Baca’s case, he needed words, per- no different! Here’s a look at what’s the guy who wrote the movie! After a with Stuart Weber and Friends. from a good Samaritan. He wrote severance, and the supportive faith coming up in the 2nd half of March. screening of one of the most popular Mr. Weber teams up with two fantas- back with the help of a fellow of a stranger to turn his life Friday, March 25th brings the films of all time, enjoy a discussion tic musicians, New York flutist inmate to ask for a dictionary. This around. There are other stories of first in a series of great films coming with Bob Gale (writer and producer Morgan Pappas and young gui- seemingly simple item would prove redemption through literacy, but I to The Ellen Theatre with a screen- of the Back to the Future trilogy), tarist Gerardo Zarate Terrazas to be critical in unlocking a new don’t think we hear about them ing of the 1962 masterpiece To Kill including behind-the-scenes anec- from Mexico, for a lively evening of world Baca had never known— often enough. His story is not fic-

a Mockingbird. Based on the clas- dotes and Audience Q&A. Reserved guitar solos, duets and trios. In addi- books and writing poetry. tional by any means, but still sic novel by Harper Lee, To Kill a seats are $19.85 and $9 for youth 17 tion to works by Piazzola, Pujol, and We’re immersed in the ominous reminds us of the mythic hero’s Mockingbird is the story of Atticus & under. The evening begins at 7pm. Rodrigo, Weber will present a set of metal sounds in the belly of the journey—one where the hero must Finch (Gregory Peck), a lawyer in The 30th anniversary of the 1986 original guitar duets from his youth prison; mechanized gears and endure a hellish underworld and 1930s Alabama, who defends a black Tom Cruise classic Top Gun, with which have not been performed in man, falsely accused of a serious another Ellen Trivia Night, will take nearly four decades. The perform- cages closing and opening. These find the courage and strength to crime. In standing up for what he place on Saturday, April 2nd. Join ance is scheduled for 7:30pm and all echoes serve as a backdrop for the emerge reborn. • knows is right, Atticus strives to teach Maverick, Charlie, Iceman, and seats are $19.75. his children, and his hometown, that Goose and experience the high-flying Wine, beer, and other refresh- the only true crime committed was flick as it was originally intended–on ments–which may be brought into prejudice. To Kill a Mockingbird was the Big Silver Screen! Brush-up on the theatre–will be sold in the lobby well-received by critics and audiences all things Tom Cruise, from Risky beginning one hour prior to all show Star Trek party supports alike, nominated for eight Academy Business to Mission Impossible, and times. Tickets for all events are avail- Awards, including Best Picture and prepare to be stumped! Trivia begins able online at Reach Inc. Best Actor (Gregory Peck). The at 6:30pm and will be read aloud on For questions, or to purchase tickets

film is set to screen at 7:30pm and stage. Answer sheets must be submit- over the phone, please call The Ellen Reach Inc. is a local, private celebrate this connection, a First

tickets are $5. ted prior to the start of the film, box office at 406-585-5885. • non-profit that helps over 110 Contact Party will be held on

adults with developmental disabili- Saturday, April 2nd at the Holiday

ties in the Gallatin Valley to lead Inn from 6pm to 9pm. The party

the most independent, fulfilling will include a costume contest, a Frame by Frame doc at Emerson lives possible. trivia contest, an Enterprise ship Reach Inc.’s birthday, April 4th, building contest, raffle prizes, and The Bozeman Doc Series contin- country for the world, and for them- its subject–beautifully composed correlates with an important date in Star Trek themed alcoholic and ues Thursday, March 17th, at 7pm at selves. Combining observational exploration of the challenges and Star Trek history: the day (in the non-alcoholic drinks. the Emerson Center, with the award- footage, intimate interviews, powerful responsibilities faced by photojour- movie “First Contact”) when Tickets to this fun event are $20 winning documentary Frame photojournalism, and never-before- nalists in Afghanistan’s post-Taliban Captain Picard and his crew trav- each and are available online and at by Frame. seen archival footage shot in secret free press…a sharp, soulful elled back in time to Bozeman, MT the door. For tickets or more infor- When the Taliban ruled during the Taliban regime, the film is doc...proves the alternately con- to stop The Borg from interfering mation, visit, or con- Afghanistan, taking a photo was a a powerful chronicle of the fight for frontational and cathartic power of with First Contact between human- tact Dee Metrick at 406-587-1271 crime. After the regime fell from freedom in a war-torn country. the camera lens.” ity and The Federation. In order to or [emailprotected]. • power in 2001, a fledgling free press Frame by Frame world-premiered at The Bozeman Doc Series will emerged and a photography revolu- the SXSW Film Festival, and has continue with one screening every tion was born. Now, as foreign troops screened at prestigious festivals other Thursday through April. and media withdraw, the country is around the world, winning several Tickets are available at the door or left to stand on its own, and so are its major awards. The Hollywood before the show at Cactus Records journalists. Set in a modern Reporter said, “A bracing tribute to and Movie Lovers. Tickets are also Afghanistan bursting with color and the power of photojournalism... available online at bozemandoc- character, Frame by Frame follows four Frame by Frame is a work of profound where you can also buy Afghan photojournalists as they navi- immediacy...exquisitely crafted and 7-film punch cards, learn more gate an emerging and dangerous emotionally searing.” Variety noted, about the series, and view trailers media landscape–reframing their “A piercing, poignant and–as befits for upcoming films. •

Beer celebration at AleWorks On Tuesday, March 29th, Montana Ale Works and Western Sustainability Exchange are pairing up for the 3rd annual Beer Celebration Fundraiser to support the pro- grams of Western Sustainability Exchange. Montana Ale Works will showcase beer from Big Sky’s Lone Peak Brewery, Missoula’s Draught Works, and Billings’ Uberbrew. Wild Rye Distillery of Bozeman will also be on hand to showcase locally crafted co*cktails. Ale Works chefs will prepare small plates designed to enhance the taste of each beer and co*cktail. There will be two seatings: 5:30-7pm and 7:30-9pm. Seating is limited, so purchase tickets now! Tickets are $40 and purchased at All proceeds go to Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE), a sustainable development non- profit based in Livingston. WSE’s goal is to help create a food system that provides healthy local food, wide-open spaces, and profitable farms and ranch- es. For more information, visit their website at westernsustain- •

Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 7A “Barbe-clues”—this cookout’s missing something. Across 52 Restroom door word 12 Agree (with) 57 “... ‘cause I ___ me 1 Move slowly 53 Actress Sedgwick of “The 13 “Only ___” (Oingo Boingo spinach, I’m Popeye ...” Crossword Sponsored By: 5 “Smokey ___ Cafe” Closer” song) 58 Mr. Hoggett’s wife, in 9 “American ___ Warrior” 55 It’s often served 18 Even out “Babe” 14 First state to weigh in on sweetened 22 Got the most votes 59 Each, informally presidential candidates 60 Buddy who bugs Bert 24 Jessica of “7th Heaven” 61 1920s leading lady ___ 15 Inauguration Day 64 Friar’s Club event 25 Site of a 1976 Naldi recitation 65 Barbecue offering, or anti-Apartheid uprising 62 Abbr. in the footnotes 16 How anchovies are what the other three theme 27 Sandwich need 63 “___ quam videri” (North preserved answers do? 28 Calculators with sliding Carolina motto) 17 Ink for a fan of ‘60s 68 First name in fragrances beads 66 Late actor Vigoda (for chess champion Mikhail? 69 Musician who feuded with 29 Lena Dunham show real) 19 Bossa nova relative Eminem 31 Dark Lord of the Sith 67 Grain in some whiskey 20 Photographer Adams 70 1960s bluesman Redding 32 Onslaught 21 Facebook display 71 Consenting responses 33 From Limerick ©2016 Jonesin' Crosswords 23 “I call it!” 72 Blunt-edged sword 34 Mango side, maybe 26 Crew team need 73 Get one’s feet wet 35 “Good to go!” 27 Do a grocery store task 40 “Hmm ...” 30 Introduction from an Down 42 Word of Italian guy who doesn’t 1 Falafel accompanier affirmation speak much English? 2 Home buyer’s need, 45 Former MTV 36 Box score stat usually personality 37 Having no experience in 3 Mail deliverers at Daisy 38 “Beat it!” Hogwarts 47 Buying binge 39 English aristocrat 4 Behind the times 50 Blast creator 41 Resulted in 5 Write hastily, with “down” 54 Katniss 43 Feels under the weather 6 Grain in granola Everdeen’s 44 Roman ___ (novel genre) 7 Prince William’s projectile 46 Trees that yield hard alma mater 55 “Dirty wood 8 Yeezy Boost 350, for one Dancing” 48 Dir. from Reno to L.A. 9 Leaf and Pathfinder, for actress 49 Insult your private two Jennifer instructor’s headwear? 10 Where Chad is 56 Actress 51 Monopoly token choice 11 Coastal Alaskan city Byrne Answers: The Movie Room

Tap into Montana with Brew Fest SLAM (Supporting Local Artists Back for it’s second year, the annual Tap and talk with the breweries before everyone into Montana Craft Beer Week & Brew else gets there. VIP hour is 2-3pm and regular & Musicians) applications due Fest will take place April 3rd-9th with the brew fest hours are 3-7pm. For those coming Brew Fest being held from out of town, dis- CALL TO Saturday, April 9th from counted room rates are MONTANA 2-7pm. Last year’s inau- available at the ARTISTS, gural event featured 12 Yellowstone Pioneer CULINARY beer related events, 15 Lodge for $55 a night ARTISANS, AND Montana breweries, and (mention Tap into MUSICIANS FOR over 350 Brew Fest Montana). THE 2016 SLAM attendees. Tap into Beer related events will SUMMER Montana, now part of take place throughout FESTIVAL Vision Livingston, Livingston including beer All applications are boasts more events and cheese pairings at available on the SLAM throughout the week Uncorked, a stein holding website: www.slamfesti- and a bigger and better competition at Katabatic, brew fest for its 2nd bison rocks and beer at SLAM (Supporting annual celebration. Mustangs, a screening of Local Artists & This year, the Brew the cult classic film Musicians) is a Fest moves to the Park County Fairgrounds Strangebrew at Neptune’s, and the Beer Mile to non-profit organization and will feature over 20 Montana breweries name just a few. For a full lineup of events, dedicated to promoting including local favorites, Katabatic Brewing visit the arts and art educa- and Neptune’s Brewery in addition to several Tap into Montana is funded in part by will be invited to participate in the festival. If tion in the state, in a manner that enriches, the work submitted in the application process is new Montana breweries, like Map Brewing Livingston Business Improvement District and and involves the community. (Bozeman), Great Burn Brewing (Missoula), also received a Cultural Tourism Grant from inconsistent in quality, medium, or style with The 2016 Summer SLAM Festival will take the artwork displayed at the show, you may be and Cabinet Mountain Brewing (Libby). Yellowstone Country Montana. Visit tapin- place August 6 & 7, 2016 at Bogert Park in Attendees will get a chance to sample beers for event details, Brew Fest infor- asked to leave and you will forfeit all payments. Bozeman, MT. Artists will be selected to par- All art must be created and represented by from the breweries and enjoy live music from mation, sponsorship details, and to purchase ticipate based on quality and originality of Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs and Tom tickets to the brew fest. the artist. Limited reproductions are allowed. their craft . Participants of the SLAM Festival No Buy-Sell or Kit manufactured work is Catmull’s Radio Static, and food from Crazy Tap Into Montana is the ultimate celebra- must be current residents of Montana. Mountain Catering (Clyde Park) and Zac’s tion of Montana craft beer. It encompasses a allowed at this festival, and you may not dis- ARTISTS AND CULINARY ARTISANS: play the work of any other artist. Montana BBQ (Livingston). week of craft beer related events hosted by The application fee for the festival is $20 per VIP Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at local businesses throughout Livingston, Participants must provide their own tent application and is non-refundable. Applications with walls, tie downs, and display materials. the door (limited to 100 tickets), while regular Montana and ends with a Montana-focused are due April 18, 2016. Notification of tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Brew Fest. The first annual Tap Into Montana Booth spaces are 10' x 10'. All invited artists acceptance will be e-mailed on or before must be present at the event for the entire A VIP ticket gets you in ahead of the crowd Brew Fest featured 15 Montana breweries and April 30, 2016. We will keep a wait list of for a chance to sample special release beers over 50 different brews. • duration of the festival. artists to fill spaces in the event of cancellation Established guilds consisting of more than by invited artists. one artist may apply in a single application. The booth fee for accepted artists is $275 You may only display work in the medium cat- and is due no later than May 16th, 2016. egory in which you have applied. If you plan Art auction event in Big Sky Invited artists will be required to sign a con- on exhibiting work in more than one category, tract. If we have not received your contract please fill out a separate application for each The Arts Council of Big Sky is pleased to early and watch as the pieces come to life, then and payment for your booth by May 16th, be hosting its third annual fund-raising finished and framed in front of them. During medium category. No booth sharing (with the your booth will be reassigned to an artist exception of guilds) will be allowed at the Auction for the Arts event on Thursday, the quick-finish session, appetizers will be from the wait list. March 24th, at the Lone Mountain Ranch passed around and the ranch saloon will be 2016 festival. All applications will be reviewed by a jury. MUSICIANS: There is no fee to apply, from 5-8pm. The event is sponsored by Big open with a full bar. Light jazz music from the The jury will consist of a panel of artists and Sky Sotheby’s International Realty. Tickets to Adam Greenberg Trio will be playing as well. and no fee to play. You must be a Montana community members. Jury scores will be out band to play at the event, and bands will not the event are limited and are $50 each, which New this year is a silent auction compo- of a maximum 30 points: 10 points for origi- includes heavy appetizers from chef Nick nent, featuring artists from Big Sky and be invited to play two consecutive years in an nality and design, 10 points for execution and effort to give stage time to as many bands as Steen at the ranch, and two drink tickets good Bozeman. Artists represented in the silent auc- technique, 5 points for overall presentation, for a draft beer or house wine. Tickets are now tion include Jackie Rainford Corcoran, Jill possible. Selections will be made based on and 5 points for marketability. Applicants appropriateness for the event, and to provide a available and can only be purchased by phone Zeidler, Ryan Turner, Ari-O, Kene Sperry, receiving the highest scores in each category at (406) 995-2742. Shelly Bermont, Lorri Lagerbloom, Heather diverse and high quality lineup. • “We’re excited to bring in these amazing Rapp, Kira Fercho, Lori Elliot, Julio Freitas, artists and showcase them to the Big Sky com- and Greg Darden. Culinary selections from munity,” says ACBS Executive Director Brian the Lone Mountain Ranch and the Moonlight Hurlbut. “We feel this is a fun and different Tavern will also be part of the silent auction. Critters & the Cloud at F-11 event for Big Sky, and anyone who appreciates The live auction for the artwork will take fine art and delicious food is encouraged to place at 7pm, with a professional auctioneer F-11 Photographic Supplies is amidst resources between devices, or to access materi- attend.” getting the bidding going in the Lone its winter lineup of information and experi- als when you’re on the road. Sure you pay for The evening begins at 5pm, with a Quick Mountain Ranch dining room. Half of the ence-rich classes, ripe with opportunities to the service. Do the benefits make the invest- “Finish” session with well-known painters Tom proceeds from the art auction will go directly make photos and interact with knowledgeable ment worthwhile? Take home the knowledge Gilleon, Harry Koyama, Carol Spielman, to the Arts Council of Big Sky, to help offset instructors. Winter offers quiet at-home you need to answer that and other questions Shirle Wempner, Laurie Stevens, Julie the costs of producing more than 15 events evenings that create an ideal opportunity to you might have about the Cloud. Tickets are Chapman, Robert Ransom, Todd Connor and throughout the year–many of them free. This set-aside time to learn how to better interact FREE for this event, but registration is Tom English, along with sculptor Greg is a great way to acquire some incredible art- with your Mac devices and to bring your required. Woodard. These artists will be finishing their work and contribute to the Arts Council. images to life. Here’s work during the first part of the event, and For more information on this amazing a look at some then the final pieces will be auctioned off later event, please call the Arts Council at (406) upcoming in the evening. People are encouraged to come 995-2742, or visit • workshops. Landscape & Critters with instructor Jon Shaver will take place Saturday, March 19th from 11am-3:30pm. Wild about landscape and wildlife photog- raphy? Join F-11 Photographic Supplies’ own wild man and learn what gear is best suited for your needs. Tour the tools and techniques you need to use in the field to get Photo by Jon Shaver better images. Discuss animal behavior, techni- cal, and artistic aspects in composition, and Pre-registration is required for all classes. much more. What does it mean to “get better Visit, call 406-586-3281, or stop images?” What do you really want to capture by the store at 16 East Main in Downtown in your landscape shots? Jon can help you get Bozeman. Learn by doing at F-11 Photo. A full clear on these essential questions. Tickets are service, full selection destination store, F-11 is $99.99 and F-11 VIP members pay $89.99 for Bozeman's oldest and most innovative inde- this event. If you need more information, pendent photography store and Apple reseller. please call 406-586-3281. Providing excellent customer service means Befriend The Cloud with instructor Ian they work hard to find the perfect products for Bell will be held Saturday, April 2nd from you, their customers. They create educational 10:30am-12pm. Get to know the how and why opportunities for our community and output of cloud-based computing. The “cloud” is not the highest quality photo and imaging prod- synonymous with the internet, but you do need ucts for home and business in their state-of- an internet connection to use it. When you use the-art photo lab. In addition to a wide selec- cloud-based computing things such as: hard- tion of cameras, accessories and the full line of ware maintenance, software upgrades, storage, Apple products, F-11 offers individual tutoring, and other details are someone else’s problem. photo and Apple classes plus destination pho- Using the cloud makes it simple to share tographic workshops. •

page 8A • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” the national Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday on august 25th, 2016. March 15, 2016 The BoZone • Volume 23, Number 6

EnvironmEnt • HEaltH • in and around tHE BoZonE

An argument regarding global warming From Dr. Steven W. Running & Communication, which surveyed 13,000 per- than 20 percent of the 80,000 megawatts of Proposed I-180 ballot initiative (which we Sister Marya Grathwohl sons older than 25 from 2008-2014, indicated the Electric Reliability Council of Texas support) would give Montanans (57%) what A new study shows that many teachers 60% of Montanans they want. It requires NorthWestern Energy aren’t aware of the strong consensus on think global warm- and Montana Dakota Utilities (investor- human-caused climate change and instead ing is happening. owned utilities or “IOUs”) to produce by overstate material from a thoroughly discredit- However, only 2019, 22% of their electricity from renewable ed minority. They don’t realize that 97% of 46% of those resources that have been installed after 2005. climate scientists– those who qualify as experts Montanans indi- By reaching 50% renewables in 2030, I- capable of testifying in court on the cated they thought 180 also will facilitate IOU compliance with issue–conclude from their many studies that “global warming is America’s Clean Power Plan. And by requir- humans are causing the earth caused mostly by ing 80% renewables by 2050, I-180 will be to warm. Knowledgeable teachers will clarify human activities.” well on the way to accomplishing what we that 809 scientists who helped review 9,200 Gallup’s March must do to prevent overheating our earth. So, scientific publications for the 5th 2015 poll found please help. Say you’ll sign to put I-180 on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 55% of US citizens Montana’s November ballot by emailing your Report confirmed human-caused global thought increases contact information to [emailprotected] warming! The National Academies of Science in the earth’s tem- so a signature gatherer can contact you. from 80 countries along with 18 American perature over the Speaking only for themselves as private cit- scientific organizations (including the last century were izens, the authors include: Dr. Steven W. American Meteorological Society and due to human Running, Regents Professor, Global Ecology, American Geophysical Union) have made for- causes. Only 41% University of Montana. He was a Chapter mal policy statements recognizing humans believed natural caus- Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on cause global warming. es brought about increased warming. (ERCOT) capacity now comes from wind. Climate Change when it was awarded the Teachers are urged to explain that scien- Percentages acknowledging human causa- Texas wind turbines don’t always produce Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 “for their efforts to tists could not reproduce findings in 38 publi- tion likely would be higher than 55% if the 20% of the needed electricity. However, they disseminate greater knowledge about human- cations which those denying human caused electorate correctly perceived the overwhelm- accounted for more than 45% of ERCOT’s made climate change,” and Sister Marya climate change quote most often. Professor ing scientific consensus behind the human overall load on February 18th, 2016. And Grathwohl, OSF, Sisters of Saint Francis, Katherine Heyhoe (wife of an evangelical pas- caused global warming conclusion. However, Texas is adding 5,000 MW of wind power. Billings, founding director of Earth Hope. • tor) wrote about the review: “Every single one in the Yale study, only 37% of Montanans of the 38 studies we examined had at least answered that “most scientists believe that one error; an error that, if it was fixed, would global warming is happening.” That percep- bring the results of the study straight into line tion simply does not reflect with the thousands of other studies that … the facts. 49th Garagarama! find that climate is changing and humans The Yale Project also found 57% percent are responsible.” of Montanans thought 20% of their electrici- Returns to Fairgrounds So, failure to teach accurately about the ty should come from renewable resources like clear consensus view may be one reason the the wind and the sun. 25% is already being Yale Project on Climate Change achieved in Iowa and South Dakota. More

Now’s the Time to Plant Sweet Peas By Zelpha Boyd Water well with a sprinkling can, not full This one’s for you, Carol! At a recent gar- force hose. As the seedlings begin to emerge, den club meeting—the program was wild- fill in around the tiny seedlings with more flowers!—you asked me if I grew Sweet Peas. soil. And of course, keep them watered. Well, yes, I do, they’re one of my favorites. A Few Hints: Sweet Peas love our cool weath- And NOW is the time to get them planted! er and should be planted as close to Easter as The Bozeman Public Library is sponsoring possible. The Optimist Club of Bozeman will pres- of Youth” and devotes its time and energy a Sweet Pea growing program on March Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours ent the 49th Annual Garagarama on into raising funds for local youth groups, 19th, 2-4 in the large meeting room. A panel before planting. Placing the seeds in ice cube Saturday, April 2nd from 8am-3pm at the organizing community youth oriented events, and giving out student “non-traditional” of three experienced Sweet Pea growers will trays and planting the ice cubes works for Gallatin County Fairgrounds. This annual event features countless garage sales under scholarships and sports gear scholarships. present all you need to know about growing some folks. The seed has a hard shell; either one roof! There will also be a pancake The Optimists contributed to the Bozeman these most beautiful of flowers. of these methods helps break down this shell, breakfast beginning at 7am, a burger or hot Pond, the Skate Park, Destination My mother loved Sweet Peas, too. We had for faster germination. dog lunch, and silent auction the day of the Imagination, and more. They are partnered a long row of these lovely flowers along drive- Sweet Peas are heavy feeders; they need a event. Breakfast is provided by Imerys Talc with Play it Again Sports to find kids sport- way to our farm house. Right next to them good rich soil. Use plenty of manure and Company & the Optimist Club of Bozeman. ing equipment through a fund-matching was a row of compost For booth registration information, or to scholarship program. They also will accept light blue del- worked donate items and arrange pickup, call Amy donations of used sports equipment to that phinium. into the Hanson at 599-3535. Limited spaces avail- fund and match the value that the customer What a sight soil. Jerry able! So come down and help support local would have received. Learn more about it was! She Cashman youth organizations while finding great deals! the Bozeman Optimist Club at picked bou- recom- The Bozeman Optimist Club is a “Friend • quets every mends day and filled planting vases for in a new friends and area each Plan an active summer for your kids neighbors. year. The Helena Roundup will be held on Even in her Planting Montana Parent Magazine is set to host the Annual Summer Camp & Activity Tuesday, April 12th from 4-7pm at St. Peter’s declining the seeds Roundup on Thursday, April 7th at the Hospital. The Roundup will feature drum- years, she 2-4 inches Gallatin Valley Mall! Yes, we are gearing up ming with Chet Leatch, robotics and chem- planted and apart for summer…already. But ask any parent in istry demonstrations, arts and crafts, snacks grew Sweet allows for town, and you should be too. Those glorious and an opportunity to meet the Helena sum- Peas. Always a each three months of school-free summer days are mer camp and activity providers. Vendors, competitor, plant to right around the corner and if left unpre- reserve your booth today. Space is limited and she even have pared, you may be spending every one of registration fills up fast. entered speci- room to them with your little flock (or scrambling to Why the rush? Because it works. mens in the grow its find someone else to). According to Katie Goodman, director of contest at best. The Bozeman Roundup will return to the Bozeman’s Camp Equinox, “Parents know Sweet Pea Some Gallatin Valley Mall, on April 7th from 4- this is the place to find everything that is Festival. gardeners 7pm. With more entertainment for the kids going on for kids in the summer.” To reserve and more multitasking opportunities for par- booth space, contact Britt Ewert today, at There are plant the ents, this event is not to be missed. This popu- 406-788-2254 or [emailprotected]. many, many varieties, colors, and types of seed thickly, thinning out the extra seedlings. lar one-stop summer planning tool provides Vendor forms and listing information can also Sweet Peas to choose from. Most Sweet Peas The idea of planting thick, is because attendees a chance to visit personally with be found at with convenient are annuals, needing to be planted every year. sometimes all the seed doesn’t germinate. more than 50 camp and activity vendors and Pay-Pal options. For advertising information, Cashman’s Nursery, Planet Natural and But letting them grow too thick, ensures get a jump-start on summer planning. contact [emailprotected] or 579-0746. Fishers have perhaps the best selections of poor growth. Summer camps fill up fast; don’t be edged out The Bozeman Activity and Camp seed. These folks will also answer any ques- Keep the plants well watered, especially of your favorite ones. Roundup is a nonprofit community event, tions you may have. during the hotter parts of the summer. Water After you’ve figured your summer out, hosted by Montana Parent, Bozeman The perennial variety will naturalize and live near the base of the plants rather than sprin- shop and let the kids take advantage of the Recreation Department, The Gallatin Valley forever. They only bloom in whites and pinks, kling the entire vine. Roundup children’s activities: face painting, Mall, Gallatin Valley YMCA, and Montana and have no fragrance. They do well on a Plant in full sun. Sweet Peas do like our drumming with Chet Leatch, dance demon- Outdoor Science School. The Helena fence to hide an unsightly corner, and grow cool nights; they won’t even grow in the strations, aerial yoga demonstrations, a boun- Roundup is brought to you by Montana cy house, characters Elsa and Spiderman Parent Magazine, Exploration Works, and St. more vigorous every year. warmer climates of the south. from Eclectic Characters. Peters Hospital. • Growing Sweet Peas is not rocket science. I hope this answers your questions, Carol. Find an area along a fence and dig a trench Be sure to attend the session on growing about four inches deep. Plant the seeds at the Sweet Peas at the Library; March 19th at 2. bottom of the trench, about 2 inches apart, And don’t hesitate to call or write: 219-3534, pressing in slightly. Cover lightly with soil. [emailprotected] • Edible Backyards Series begins March 30th! Eat local, starting in your own ture (a design science for sustainable human Buy local & organic at Strike Farms backyard! Broken Ground will be offering an habitat), this comprehensive three part series Edible Backyards Series on three consec- will give you fresh ideas for your yard, practi- Strike Farms is a 6-acre diversified organic healthy, certified organic produce throughout utive Wednesdays, March 30th, April 6th, and cal advice on how to make your garden more farm just outside of Bozeman’s city limits. the growing season! When you join, you sup- April 13th, from 6:30-8:30pm in Bozeman. productive, and concrete steps to make you They are committed to providing high quali- port a local farmer and receive a summer’s Imagine vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh more successful this growing season. The cost ty, sustainably grown vegetables, herbs, and worth of vegetables at a discounted rate. strawberries, succulent raspberries, and sprigs for the Edible Backyards Class Series is $79. flowers to the local community. Strike Farms grows well over 100 different of rosemary–all plucked from your backyard Please sign-up in advance. Strike Farms is offering a great opportuni- varieties of organic vegetables, herbs, and garden. The Edible Backyards Series will Join Broken Ground and get growing this ty to save money on produce this spring by flowers each season that can be found teach you how to design a productive land- Spring! Stay tuned for more workshops on joining their Community Supported through summer and winter CSA programs, scape right outside your backdoor. Session 1 Permaculture, Growing Great Tomatoes, Agriculture (CSA) program. This program at two summer and one winter farmer’s mar- will cover how to design and plan your prop- Growing a Green Juice Garden, and much is highlighted by the mutually beneficial rela- kets, at Town & Country Foods, the erty for annual and perennial edible gardens. more in the upcoming weeks and months. tionship it creates between the farm and Community Food Co-op, Heebs, Rosauers, Session 2 will cover composting and soil-build- For more information, location details, or community members. Members pay a set and in several area restaurants via distributor ing. Finally, Session 3 will cover techniques to sign-up, please visit brokengroundperma- price before the season, which helps the farm Market Day Foods. Sign up for the CSA pro- such as companion planting, planting polycul-, e-mail info@brokengroundper- when cash flow is typically at its lowest. The gram and learn more about the farm tures, and creating edible forest gardens., or call Kareen Erbe CSA members then get to enjoy local, at • Incorporating the principles of permacul- at 600-7881. • Page 2B • The ecoZone • March 15, 2016

Bozeman Cemetery Stories: Yellowstone bears emerging from dens Charles Hoffman Grizzly bears are emerging binoculars, a telescope, or telepho- and their property safe. Visitors from hibernation in the Greater to lens to get a closer look. While should report bear sightings to the Yellowstone Area. Hikers, skiers, firearms are allowed in the park, nearest visitor center or ranger sta- and snowsho*rs should stay in the discharge of a firearm by visi- tion as soon as possible. Updated groups of three of more, make noise on the trail, and carry bear spray. Bear spray is a good last line of defense, if kept handy and used according to directions, when a bear is approaching within 30 to 60 feet. The first confirmed report of grizzly bear activity in the Park was February 22nd. Wolf biologists observed a large griz- zly bear in the Nez Perce drainage. Bears begin looking for food soon after they emerge from their dens. They are attracted to elk and bison that have died during the winter. Carcasses are an important food source, so bears will sometimes react aggres- sively while feeding on them. The tors is a violation of park regula- bear safety information is available park implements seasonal bear tions. The park’s law enforcement on the Yellowstone bear safety Charles Wheeler Hoffman is pictured on the far right management area closures to rangers who carry firearms on webpage at reduce encounters between bears duty rely on bear spray, rather ourvisit/bearsafety.htm/ and in the and humans in areas where there than their weapons, as the most park newspaper available at all From Rebekah Schields quickly returned to Montana, making is a high density of elk and bison effective means to deal with a bear park entrances. George Eliot wrote “Our dead are their home in Bozeman. Census carcasses. Visit encounter. More than 20,000 National never dead to us, until we have forgot- records tell us that the couple was fair- mgmt/bearclosures.htm/ for a list- Visitors must keep food, Park Service employees care for ten them.” The Extreme History ly well off, in 1900 they employed two ing of bear closures. garbage, barbecue grills, and other America’s 409 national parks and Project hopes to remember some of servants and lived at 19 South Tracy Yellowstone regulations require attractants stored in hard-sided work with communities across the our dearly departed in Bozeman and Ave. Elizabeth and Charles had two visitors to stay 100 yards from vehicles or bear-proof food storage nation to help preserve local surrounding region by sharing with you children together: Mary, who unfortu- black and grizzly bears at all boxes. This helps keep bears from history and create close-to-home the stories of people buried in our local nately died as a child, and Eugene, times. The best defense is to stay a becoming conditioned to human recreational opportunities. Learn cemeteries. With this series, learn just who graduated from Gallatin County safe distance from bears and use foods, and helps keep park visitors more at • who those people are in the cemetery. High School. He married a Bozeman They all have lifetimes of stories to tell. girl before moving to New York to The following is the story of Charles attend law school at Columbia, he later Wheeler Hoffman, Bozeman’s practiced law in Buffalo. unknown founding father. We don’t have many records of Have you ever heard of Charles Charles Hoffman’s exact movement in “Find Your Park” at REI Wheeler Hoffman? Throughout the the years that followed his appointment The National Park Service cele- events at the store, starting with talk entitled ‘Important Figures late 1800s, he was a well-known and to Fort Ellis, but we do know that he brates its 100th birthday on the first of the monthly Bears in National Park History.’ He much loved man around Bozeman, a was quite a diversified businessman. August 25th, 2016. The Find Your and Backcountry talks on will look back at some of the prominent pioneer, business owner, Several sources tell us that Hoffman Park campaign was established to Wednesday, April 20th. Steve prominent figures that made state senator, and breeder of fine hors- was involved in several different busi- make it easy for Americans to Primm, Conservation Director for “America’s best idea” possible es. After he died suddenly while attend- nesses: including banking, mining, explore and enjoy their national People and Carnivores, will share including Abraham Lincoln, John ing a movie in Los Angeles, his body farming, horse breeding, and stock parks, historic sites, state Muir, Ulysses Grant, was transported back to Bozeman and raising. He later became very involved and local parks, trails, Gifford Pinchot, he is buried in Sunset Hills Cemetery. in local politics serving as Gallatin and museums. As one and Theodore Born in Michigan in 1846 as the last County Commissioner, Alderman of of the campaign’s title Roosevelt. The lec- of five children, Hoffman received a the city, a member of Montana’s first sponsors, Recreational ture will also touch common school education, first in State Senate, president of successive Equipment Inc. (REI), on how early forms Detroit, then Burlington, VT after his sessions, and was appointed quarter- will be hosting a variety of advocacy can be family moved. Joining the army at an master general of Governor Leslie’s of park-related events at applied to modern early age, (before 1863) he was posted staff in 1888, a post he held for the Bozeman store dur- ecological plights to Fort Randall, situated on the banks several years. ing 2016. and how, by recog- of the Missouri River in what is now Despite all of his successes, tragedy As a lead-in to nizing our legacy of South Dakota. In 1866, when Fort befell Hoffman in the year 1916, when National Park Week preservation, we Buford was built near today’s Williston, both his wife and son died within weeks (April 16th-24th), REI can help foster this ND, Hoffman was transferred and of each other. Elizabeth, his wife, died will host a presentation country’s youth into given the position of “Sutler.” A sutler August 10th and Eugene died a few entitled “Find Your future stewards of is a civilian merchant who sells non- weeks later on September 2nd, in Park: Yellowstone” on public lands. military goods to the army, sometimes Washington DC, of a short but severe Thursday, April 14th when one of his insights on the nature of bear- Throughout the year REI will at extortionate prices. As Joquiam illness. Perhaps due to this great its Outdoor School Instructors will human confrontations and discuss continue to host presentations on Miller writes in 1894 in History of the tragedy, Hoffman moved to California do a slideshow on our own back- bear ecology, behavior, and identi- some of our favorite Montana State of Montana, “This was at that settling in Los Angeles and remarried yard national park. This talk is tai- fication. Participants will learn parks including Lewis and Clark time the very heart of the Sioux coun- in 1918. Charles Hoffman died in 1923 lored to new residents or visitors, about safety tips for recreating in Caverns, Missouri Breaks, try. Hostile [I]ndians surrounded Fort in a movie theatre in Los Angeles. Per but anyone wanting to learn about grizzly country and the proper use Headwaters, and Madison Buffalo Buford nearly all the time and his life his request, his body was transported Yellowstone, from park regulations of bear spray, and receive hands- Jump. These evening presentations there was necessarily full of thrilling back to Bozeman where he was buried and fees to the best wildlife watch- on experience with inert training are free and open to the public. experiences and narrow escapes.” in Sunset Hills Cemetery next to his ing areas, is welcome. bear spray canisters. Seating can be reserved at After being appointed as Sutler at first wife Elizabeth. During National Park Week, Then on Thursday, April 21st, For questions the newly established military post, Please stay tuned for the next install- there will be two park-related writer Tyler Dunning will guide a call Teresa at 587-1938. • Fort Ellis in Montana, Charles ment of Cemetery Stories, featuring Hoffman returned to the east coast Lizzie Williams. Do you have a sugges- where he married Elizabeth Byron tion for future installments of this Penfield. After their marriage in series? Please contact info@extremehis- Buffalo, NY on April 27th 1869, they • Tara Reistad memorial fund supports community Seven years ago, on make grant recommendations When a loved one passes away, March 5th, 2009, a natural gas from their endowed fund to local many families and friends wish to explosion ripped a hole in the nonprofits in Tara’s honor. create a lasting legacy in honor of heart of Bozeman’s downtown, Tara’s brother, Garth Reistad, his or her life. Making the decision leveling five historic buildings believes that his sister’s legacy will of which charity or charities and damaging several more. continue to make an impact should receive donations can be And tragically, on that day the through this fund. “We created this daunting during this time of loss. life of a sister, daughter, and endowment to honor our dear sis- A memorial endowment fund at friend, Tara Reistad, was lost. ter, daughter, and friend, Tara the Bozeman Area Community It was seven years ago that our Reistad. Two things she enjoyed in Foundation gives you time to con- community suffered this signifi- life were bringing family and sider how best to represent your cant loss. Today, our communi- friends together and giving. While loved one’s passions and interests. ty is healing and Tara’s family Tara had foibles like the rest of us, We were grateful to partner with is honoring her in a unique way her understanding that we are all Tara’s family to continue to honor that will continue to impact in this together and the joy she her legacy, for generations to lives for years to come. found in giving made her unique. I come,” said Bridget Wilkinson, In 2014, the Reistad family am not sure whether she was born Bozeman Area Community chose to partner with the with this awareness or learned it Foundation Executive Director. Bozeman Area Community through all the work she did. The Tara Reistad Endowment Foundation to honor Tara’s Probably both,” said Reistad. will make a donation to programs legacy by setting up The Tara “The Bozeman Area in the Bozeman area in her name Reistad Endowment fund in Community Foundation was hon- every year, forever. Once a year, her honor. Each year, the ored to partner with the Reistad family and friends will gather, eat Reistad family will connect and Family on this important initiative. dinner, and make recommenda- tions to the Bozeman Area Community Foundation as to where to send the annual dona- tion. And every few years have a party to raise additional funds for the endowment. I think this would make her happy,” said Reistad. Gifts to the Tara Reistad Endowment can be made to the Bozeman Area Community Foundation. For more information, please contact Bridget Wilkinson at 406- 587-6262 or bridget @boze- The Bozeman Area Community Foundation is con- necting people who care to causes that matter most to them. The Bozeman Area Community Foundation serves the areas of Bozeman, Big Sky, Belgrade, Manhattan, Churchill, Three Forks, and the rural areas in between. Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than $300,000 in grants to 100+ local nonprof- it organizations. Learn more at • page 2B • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” March 15, 2016 • The ecoZone • Page 3B

Mountain View welcomes you home Shave your head for a Mountain View Apartments well as the friendliest office staff in Mountain View is in a great is located in Gallatin Valley, tucked Bozeman! Need more room for your location, only a five minute good cause! inside the extraordinary Bridger skis and or bikes? Convenient stor- drive (1.3 miles) from Montana Shear Image Styling Salon of and diabetes combined. Two-thirds Mountain Range! The property fea- age areas are offered in each build- State University. It is also only a five Livingston is set to host the 5th of children treated for childhood tures breathtaking views, free cable minute drive to downtown Annual St. Baldrick’s Head cancer will suffer long-term effects and internet, and the area’s best Bozeman, which Shaving Event on Sunday, April from treatment including loss of floor plans. Welcome home to offers the finest din- 3rd beginning at 1pm. How can you hearing and sight, heart disease, sec- Mountain View Apartments, a ing options. help? Become a shavee, captain a ondary cancers, learning disabilities, truly amazing community in the Mountain View is team, donate, volunteer, like and infertility, and more. heart of Bozeman that features the located directly on share on Facebook…talk it up! For Childhood cancer isn’t just one most spacious two and three-bed- the free Streamline more information on this inspiring disease–there are over a dozen types room Bus route so you will event in the fight against childhood of childhood cancer and countless apartment homes. be able to take cancer, contact Marguerite Veber at subtypes, each requiring specific Mountain View’s community advantage of the his- 406-600-3429. Register online at research to develop the best treat- has everything you could ask for! toric and culturally- and find the Shear ment for every child. But in the last Apartment homes come with fully- rich downtown Image event on St. Baldricks’ 20 years, only three new drugs have appointed kitchens, full size wash- Bozeman with ease or Facebook. been approved that were specifically ers and dryers, private patios and get to Montana State Worldwide, 175,000 children are developed to treat children with balconies, ceiling fans, and design- University in minutes. diagnosed with cancer each year. cancer. Less than 4% of the er vertical blinds. You will love liv- So reserve your new And in the U.S., more children die National Cancer Institute’s budget is ing in this wonderful community! home at Mountain of childhood cancer than any other solely dedicated to childhood cancer 24-hour amenities include a newly- View today! disease–more than AIDS, asthma, research. So please, come help fight remodeled state-of-the-art fitness ing. On top of it all, Mountain View Please call (406) 587-7788 to cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies, the good fight! • center, a business center, BBQ is one of the only pet-friendly com- schedule an appointment or visit grills/picnic areas, and walking trails munities in Bozeman! With all these for fur- throughout the property. wonderful amenities, why wouldn’t ther information. Mountain Mountain View offers 24-hour you make Mountain View your View Apartments is located at emergency maintenance services as new home? 603 Emily Drive. • “Locally Laid: How We Built a Plucky, Industry- Changing Egg Farm– From the Amundsens were in business. Scratch” by Lucie B. Amundsen It didn’t take long for things to go Celebrate St. Pat’s with a Shamrock c.2016, Avery fowl. $26.00 / $34.00 Canada Improper paperwork, govern- By Zelpha Boyd annual! situation, but not in direct sunlight. 320 pages ment regulations, dead chickens, The Luck of the Irish, green (And just this morning, while search- Water sparingly with a diluted solu- There are many ways to feath- bad weather, inadequate equipment, beer, corned beef and cabbage; ing the internet, I find several other tion of plant food. er your nest. and exhaustion sounds like St. Patrick’s Day is upon When the Some people took their toll on us! And in the gardening world we plant seems take in work at the chickens, the cherish the Shamrock. The day is to be dying, it home. Others tack- farm, and the extra special for me, because it’s may have le extra hours, extra Amundsens, who also my first grandchild’s birthday. had too tasks, or have part- both began to Joe has red hair, is serving in the much water, time jobs. And then suffer health Air Force and among other won- or just wants there are entrepre- issues from stress. derful traits can spot a lucky four- to rest for a neurs who put Despite support leafed clover anywhere. while. everything on the from family and The Irish Shamrock, consid- Withhold the line – which is what friends, enthusi- ered to be lucky by the Irish, water and Lucie B. Amundsen asm from cus- grows only three leaves, and dis- allow the and her family did tomers, and a plays tiny white flowers. It’s been plant to not long ago, and contest that a symbol of Irish Culture, espe- “die”. Place in the new book brought a city cially on St. Pat’s Day, ever since in a dark cor- “Locally Laid,” it together, St. Pat himself invaded Ireland ner and almost put egg on Amundsen says and chased away the snakes. It’s when it their faces. she was “a prairie believed that he used the begins The moment train wreck.” Shamrock to teach the Trinity of sprouting, definitely was not as “But there was Christian Belief; the Father, the bring to the romantic as Lucie nothing to do,” she Son and the Holy Spirit. light and Amundsen had anticipated. says, “other than to ride through our Today in Ireland, the most com- resume When her husband, Jason, took rocky startup.” mon variety of the Shamrock is watering. her on a date so they could “talk… Where does your food come oxalis Trifolium dubium, some- When the about something,” she never from? times called a lesser clover. It’s plant out- figured it would be chickens. That’s a basic question asked in commonly found in brides’ bou- grows the pot, Specifically, commercial egg “Locally Laid,” and the answer may quets, worn as corsages and found in This flowering Shamrock is Oxalis acetosella separate the production. be different than it was even a few men’s buttonholes. bulbs carefully As in, a farm. decades ago. In addition to sharing One account states that the plant colorful varieties of the Shamrock and replant with new soil. Water in With neither of them being par- a story that’s funny and endearing, itself originated in Mexico. So how including ones with yellow blossoms well, at first, then sparingly. Feed ticularly handy, and Amundsen author Lucie B. Amundsen explains, did it get to Ireland? The answer and a red and white striped variety. with a diluted solution of plant food smarting over an unwanted move while also laying down a few brutal may lie in knowing that the oxalis, with every watering. from her dream home in truths about what’s for breakfast. or one of its 500 varieties, can be The potted houseplant variety we Lucky is the person to whom you Minneapolis to an odd rental in For a consumer, that could cause found anywhere in the world. Leaves buy at the store is usually an Oxalis give a Shamrock plant. Enjoy the Duluth , it seemed like a disastrous scrambled thoughts, especially if of the various species range in colors regnellii. Growing a Shamrock as a day with lots of laughter, corn beef idea. They didn’t really know much you can’t tolerate too much infor- of green, reds and even purple. house plant is fairly easy. The main and cabbage, perhaps a green beer, about chickens, and even less about mation because Amundsen is honest Blossoms may be white, or pink. In thing to remember is to not over and of course the Lucky Shamrock. raising them on pasture. After a about the bad, as well as the good – our yards, the red leafed oxalis, with water. The plant grows from bulbs, Over the top entertainment, would chilly few days of tears, frowns, and the latter of which she was slow to its white blossoms can become a to about 8 inches in height. Select a be a trip to Butte for their St. silence, the idea was mutually tabled realize – and yes, there’s a happy weed. Thank heavens, it’s only an healthy plant; set in a strong light Patrick’s Day parade! • – until a lost job and a family disas- ending. The surprise is that this is ter changed every clucking plan. also a business tale with all the Chickens, to Amundsen’s chagrin, inherent frustrations, beautiful were in her future. moments, work-arounds, and tri- Finding the farm was the easy umphs of entrepreneurship. What is green building? part: Jason scouted out a rental with And, of course, this tale is a ample room for several tube-shelters charmer because… chickens. From Emily Varmecky ly available materials also minimizes can be recycled. for slightly fewer than two thousand So who should read this book? This is part 2 of 6 articles that long distance shipping, another envi- Energy-Efficient: Energy-effi- “young lady hens.” Procuring said Well, anyone who eats, first of aims to demystify the popular jargon ronmentally-friendly practice. cient is a broad term used to hens was a little more difficult, until all, and anybody who’s ever loved a used within the green building describe a building or he found a man in Iowa who agreed feathered friend. Farmers, foodies, industry. system within a to raise the hens to an almost-laying and fans of a good story will also Sustainable Building: The building that pro- age, and deliver them to northern want to bring “Locally Laid” home word sustainable means “able to duces and/or uses Minnesota . By the spring of 2012, to roost. • be used without being completely energy in a less used up or destroyed” and “able wasteful man- to last or continue for a long ner. It can also time.” In the construction indus- be described as try, it is difficult to find a defini- “using less tion of sustainable building that is energy to pro- not synonymous with green build- vide the same ing, but in my opinion, this term is Snow Pod is an energy-efficient, passive solar concept service.” A vari- slightly different. To me, sustainable home designed with unique features and amenities. ety of strategies building encompasses the utilization can be used to of renewable resources, which The usage of metal construction promote energy-efficiency that are“resources that can be replaced material may be considered to be may include design methods, naturally and can be used again.” sustainable because of its durability. construction methods, materials, Sustainable energy systems within a Although ore is a finite resource like and technologies. Some methods home use energy efficiently in a fossil fuel, metal is long lasting and may be active such as radiant manner that doesn’t use up all of can be recycled into new materials. floor heating or an “Energy the energy available and allows the Metal roofing on a building can last Star” dishwasher and some home to consume energy for a long significantly longer than asphalt strategies may be passive such as time. Fossil fuel is considered by shingles, which generally last 15-20 passive solar heating or well- many scientists to be a finite years. When asphalt shingles are insulated windows. resource, therefore although using spent, there are few ways to recycle Emily Varmecky is co-owner of fossil fuels efficiently within a home or reuse them, so they usually end Greenovision Home Design in or building is considered green, this up as trash. However, when a metal Bozeman. Please visit our website at usage is not necessarily sustainable. roof is finally worn out, the metal • In many parts of the world, however, the sun shines con- sistently, providing an energy source that never runs out. Solar energy systems are therefore considered sustain- able. Sustainable construction materials can be materials that are grown and produced in methods that allow those materials to be continually produced, the usage of mate- rials that last a long time, or the usage of materials that are reused or recycled. Fast growth pine, for example, is a building material that is grown and milled here in Montana. When responsibly harvested, a pine forest can regenerate and provide lum- ber for future generations without significant harm to the environment. Using local- Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 3B Page 4B • The ecoZone • March 15, 2016

Art abounds at Wheatgrass Saloon As part of Craft Beer Week, Livingston’s July Art Walk exhibit, ed top. Submissions for both exhibits Wheatgrass Saloon will host Art on “Reclaiming our Icons.” Once must be received by 5pm on Friday, July Tap: Sip & Dip & Dab with sacred icons, the swastika and the 15th. For detailed requirements Parks Reece. This finger painting cross have been consciously distort- for either application, please e- class with the Livingston artist will ed as propagandizing tools used to mail wheatgrassaloon- be combined with craft beer and symbolize and celebrate all that or call 406-333-2330 heavy appetizers. The event will ensues from a culture of duality: for more take place Friday, April 8th from 6- sin, judgment, supremacy, hatred, information. 8pm at Wheatgrass Saloon, located fear. Can the artist, who works Wheatgrass Saloon offers at 120 North Main Street in from a deeper knowing, help to cold-press juices using a Norwalk Livingston. Cost of the event is $45 reclaim these and other icons and juicer, raw vegan smoothies, and and includes a lesson with Parks restore them to the collective vegetable-laden Dragon Bowls. Reece, all materials, craft beer, and unconscious by reinvention, reinter- They strive to use as much local heavy appetizers. As Livingston pretation, and re-grounding? The and organic produce as possible. hosts its 2nd annual Tap into Upstairs Gallery also invites artists The eco-boutique offers a go-to Wheatgrass Saloon. Art openings bookstores in the country. Elk Montana Craft Beer Week, to participate in the YNP assortment of gifts for others and occur for the Livingston Summer River Books features frequent read- Wheatgrass Saloon will host its 2nd Centennial Celebration exhibit treats for oneself: bulk teas, can- Art Walks which take place on the ings by noted authors and poets. annual Art on Tap. Last year’s Art “Hot Pots” by submitting, for dles, jewelry, bath items, clothing, fourth Friday of the months of Combined, Wheatgrass and Elk on Tap was a huge success and sold consideration, original works of art cards and journals, with many June through September as well as River provide a pleasant and stimu- out early. Call 406-333-2330 to to be on display in the gallery made by local and regional artists for the Holiday Stroll in December. lating atmosphere for conversation, reserve your spot now! August 19th–September 12th. The and sourced from fair trade busi- Wheatgrass Saloon is delighted learning and enjoying a day in Wheatgrass Saloon has also just goal of the exhibit is to celebrate nesses. The gallery is arranged in to share a space with Elk River Livingston. For more information, announced two calls for art for the the alchemy of matter and mystery the upstairs events room of Books, truly one of the best used visit • upcoming Art Walk season in at play in the mud of Yellowstone Livingston. The Upstairs Gallery National Park deep below the invites artists to participate in surface and on its dynamic crust- Author Ken Egan presents at YGM

The annual meeting of the vides insight into the state’s rich lit- American literature. He Mapping workshop for Friends of the Yellowstone erature from the 1860s to the pres- wrote Montana 1864 as part of Gateway Museum will take ent. Egan serves as executive direc- Humanities Montana’s commemo- place Thursday, March 31st, begin- tor of Humanities Montana–he ration of the state’s territorial backcountry skiers ning at 6:30pm at the Livingston- 150th birthday and is now Winter Wildlands Alliance and planning and policy manager at Park County Public Library, locat- working on a REI are hosting a Mapping Winter Wildlands Alliance, will also ed at 228 W. Calendar. sequel, Montana 1889, slat- Workshop for Backcountry discuss how, and why, to get involved Immediately following the brief ed for publication in 2017. Skiers on Wednesday, March 23rd in the Custer-Gallatin forest plan meeting, at 7pm, is a program by Egan’s program is the revision that will affect Humanities Montana Speakers first program in the muse- winter recreation. Bureau speaker, Ken Egan, um’s Spring Speaker Winter Wildlands “Montana 1864: Stories from Series. The second pro- Alliance is a nation- Montana’s Creation.” The gram, “Yellowstone: al non-profit organi- presentation is free and open to the Yesterday & Today” by zation that works public. Partial funding for the Bob Berry and Paul with backcountry Speakers Bureau program is pro- Horsted is slated for April skiers, cross-country vided by a legislative grant from 14th. The final program, skiers, and snow- Montana’s Cultural Trust and from “Amazing American sho*rs to help them the National Endowment for the taught college literature and writ- Indian Women throughout protect the places Humanities. ing for 25 years. Montana’s History” by Laura where they play. Sidney Edgerton, Mary Ronan, After receiving his B.A. in Ferguson will be held on Thursday, They are working Pretty Shield, and Crazy Horse are English from the University of May 12th. All programs are held at with REI to docu- just some of the interesting people Montana Missoula and his Ph.D. in 7pm at the Livingston-Park County ment where skiers of Montana in 1864. Journey back American Literature from the Public Library and are free and and snowsho*rs to the year of Montana’s founding University of Wisconsin- open to the public. recreate in the back- in this lively presentation on vari- Madison, Egan taught college liter- Members of the Friends non- from 6:30-8pm at REI, located just country in order to advocate for pro- ous characters and events that ature and writing for 25 years at profit organization and others off of South 19th. tecting these areas to preserve shaped the state from its begin- Middlebury College (Vermont), interested in learning about the Winter Wildlands Alliance is opportunities for human-powered nings. Egan talks about selected Rocky Mountain College (Billings), museum are urged to attend the working with REI to document winter recreation. historical figures, then leads a con- and Drury University (Missouri). annual meeting. People only inter- where backcountry recreationists Backcountry skiers of all experi- versation about Montana’s past He became executive director of ested in the program are welcome play. Learn how to use online map- ence levels are welcome to attend and present. Egan’s presentation is Humanities Montana in 2009, a to slip in at 7pm when there will ping tools to gather and share infor- this event. To RSVP, please visit based on his book Montana 1864, dream come true for a Montana be a break for refreshments. mation about backcountry skiing which offers a lively panorama of kid (born in Polson) who loves pub- Please visit the museum’s website, areas and be part of the planning alliance-mapping-workshop/boze- events during the Territory’s first lic humanities. Egan has authored process. Hilary Eisen, recreation man/138256/. • year. His earlier study, Hope and book-length critical studies of nine- or call 406-222-4184, for more Dread in Montana Literature, pro- teenth-century and Western information. •

Preserving water & wetland habitats Trout Headwaters, Inc. private partnerships, and discussed and clarity for industry and the (THI) CEO Michael Sprague mainstreaming conservation invest- environment. recently met with senior agency ments. “I believe that private-public representatives in the Roosevelt For more than 20 years now, partnerships represent our nation’s Room at the White House to THI has deployed technologies for best strategy for addressing the discuss private investments for industry, government and non-prof- growing needs for environmental preserving and restoring its enabling efficient conservation restoration,” Sprague America’s most vital natural quantification, most recently build- said. “Thanks to project partners resources. During the two-hour ing the environmental big data like C2Invest, Valencia Wetlands roundtable on natural resource platform “EcoBlu Analyst,” which Trust, North American Land Trust, conservation, Sprague talked includes modules like “Mitigation Montana Stockgrowers, The Corps about how his company’s Analyst” for mitigation and conser- Network, and many others, Trout processes and technologies are vation users across the Headwaters is solidly-positioned to enabling projects across the U.S. country. These platforms improve bring innovative solutions and and discussed ways that he and the transparency and reliability for increased capacity to ecosystem others in the private sector are the ecosystem markets and help to service and mitigation markets.” working to restore and preserve insure high quality projects to Trout Headwaters, Inc. (THI) is water, wetlands, and species ground. THI announced that along an industry leader in sustainable habitats. with its many project partners, it approaches to stream, wetland and The meeting, attended by Jeff intends to deploy significant new habitat restoration, renewal, and Zients, Assistant to the President resources and investments to these repair. As one of the oldest profes- for Economic Policy, and Shaun interactive reporting platforms and sional firms in the industry they Donovan, Director of the Office to answer advance mitigation needs have consistently pioneered state- of Management and Budget, from the Department of Interior, of-the science technologies and and others, was focused around U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and processes. Building better tools and the nearly $2B in new private the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. techniques for industry, govern- sector investments being made The meeting, called to support ment and non-profits has long been to protect natural President Obama’s November 2015 a mission of the firm. Trout resources. Christy Goldfuss, Presidential Memorandum encour- Headwaters is proud to have Managing Director of the aging private investment solutions worked for so long and with so Council on Envrionmental to restore damaged natural many, to create real and positive Quality led discussions around resources, is one part of a federal- environmental change–one project policy solutions intended to help wide series of initiatives intended at a time. Learn more at trouthead- expand opportunities for public- to bring environmental consistency •

page 4B • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” Story Mansion String Jam Every Wednesday night Story Mansion @ 7pm March 15, 2016 The BoZone • Volume 23, Number 6

MuSic in and around the BoZone

Attend a MT Chamber performance in March The Montana Chamber Music ceeds from these programs support MCMS is also partnering with Society presents its third installment of MCMS’s mission to present great chamber Red Lodge FRINGE Festival for performances with two variety-filled pro- music performances throughout Montana a concert of works by Haydn, grams Wednesday, March 16th and Friday year-round. Mozart, Dvorak, Kodaly and the 18th, both taking place at 7:30pm in Angella Ahn, MSU Bozeman’s recently Chausson at St. Agnes Church Reynolds Hall at MSU Bozeman. appointed Professor of Violin, has toured on Thursday, March 17th, featur- The March 16th performance features wordwide with the Ahn Trio. The Muir ing Ms. Ahn, Ms. Levin, and the members of the Muir String Quartet per- Quartet, now in its 37th season, has toured Muir Quartet. forming combinations of works for string worldwide including concerts at the White Tickets for MCMS concerts duo, trio, and quartet by Mozart, Kodaly House and Carnegie Hall along with over may be purchased online at mon- and Dvorak. March 18th is highlighted by 50 tours to Europe and the Far East. The the great Chausson Concerto for violin, Muir Quartet is in Residence at Boston Tickets are also available at piano and string quartet, with Montana’s University. Cactus Records in downtown own superstar violinist Angella Ahn, fre- MCMS returns for its third annual Bozeman. Single ticket prices are quent MCMS artist Michele Levin and the engagement at the Shane Lalani Center in $27 for adults, $20 for seniors Muir Quartet. Other works performed on Livingston for a performance of great works and $10 for students. For more the 18th are to include the Martinu for string duo, trio and string quartet by information about MCMS, e- Madrigals for violin and viola and the Mozart, Kodaly and Dvorak on Tuesday, mail Michael Reynolds at Dvorak Terzetto for string trio. Net pro- March 15th at 7:30pm. [emailprotected]. •

Charlie Parr returns to Filling Station

Get ready Bozeman! Folk and acoustic with “an uncontrollable temper,” and people Americana. Combining a keen sense of who can keep an audience on the edge of its blues artist Charlie Parr will bring his talents getting left out getting of the American melody and lyrical wit, with medicine show ears. Russ has recorded and performed with back to the Filling Station on Saturday, April Dream. While his albums sound like vintage sensibility, here is one of those rare performers multiple Grammy winners, including members 2nd with a little local help from Russ field recordings, his live shows are any- of Ricky Skagg’s Kentucky Thunder, Jim Chapman beginning at 10pm. On tour in thing but retro. Deservedly, he’s a cult Lauderdale’s band, and America’s favorite support of his latest effort Stumpjumper, Charlie hero in some circles. cowboys–Riders in the Sky. It was during a is sure to put on an excellent performance! For the recording Nashville co-writting session with Earth, Wind Tickets to this 21 and over show are $15 and of Stumpjumper, Charlie changed things up, and Fire’s founding member Ronnie Laws, are available in store and online at cactus- traveling to rural North Carolina to that a giddy Laws proclaimed, “You’ve got a or at the door. Doors open at record the album with fellow good thing there, man!” Indeed...from the 9pm. musician Phil Cook (Megafaun, Hiss melodically percussive guitar style and Part of the Duluth, MN, music scene (Alan Golden Messenger) for his first full-band inspired wordsmithing, to an impressive ability Sparhawk and Low, Trampled by Turtles), release. Charlie’s blistering picking and to stomp and shuffle his feet, there is some- Charlie Parr is an electrifying performer whose insightful lyrics have brought him a fer- thing positively fun and refreshing about Russ live shows are akin to a religious experience. vent following that crosses ages and gen- Chapman. Or as John Anglim (KAFM radio) Propelled by his incredible fingerpicking (12- res. His recent Folk Alley session was just put it, “Every once in a while an artist comes string and a custom 4-chamber resonator gui- selected as an NPR Favorite along who defies description...Russ Chapman tar), searing vocals and percussive foot Session and Stumpjumper was chosen as one is unforgettable!” stomps, Charlie gets a huge sound. His of the best roots/folk albums of last sum- Be sure to check out the next issue of the songs are populated with a list mer by Rhapsody. BoZone for an exclusive interview with of characters you wouldn’t ordinarily meet: old With a decidedly creative style, Russ Charlie Parr prior to the show! For more ladies going to buy “the cheap wine” (“they Chapman stomps and sings highly original information about this and other shows, visit ain’t no better than the bums”), a woman music drawn from the deep well of •

‘16 KGLT Fund Drive starts 3/27 Bacchus Pub to offer 3 days of The KGLT Fund Drive 2016 has or pledge at Your support been announced and will run keeps local radio rocking for Saint Patty’s Day March 27th through April 9th. another year in Helena It is through this two-week (98.1), Bozeman (91.9), The Bacchus Pub, a staple of the down- provided by Brass Flask from 9pm until mid- event that KGLT gener- Livingston (89.5), town area and Bozeman favorite, will be pre- night all three nights. Brass Flask plays prima- ates almost half of its Gardiner-Mamoth senting Three Days of St. Patrick! for rily Irish music with a little country mixed in. annual operating (107.1), and MSU three nights straight–Thursday, March 17th Set lists include originals and covers from expenses. 2015’s (97.1), and on the through Saturday the 19th. Live Music will be bands like: The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The was the most suc- web at Dubliners, The Gourds, Steve Earl, etc cessful fund drive KGLT Brass Flask gets the crowd dancing, in KGLT History, 91.9 fm is lis- drinking, and having a good time. so please help tener-support- Guinness, Killian’s, and Irish Whiskey KGLT hit that ed, alternative Specials will keep you in the festive mark again! public radio spirit all night long. Car Bombs with KGLT DJs will broadcasting the Bacchus’ famous house made Irish be soliciting your for over 40 Cream and traditional Irish food spe- pledges of support years from the cials will also be available all three and offering great campus of evenings. Celebrate St. Patty’s with incentive gifts from Montana State Bacchus Pub, where it’s more fun to local businesses, as well University in drink in a bar than eat in a restaurant. as their very own KGLT Bozeman, with transla- After opening its doors in 2008, it hats, t-shirts, locally-made tors in Helena and has been the Bacchus Pub’s goal to coffee mugs and Hoodies! Livingston, and streaming on offer the highest quality food at Phone a live DJ at (406) 994-4492, the web at • affordable prices, while providing the service you expect and deserve. Stop in and enjoy a signature co*cktail on their Main Street patio this upcoming summer, or cozy up to the inviting fireplace during these last few chilly weeks of winter. The Bacchus caters to all ages and offer plenty of enter- tainment during the evenings. Come in for live music and karaoke and test your knowledge during weekly trivia night. Learn more at • Page 2C • The RollingZone • MaRCh 15, 2016

Red Tractor Pizza hosts grand Weekly string jams at re-opening party Story Mansion

Red Tractor Pizza is celebrat- amount of people and also offer a Tractor’s success and all the cus- The Pickin’ in the Park music Nancy Padilla runs from 6:30- ing its newly expanded space variety of new opportunities, such as tomers who have made it possible. A series hosts the Story Mansion 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of through a Grand Re-Opening more live music and a fun kids area number of bands will be playing String Jam every Wednesday every month, and the Beginners Party taking place Thursday, March so that parents can come hang out over the course of the weekend, night at 7pm at 811 S Wilson. Jam with Mike Gurzi runs from 24th through Saturday the 26th. without having to worry about their including the Hawthorne Roots, Upcoming jams are on March 16th, 6:30-7:30pm on the second Over the course of the weekend, kids. Overall, the expansion will lend who in 2015 were voted as 23rd & 30th. This is an open com- Wednesday of every month. patrons can enjoy live music and itself to a more comfortable experi- Bozeman’s “Best New Local Band” munity free jam for all acoustic Musicians on these nights are delicious pizza and “Best while support- Folk Act.” A ing local musi- bluegrass cians, local agri- jam session culture, and the on Friday local economy. will give Schedule of local pickers Events is as fol- a chance to lows: Thursday, get together March 24th will and show see Dan off their Dubuque from chops, and 6-8pm; Friday, a kids’ pizza March 25th will making be highlighted party on by a Bluegrass Saturday Jam Session should from 5-7pm prove to be and Laney Lou educational, & the Bird fun and Dogs from 7- tasty for 10pm; the whole Saturday, James Salestrom family. March 26th will Red Fiddle Jam First Wednesday of each Month include a Kids Pizza Making Party ence for just getting together with Tractor Pizza is located at the inter- from 2-5pm, a performance by family and friends, new and old. section of West Main Street and string instruments such as the gui- encouraged to stick around for the Alex’s Jazz Trio from 5-7pm, and “I want to instill a comfortable, North 10th Ave. A sustainable, com- tar, mandolin, banjo, Dobro, fiddle weekly String Jam. music by Hawthorne Roots from casual atmosphere–just a place for munity-minded operation, Red and bass. The group plays songs The Bozeman Parks & 7:30-9:30pm. people to eat awesome food and Tractor serves New York-style pizza and tunes in the traditional blue- Recreation Department welcomes The local brick-oven pizzeria drink good beer while hanging out with ingredients sourced as locally as grass style as well as other folk, new hosts for its Pickin’ in the Park offers fresh, local ingredients and with their buddies,” Paccione said. possible. Open for lunch and dinner Americana, country blues and old- community music program! vegan and gluten-free options. “We’re all about community, so we Monday-Saturday and dinner only time styles. All levels are welcome. Musicians Mike Gurzi and Shawna Owner Adam Paccione, who hails want to bring the community togeth- on Sundays with delivery and This is a fun and easy jam where all Lockhart bring years of experience from New York, calls it “New-York- er.” The new space officially opened takeout options. Visit are made to feel welcome and and a true passion for acoustic style pizza with a Bozeman spin.” for business on March 2nd. or the Red encouraged to participate. Non- music, and are eager to share it With the additional space, Red Now that things are up-and-run- Tractor Facebook page to view the players are also welcome to come with the community through Tractor can now serve four-times the ning, it’s time to celebrate Red complete menu and place an order. • and listen and dance. Come out Pickin’ In the Park. For more infor- and join the fun! Also at the Story mation, visit See you Mansion: the Fiddle Jam with at one of the jams! • MAXimum entertainment with local music group 11th & Grant with Rio In America during the late 50s plished, and pioneering talent. The Livingston-based The Max has since 1993, setting and early 60s, a new sound made seven-time Emmy winning perform- been rockin’ the area for more than the bar for longevi- landfall: Brazilian Jazz. This inti- ance series also devotes significant three decades and are still going ty and quality mate, straight-time “bossa nova” time to each artist’s personal story, strong! Here’s a look at where you can catch them in action in the coming weeks. The Max will be at the 49er in Livingston on Friday, March 18th at 9pm, and the 2011 Big Timber Bar in Big Timber on Shadows in the Shade and 1992’s Vinyl Saturday, among the Valentine were both well-received by March 19th at region’s the press and fans alike, and they 9:30pm. many received radio airplay from both They’ll follow bands. With albums. The Max has opened for those per- Kyle Styx, REO Speedwagon, The formances up 1984 Brenner on Fabulous Thunderbirds, Atlanta with shows at guitar and Rhythm Section, Marshall Tucker JR’s Lounge in Belgrade on Friday, vocals, Mike Young on drums and Band, and Foghat. They’ve played April 8th and Saturday the 9th at vocals, and Bobb Clanton on bass from Pittsburgh to Portland and 9:30pm, and Chico Hot Springs in and vocals, this “power pop party everywhere in between, in every Pray on Friday, April 15th and rock” trio from the Rockies puts out venue ranging from bars to wed- Saturday the 16th at 9:30pm. a massive sound for just three guys. dings to outdoor concerts and exclu- The Max is a three-piece band The Max has an incredible knack sive corporate ranches and in front from Livingston that has entertained for pulling off spot-on covers of of crowds as large as 80,000. They and delighted audiences across the tunes new and old and for being have played numerous festivals and country for 31 years. Since its incep- able to please audiences both young conventions as well–most notably tion in 1984, The Max has toured and old. Kansas City’s “Spiritfest” and The sound quickly hit the airwaves and insights into their music and their the U.S. not only extensively, but The Max has two independent National Association of Campus took hold on records and in live per- approach to life, ultimately provid- continually and has become a main- album releases of original tunes, Activities’ national convention in formances by everyone from Ella ing a deeper experience than a seat stay on the local Montana scene both available on iTunes. 1990’s Nashville, as well as headlining their Fitzgerald to Dave Brubeck. Rio at a concert. Accomplished com- hometown “Summerfest” in brings us a stylistically pure perform- poser and musician Eric Funk Livingston for the past 14 years. ance through the haunting voice of serves as host and artistic director, The Max has been voted Julia Yates and the skilled hands of hand selecting each performer from Livingston’s best local band sever- guitarist Tim Drackert on 11th & communities around the state to al times, was voted Bozeman’s best Grant with Eric Funk in the April 7th form a diverse series featuring gen- local band in 1995, and with a episode airing at 7pm on res from jazz to classical, country to myriad of experience and an MontanaPBS. zydeco, and rock to fusion. 11th & incredible ability to entertain, The 11th & Grant with Eric Funk is Grant with Eric Funk airs on Max sets the bar for top-quality the premiere outlet for music per- Montana PBS. Visit rock and roll bands. Learn more formance in Montana, seeking out for more at • the state’s most acclaimed, accom- information. •

page 2C • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” MaRCh 15, 2016 • The RollingZone • Page 3C

Bozeman Spirits offers live music & Disco Dance Party at craft co*cktails Open Range Have you checked out Bozeman Quenby will take over entertain- walk in. Your fresh co*cktail is served Dust off your bell bottoms and Following their mantra that the Spirits in historic Downtown ment duties on March 22nd. upon wood from the 1930s, and the boogie over to Open Range on guest always comes first, Open Bozeman? The distillery uses only Quenby plays a wide variety of bar brings the atmosphere of the old Saturday, Range is pure Rocky Mountain water to pro- Vintage Country, Contemporary saloon. The beautiful stills and pro- March commit- duce the most flavorful duction are seen 19th for ted to spirits. They also host live through the back their first offering music by great local artists glass windows of ever an experi- every Tuesday from 5:30- the tasting room, Disco ence in 8pm in their homey tast- and the mixologists Dance the best ing room. Here’s a look at will be happy to Party traditions the upcoming acts. explain distilling from of Bramble & Rye are techniques from the 10pm- Montana set to perform on March grains, mashing, 2am. DJ’s hospitali- 15th. A blues-infused folk blending, and bot- U&Us ty. The duo based in Bozeman, tling processes. will be owners the pair weave folk, coun- History is an inti- spinning and staff try, rock, and blues into mate part of vinyl and strive to their tunes, tipping their Bozeman Spirits Open offer the hats to songwriting leg- Distillery, aiming to Range highest ends like Gillian Welch, be a focal point of will fea- quality Neil Young, and Bonnie the downtown area, ture sig- and fresh- Raitt while taking inspira- and the business nature est ingre- tion from new Americana prides itself on its co*cktails dients, artists like Jason Isbell and Montana roots. for the locally Ryan Bingham. Both They currently have evening. Come dressed to impress in sourced whenever available, in an songwriters, Jesscy Dean Bramble & Rye created two types of your best 70’s inspired disco gear unpretentious, comfortable, and and Jeff Miesbauer met in the fall of (minus Pop), Outlaw, and Classic vodka, a gin and a whiskey, using because there will be a costume con- friendly atmosphere. Combining the 2014 and have been sharing and popular covers as well as originals Montana ingredients as much as test with prizes from local businesses! great culinary traditions of the past writing songs together ever since. which include songs from Merle possible. Each spirit is crafted with Local dance troupe IndepenDANCE as well as innovative and creative They write from the parts of them- Haggard, Buck Owens, Jerry Reed, water sourced from the Hyalite, will teach the crowd how to do the contemporary ideas in food and selves that are used but not used up, Mary Gauthier, The Mavericks, Sourdough, and Bozeman Creek hustle, and guests can get their drink, Open Range hopes to provide and are inspired by things that are Waylon Jennings, George Jones, watersheds, and all distilling and bot- photo taken at trunk show photo- its guests with a unique and satisfy- old and true, like rusty tools or tem- Patsy Cline, Lucinda Williams, and tling occurs in the back room of the booth. For more information about ing evening. For menu, wine list, and pered love. Jesscy is a Bozeman many more! distillery. Bozeman Spirits Distillery this awsome party, visit Open more information, visit open- native and has been filling the wide- Travis & Josh will close out the uses two stills in the production area. Range’s official Facebook page. • open West with her powerful voice month with a performance on An Artisan 300 Gallon Traditional since birth. She channels her wild March 29th. Copper Pot Still with a 4 plate and roots with every breath. Jeff comes Bozeman Spirits Distillery’s tast- 16 plate column, and an Arnold from the foothills of the Blue Ridge ing room offers a warm and welcom- Holstein Copper Pot Still with a 4 Mountains in South Carolina, where ing environment. With the history plate column. Learn more about Mobb Deep drops in at he learned to hear voices in falling kept alive in the reclaimed wood and their spirits, distilling processes, water...and they always told him to metals throughout, you will feel the and other offerings at Molly Brown play more guitar. modern charm and history as you • The infamous Mobb Deep comes to the Molly Brown in Bozeman on Thursday, March 31st. The Sam Platts is Live from the Divide hip-hop duo will be joined with performances by Filth and Foul, Buckshot Killit, Idio-Syncrasy, Tommy John, The Brand, Twizzy, R.J. Suisse, PDell Castro, Dying Breed, Dyverse Ent, Ambidext, Tomvict, Hostyle Music, Tucash, Gentlemen Script, and “Quiet Storm RMX” have and Al Bezzy. Tickets to the 21 and remained significant and still move over show are $27 in store and crowds from New York to Tokyo. online at Doors Mobb Deep’s ability to perfectly open at 7pm. describe their gritty surroundings One of the most prolific and and lifestyle always made them a original groups in hip-hop, Mobb first choice for music writers and Deep are still a very active force in critics across the board. Mobb Deep today’s music industry with twenty have graduated to the role of cult years of experience. The group has group. Today, they are followed by a appeared on records that have sold new wave of cutting edge music lis- over 40 million copies. Aiming from teners, as well as their original core Sam Platts & The Kootenai pleasant to listen to, watch, and legendary songwriters alike. Artists the Queensbridge neighborhood of foundation of hip hop aficionados. Three are set to take the stage at dance to. Jason McMackin of the vary their interactions with the NYC, the duo has been responsible If you’re a fan of hip-hop Live from the Divide on Saturday, Missoula Independent said, “Coeur crowd, sometimes poking fun at a for delivering some of the most pop- music and culture, you won’t want March 19th beginning at 9pm. d’Alene’s Sam Platts and the live audience member or by taking ular and forever current anthems in to miss this show! Learn more Tickets to this show are $25 plus fees Kootenai Three don’t give a honk or time to explain the origin of the rap music. Tracks like “Survival of about the duo at and available in store or at cactus- a toot about fitting into office back- song they are about to perform. The the Fittest,” “Shook Ones Part II,” • Doors open at 8pm. ground soundtracks. They play tra- program provides listeners with an The four-piece honky-tonk group ditional country music anchored by unparalleled opportunity to hear focuses on making roots country Platts’ steel guitar and baritone songwriters in a natural stripped music that is engaging to any audi- voice. The group’s sound is reminis- down and raw setting. The show is ence with Sam Platts (vocals, guitar, cent of longtime Texas troubadour based out of an intimate 50 person Juan M Soria visits the steel guitar), J Kane (upright bass), Dale Watson.” venue and recording facility, located Joel May (drums), and Eric Lee (gui- Live from the Divide is a radio at 627 East Peach Street in tar). They try to keep the spirit of broadcast created simply as a “A Bozeman. For more information, Valley authentic honky-tonk music present Celebration of the American visit • in their personal sound, while pro- Songwriter.” The 60 minute show Argentine musician Juan M Gran Rex Theater, and Estadio ducing something that is fresh and features regionally established and Soria is set to bring his talents to Ferro. He specializes in rock/folk the Gallatin Valley with a few music and is now living in Brooklyn, upcoming performances. He is first New York. Soria performs with sev- set to perform at the Murray in eral bands as well as solo in various Livingston on Wednesday, March bars and venues such as Rockwood Surrealist Arts Ball announced 16th beginning at 7pm. He’ll then Music Hall, Parkside Lounge, and head to Norris Hot Springs for an The Bowery Electric. When he’s not Gamma will be held on spoken word poetry, and live and and special events. Poets and intimate poolside performance on performing original music, he works Saturday, March, 19th at The interactive artwork happening enthusiasts of all disciplines and Friday, March 18th, also beginning as a session musician for other Cottonwood Club, located at 213 throughout the night. There will be levels of experience attend at 7pm. artists. Soria is on a coast to coast South Wallace, in Bozeman begin- a Salvador Dali kissing booth, pho- these events to enjoy an open Soria hails from Buenos Aires, tour, playing shows from NYC to ning at 7pm. Tickets can be pur- tography booths, identical twin ora- and relaxed atmosphere and to Argentina, where he began writing Portland in promotion of Juan’s first chased for $5 in advance at brown- cles to tell you your future, mimes, become inspired by a talented and performing music at the age of ablum Erase una vez. Learn more creatures, and total madness. and diverse spectrum of local 8. He has played in major venues in about Soria by visiting or at the door. Things are going to get weird. It is artists. The Bozeman Poetry Buenos Aires such as Luna Park, • Come to Bozeman’s first annual part one in the dream series taking Collective believes strongly in Surrealist Arts Ball! Gamma is the you into the sleep-sphere that will fostering creative expression beginning of a Renaissance of the be Fantasoria coming winter 2016. and culture in the Bozeman strange, showcasing brilliant and $5 recommended at the door and community and beyond. bizarre local Bozeman musicians, all ages welcome, but 21 and If you would like more infor- artists, and poets. Costumes are over to drink. mation, please e-mail bozeman- recommended–the event is resur- The Bozeman Poetry Collective [emailprotected] or recting the 1972 Rothschild is an active community of writers [emailprotected], Surrealist Dinner Party & the and spoken word poets in the visit bozemanpoetry- Parisian Bal des Quat‘z’Arts. Come Gallatin Valley. The collective was, or check out party in the dreamland. The night founded in August of 2013 and fre- will consist of live electronic music, quently hosts open mic readings rycollective/. •

Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 3C Page 4C • The RollingZone • MaRCh 15, 2016

The Interview

Remembering Kelly Roberti

Local music and the arts, bol- toured over 150 times with musical Peter Gabriel like? was in bed for a year and had 14 what a painting does. I’m romantic stered by its many area stages, act giants in jazz, rock, and world KR: Peter is a great guy. He traveled surgeries on various parts and pieces about being able to do exactly what arguably as the heart and soul of music, including Arnett Cobb, Eddie with a big entourage of 350 people of me. Metal here and on I want to do. I’m stubborn about our not-so-little mountain town. The Harris, Peter Gabriel, Freddie and knew everyone’s name. We flew and so forth. that. Sometimes you have to weather community suffered a blow on Hubbard, Tommy Flanagan and into Sarajevo in the mid-’90s; we were RZ: So, you’re the bionic man now. the storm about what people say March 7th with the passing of David Murray. Kelly has taught at in a bus driving into the city and it was KR: (Laughs) I’ve got all this metal about what you do, but you can only Bozeman jazz musician Kelly major educational institutes, has obvious that bombs were going off in me and in the winter it hurts. I be what you’ve lived or dreamed; Roberti, ending his valiant fight contributed to 51 recordings and has everywhere — blown up crap all was pissed off when the hot springs express the pulse of your nature. with cancer. In celebration of every- two more in the works. He has per- around— he got up and told everyone blew up cause that was my saving RZ: That stubborness has helped thing he gave–whether it be one of formed at nearly every major jazz it would be alright. There were grace. But I have great support in you in overcoming addictions, no? his many compostions, spirited live venue (both clubs and festivals) on 160,000 people at the concert in town, great friends. Overall it was a KR: I finally quit smoking after 40 performances, or countless other five continents. The RollingZone Sarajevo, and Gabriel gave all the very positive experience, since I came years. Cold turkey. I’ve quit gam- contributions ranging from poetry to cornered Kelly and sat him down for bling and drugs. I wasn’t gonna let it cooking, the BoZone looks back to a chat in April of 2009. beat me. I figure I’m not adding a April of 2009 when the Rolling RZ: You grew up in a musical fami- lot of years to my life, but the quali- Zone spoke with the man himself. ly here in Bozeman. How much did ty is so much better. Commemorative introduction that influence your pursuit of RZ: What is your driving by Gaye-Lee Grant. music? philosophy? Being a teenager who loved KR: My dad was the high school KR: I want to give what I have music in the early 1970s in Bozeman band director, then the Music been given. I want to contribute to was not easy. Two radio stations–one Supervisor for public schools in the tradition — the true human country, one easy listening–and one Bozeman. He taught in public condition — and to the next gener- music store. A desert land, unless schools for 42 years. He and my ation. When I was 18, an old drum- you knew the Roberty family. As mom (a piano teacher) had the most mer told me; ‘you have to go into everyone knows, the habitat of profound influence of any in my this music so you can give some- teenagers in the 70s was either a life. I never wondered about a life thing to the music — it’s an entity.’ garage or a basem*nt, and on the path — I thought everybody played Some of these old jazz artists treat- corner of 8th and Koch, in a mint a musical instrument until I was ed us like they needed to pass some- green house with a three-legged dog about 11. As a young kid, some of thing on. They’d say; ‘You’ve got a named “Lurch,” you could find my memories are sitting in front of great sound. Use your sound, not both. You never knocked or rang the a little Motorola monaural record your technique.’ Jazz is subtle. It bell as Mr. Roberty was at work and player listening to Broadway, Rogers can die, and it has come close to Mrs. Roberty gave piano lessons. & Hammerstein. It’s amazing how doing that. As of late, jazz incorpo- You went around back though the the melody, rhythm, and harmony rates everything around, adding to chain link gate and through the back of that genre has played into jazz. the encyclopedia of the genre — door. Always unlocked, and in the Everybody around me played guitar, and artists know how to ‘steal’ in summer, always wide open. Then so I told dad I wanted an electric the right way. Charlie Parker tunes down into the basem*nt you went. It bass. Later, my friends and I started still sound great... you have to know always seemed as if some one was listening to jazz music so I switched them, but also add a layer or two. there, even if it wasn’t a Roberty to acoustic. And be a businessman, because kid. Music was always playing. RZ: Did you complete a formal they’re not playing jazz on the There were four kids: Mike, education? airwaves (other than by dedicated Kelly, Sue, and Tony–all between KR: Technically, no, but I had the humans like Brad Edwards). the ages of 20 and 11. With friends opportunity to learn from my par- Corporate America and the involved, there were at least ten to ents and got the technical know record companies have tried fifteen kids there at any given time. how from gigging and road playing. hard to take indi-entrepreneurs out We discussed art, music, and politics. I’m intuitively ambitious and have of the picture. It created a bond, a family, that even been awarded an honorary Masters RZ: How are things going for you after many years and teenagers of Degree so I could teach at the uni- in this economy? our own, still exists. In the summer versity level. money away; most followed his lead. out a very different human being. KR: I have a handful of private stu- of 1971, oldest brother Mike came RZ: What was your trajectory RZ: What’s going on in your head When you sit in bed for a year, you dents and want another handful. I home from college for summer towards becoming well-known? when you’re on stage jamming? learn a lot about your inner life, charge a lot and don’t take begin- break. After a few days of constantly KR: I left Bozeman in the early KR: In jazz music, you have to be in which is where you live. As far as ners. Bozeman has become a hard listening to our music (can I say 1970s and played bass on the road the moment, not anywhere else. I playing the bass, I did hurt myself place to make a living in; seems I “Led Zeppelin...Led Zeppelin...Led with various groups. Then I was in a don’t think anything and I don’t pretty bad but I won’t admit it limits have to leave the country to Zeppelin”?), Mike couldn’t take it quartet called Open Stream with think about the audience. I want to me. I couldn’t play for a long time; I make a living. any longer and gave us some new Fred Raulston, Bob Nell and Jim get to the core of what I feel musi- started by leaning the bass against RZ: You seem to have a ton albums out of his collection. Dave Honaker. We made a self-titled cally. For me, that means working on myself in bed. Then I’d get up and of energy! Brubeck! John Coltrane! album in SF, hit the road and had a the subtleties of being in tune with play for 10 minutes at a time. KR: I get up at 5 am and jump into For Kelly, that was it. He had good tour. Then we played the 1978 fellow musicians and every part of RZ: Can we talk about those my life. I drink two cups of coffee; found his love that never left him Monterey Jazz Festival. After we the craft: intonation, rhythm, being tattoos? check my e-mail, then check my and never disappointed. From then returned, Nell, Honaker, Chuck able to manipulate those. It’s the KR: I’ve got my life story displayed schedule for future bookings. Then I on, Jazz and the bass was all he Florence and I formed the Montana bass player’s job to give the tune its here (shifts position to better display look at my music to make sure my thought of. In fact, I’m not sure if Jazz Quartet. Steve Aaberg opened groove; s/he plays on top of the the phoenix on the back of his left next gig is better than my last. I play anything but jazz was played in the Piney Brown’s in Livingston. I beat, behind the beat. You have a hand, the scorpion on the right del- the bass. I used to sleep 3 - 4 hours / basem*nt again. So, if Kelly’s music played there with Mose Allison and responsibility if you’re a bass player: toid, and lifts his shirt to show off night; now it’s at least 5 - 6, and brought you happiness, thank Mike a few others. But, it was hard for it takes a while to break the adage the eagle splayed across his chest). now and then I do the big crash Roberty. I’m sure Kelly would have jazz in Livingston at the time and that when the bass starts to solo It’s about being able to live in Never — 9 hours. found jazz later and through another the place closed after a couple years. everyone talks... but you can. It’s like Never land and insisting on it. The RZ: What do you do when you’re path, but Mike gave us a few more Then Dr. Ray Pratt and Steve a shaman with bag of bones — he race wasn’t put on this planet to not working? years of it. How lucky were we to Aaberg started the Bozeman Blues & throws them out and starts to read develop this particular culture. A lot KR: I love to cook, love Italian and have had that freedom allowed by Jazz Society. They asked my trio to them. But you’ve got to put the of us (musicians) are rebels. I feel French food. It’s a meditational The Roberty’s. The same freedom back the great jazz artists and that is bones in there. like musicians have responsibilities thing for me. When it’s warm I walk. that helped Kelly grow as a artist a long, long, story. I took over the RZ: You perform solo as well as in to bark when a stranger walks Before the wreck I walked 60 miles a and change the “y” to an “i”. operation of the society after a cou- groups — what are the joys of that? into the yard. week. I practice, compose, clean “Thank you Kelly, for being my ple of years and it survived through KR: I’m not nervous anymore, even RZ: How is Jazz at the Equinox the house. friend. I will miss you and seeing you the mid ‘90’s. I got an amazing edu- in front of lots of people. If you’re (Roberti’s current local project) RZ: Who do you most admire in so many places around Bozeman. cation through touring with the out by yourself exposed, any emo- being received? musically? Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Roberty, greatest living jazz artists. tional upheaval will translate on KR: Very well so far. The Equinox KR: Lately, I’ve been listening to and thank you Mike.” RZ: Let’s talk about improvisation stage — as will an incredible joy. is really important for me right now. Van Morrison and Seal; I’m making Rollin’ with Kelly Roberti. — what elements go into that? When you’re by yourself you have to It’s been around for 14 years and is an arrangement of his song, “Love’s Interview printed April 15th, 2009. KR: The word ‘improvisation’ is realize you’re playing in your own a perfect jazz venue at 90 - 100 Divine.” The greats really separate World-acclaimed bass musician such a mystery to many, so, it’s personal choir. The audience can be seats. That’s the capacity for a small themselves from the crowd. I have and composer Kelly Roberti grew breaking the mystery — you have to more helpful when I’m playing solo. town. If bigger artists come in, they three terrabyes of mp3 files on my up in Bozeman surrounded by improvise just to drive — everything RZ: You suffered a terrible accident can play two nights. I have heard computer. That’s 400,000 tunes that music. He played his first gig at 11 is a reaction, staying in the moment a number of years ago — what hap- some grumbles about the ticket cover every genre from every conti- and went on to carve a niche for and staying in front of the moment. pened and how long has it taken you prices ($18 - $20), but if you buy nent on the planet. On the random himself among legendary musical Jazz is step by step. Once there, you to recover? season tickets it takes some dollars setting they would play for 20 years. giants. Reflecting everything from have to trust yourself and others — KR: Yeah, I had a motorcycle acci- off every show. The series is a show- RZ: You are someone who has real- Tin Pan Alley to ethnic world, open your ears and impulse factors dent on S. Black — it’ll be four years case for the wonderful jazz players in ly embraced technology; tell us why Roberti’s style is a powerful blend of — go with the pulse of the situation ago June 13th. I was riding my the area...their thing! After this first you’re such a fan. musical passion layered with physical you’re in. Of course, you have to Harley south on Black and glanced series I hope to begin the Monday KR: Technology can be very posi- grace and a spiritual edge. He has know the rules before breaking them over at the baseball fields thinking night Library series where I inter- tive if used in the right mindset. You and you have to know how to what a great day it was when a col- view an artist who will play a Friday can do new things. I record into my spontaneously analyze. Those lege kid on a cell phone in an SUV night gig at the Equinox during computer, which I consider to be my who break the rules set the pulled out of a parking place. I took the summer. thought studio. I don’t self-produce trend for everyone. Then the bike down like they say you RZ: Your bass playing has been my music, but I manage to get a they’re the ones to be should, but couldn’t get my left leg described as “virtuosic, earthy and record or two done every year. The analyzed. out. I slid under the bike and car. meticulous.” Comment, please. next one is ballads; I’m proud of it. RZ: What was playing with He basically dragged me along. I KR: I love the bass; particularly its Eric Funk, Alan Fauque, and David woody, ancient nature. It Murray are on it, and Jeni Fleming produces a sound you can will sing, including one tune with MJ really control. And it’s phys- Williams. Record companies have ical; you have to use some such a limited mindset thinking they real physical stuff to coax can’t market jazz. Now no record- out the secrets of projec- ings sell. tion. Called by any name RZ: What do you think about free (acoustic bass, contra-bass, music downloading? upright bass, fiddle, dog- KR: It can be helpful, if you’re house bass), it’s really cool. smart. I think savvy musicians know You find new techniques how to create a website, maintain it and ways to use them to and give away the right amount of complement what you have music so they connect with people. to say. If you plan too On the web you become your own much, you’re not conglomerate. You could have five or playing jazz. ten sites and link them, sell product RZ: What do you mean and kiss the record companies good- when you say that true bye. Ani DiFranco is a great example music is an indefinable of someone doing this very success- communication — physics, fully. Go onto a torrent site and post philosophy, history, mathe- your own torrent. Instead of 5 - 25 matics and, to you, a big units, you can sell hundreds, even dose of romance. thousands. My new website (kelly- KR: With physics, it’s about will have all my old vinyl the invisible angles, about and CDs (50+) available free. The how you’re going to make new stuff, no. Maybe a snippet. things go together. The Better to ensure your future and music of the spheres has to some legacy than to say ‘you’ve got to do with physics, numerology pay.’ You should share music and art. and the whole shot. It’s not A Kelly Roberti memorial concert very definable. We’d be a and fundraiser will be held at the mess if we could define Eagles Lodge on Sunday, April 10th what music does to us or beginning at 3:30pm. • page 4C • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” March 15, 2016 • The rollingZone • Page 5c

‘16 Hoot to feature Vince Gill & Rodney Crowell The Livingston Hoot has compositions, including “Til I Gain ed Vince that this year he and I fishing, and rivers–also contributing able success across the country. At announced the 2016 headliners and Control Again,” “I Ain’t Livin’ Long would be providing the merriment. some originals to the mix–and then the Hoot, Winship, Thompson and they’re not messing around! 20 time Like This,” “Song For The Life,” ‘It’s already on the calendar’ was his invited some of the top musicians O’Brien will be joined by Rich Grammy winner Vince Gill will and “Ashes By Now” have been reply. Be there!” from the new acoustic scene to bring Moore and Brian Crumrine. join his good friend (and Hoot alum) widely and successfully covered by Hoot producers Joanne Gardner their talents to the project. Artists For information regarding spon- Rodney Crowell for what they’re legendary singers. He led the way as and John Lowell created the event in like Tim O’Brien, Mollie O’Brien, soring the Hoot, vendor and volun- calling “a street dance.” The Hoot is a recording artist, achieving a daz- 2014. “Livingston is such a special John Lowell, Mike Dowling, David teer opportunities and non profit a free community sponsored event zling run of radio hits in the 1980s, place, and we thought we’d throw Grier, Matt Flinner, Billy Novick, organizations requesting space, providing fun, food and music on followed by a series of more person- our town a big party,” said Gardner. Rob Ickes and many more brought please visit historic Main Street in downtown al albums in the 2000s that secured “We also realize how much great the ideas to life in two Fishing Music The Hoot’s fiscal sponsor is the Park Livingston. The Hoot will take place his place as much more than a work the non profits of this area do albums, which have enjoyed remark- County Community Foundation. • chart-topper. and wanted to give them a chance to His 2011 interact with the community in a fun memoir environment.” Chinaberry “The first Hoot drew 3,000 peo- Sidewalks vivid- ple in 2014,” said Lowell. “Rodney Red Ants Pants announces ly fleshed out Crowell was our first headliner and the life story everyone loved the show. Local musi- of this sincere cal legend Bill Payne joined Crowell, community grants and complex with Steuart Smith on guitar and artist. Crowell special guest John Mayer. It was a is a 2 time memorable night–and packed Main Grammy Street. This has turned into the Award winner, biggest night of the year for many a member of restaurants and bars in Livingston.” the Nashville Last year, the Hoot featured New Songwriters Orleans trio the Tin Men and head- Hall of Fame liner Roy Rogers and the Delta Vince Gill and the recipi- Rhythm Kings with special guest ent of the Phil Aaberg. The event drew close to Thursday, August 4th, rain or shine. 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award 5,000, and spread three blocks. This One of the most popular singers for Songwriting from the Americana year, the event will kick off at 4pm, in modern country music, Vince Gill with a kid’s is famous for his top-notch songwrit- fun area ing, world-class guitar playing and available, The Red Ants Pants Foundation ducer of the Red Ants Pants Music warm, soaring tenor, all wrapped up and vendors recently announced it is now accept- Festival. 2016 Grant Applications in a quick and easy wit. Gill with food, ing applications for its 2016 must be submitted online to achieved his big breakthrough in drink, art Community Grant Cycle funded redantspantsfoundation.- 1990 with “When I Call Your and more on by the Red Ants Pants Music org/grants/. The 2016 Grant Cycle Name,” which won both the Main Street. Festival. Grant applications can be Closes April 30th, 2016. A full list of Country Music Association’s Single Opening act, filled out online and must be returned the 2015 Grant Recipients can also and Song of the Year award as well the Fishing by April 30th. Grant applicants are be found online at this address. as a Grammy. Since then, he has Music Band encouraged to submit proposals for Throughout the day of the won 17 more CMA honors, includ- with Mollie projects throughout the region that Lineup Release Block Party on April ing Song of the Year four O’Brien, further the Foundation’s mission of 2nd, signature Red Ants Pants Music times–making him the most-award- kicks off the developing and expanding leader- Festival snap shirts will be on sale at ed artist in that category in CMA music at 6pm ship roles for women, preserving and the Red Ants Pants store, 206 East history. Since 1990, Gill has won 20 and Vince supporting working family farms and Main Street. The party begins at GRAMMY Awards. The Academy Gill and ranches, and enriching and promot- 5pm on the 200 block of Main of Country Music has conferred on Rodney ing rural communities. To date, the Street, White Sulphur Springs. Gill eight awards, including its pres- Rodney Crowell Crowell Red Ants Pants Foundation has pro- Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs will tigious Home Depot Humanitarian with special vided more than $45,000 in grants play at 5:30pm at the new 2 Basset Award and the 2011 Career Music Association. guest Paul Franklin will take the to working family farms and ranch- Brewery. Stageline Pizza, WSS will Achievement Award. Gill was Crowell says, “In 1976, Vince stage at 8pm. es, projects to support women’s lead- be selling pizza by the slice through- inducted into the Country Music Gill and I met at the Troubadour in The International Federation of ership and our rural communities. out the evening. The festival lineup Hall of Fame in 2007. He is also a Los Angeles. Since then we’ve been Fly Fishers is returning to Livingston The news comes as the Red Ants will be announced at 7pm at the member of the Grand Ole Opry. In close friends and collaborators. for their Fly Fishing Fair and will be Pants Music Festival plans to release Strand Theatre (doors open at 6pm). August 2012, Gill was honored with Once a year, Vince and I host a attending the Hoot. The opening its highly anticipated 2016 lineup at The 2016 Red Ants Pants Music a star on the Hollywood Walk of barn dance fundraiser near my band at the Hoot this year is a tal- a block party on April 2nd on Main Festival will be held July 28th-31st Fame. He is a member of the four- home in Nashville. We play pretty ented combination of artists doing Street in White Sulphur Springs. just outside of White Sulphur time Grammy-nominated band The much any song that pops into our many fish related songs. The Fishing The headliners will include Springs, on the Jackson ranch. A Time Jumpers. heads. If we don’t know the words Music Band began as a recorded Grammy-award winning music leg- limited release of 500 early bird tick- Rodney Crowell is a Texas-born, we just make new ones up. On music project dreamed up by Ben ends along with a host of rising stars ets will go on sale ONLINE ONLY Nashville-based songwriter, artist, August 4th, Vince, myself, the leg- Winship and David Thompson, two and fan favorites. A portion of the at 8PM on April 2nd at producer and author whose work endary steel guitarist Paul Franklin avid fly fishermen and long-time, proceeds from the Red Ants Pants at and career sets a benchmark for and a rocking little dance band will Rocky Mountains based musicians. Music Festival funds the Red Ants the discounted price of $115 per commercial success and lifelong be taking the stage at the Livingston Winship and Thompson spent Pants Foundation’s community weekend pass. Regular advanced artistic ambition and integrity in Hoot. Two years ago, I played the countless hours collecting songs they grant cycle. tickets and VIP weekend passes will country and Americana music. His very first Hoot and afterwards alert- thought captured the spirit of fish, “Fans of the Red Ants Pants go on sale online and in the Red Music Festival make a lasting impact Ants Pants store April 2nd. Tickets on our rural communities long after to the festival are as follows: the last headliner plays. Due to Weekend (3-Day) Pass run $135 in record attendance in 2015, the Red advance/$150 at the gate; Single Electronic artist CloZee at Zebra Ants Pants Foundation can now offer Day Pass (Good for Friday, Saturday Musik Lives Here will present Future Bass and World Bass. She alongside artists like Bonobo, more grants to promote women’s or Sunday) run $55 in advance/$60 CloZee on Saturday, March 19th created her own place in the glitch Gramatik, Chet Faker, Pretty Lights, leadership, boost our working family at the gate; VIP Weekend (3-Day) as she brings her Revolution Tour to community, thanks to a unique, TOKiMONSTA, Tipper, GRiZ, farms and ranches, and invest in our Pass–includes premium, shaded seat- Bozeman at the Zebra co*cktail highly surprising style mixing pow- Phutureprimitive, Big Gigantic, rural communities. We are grateful ing with complimentary refresh- Lounge beginning at 8pm. erful basslines, funky off beat per- Papadosio, and Stwo. Runner-up of to all who support the Red Ants ments run $500 (limited quantity Hailing from Toulouse, CloZee cussion, world instruments and several remix contests (launched by Pants Foundation’s mission and look available for purchase online and at is Chloé, a young music producer emotional cinematic sounds. Her artists Mr. Bill, Asian Trash Boy, forward to learning more about the the Red Ants Pants store only) who seamlessly combines technical recent track ‘Koto’ (Otodayo Crazy Daylight, Daenine), CloZee people and projects that are making Live streaming of the full lineup precision with a wild imagination. Records) is about to reach 900k was spotted by respected labels Montana even better,” said Sarah announcement will be available on An accomplished instrumentalist, plays on Soundcloud in 6 months, such as Gravitas Recordings, Calhoun, executive director of the the music festival’s Facebook page she began playing the classical gui- and already more than a million Glitch Hop Community, Otodayo Red Ants Pants Foundation & pro- and via Google Hangouts. • tar at 11. Influenced by edIT, views on YouTube in only 2 months. Records, Adapted Records, and Bonobo, The Widdler, and Amon A musical identity which led her Digital Whomp. Tobin, she started producing elec- to play in the USA (more than 45 This energetic show will tronic music at the age of 16. In dates in 2014/2015, including the include local support by 2014, she won the ‘Best festivals Coachella, Camp Bisco, Sounsiva, MonadAeon, and International Newcomer of 2013’ at Sonic Bloom, Enchanted Forest, Ampathy. There will be a $10 the UK Glitch-Hop Award. Farm Fest) but also in Canada, presale through Cactus Records Her tracks defy genres, oscillat- India, Germany, Ukraine, and more and online very soon, and tickets ing between Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop, than 30 different cities in France, available at the door. •

American Pinup at Whistle Pig New York’s American Pinup is quartet from obscurity to earning a from 12-9pm. For more information, coming through Bozeman in March! coveted place on the Alternative visit or call They will be playing Whistle Pig Press list of “100 Bands You Need 406-404-1224. • with The Sleepless Elite and To Know” in 2014. Rats on Monday, March 28th Located in picturesque beginning with doors at 7pm. This is downtown Bozeman, Whistle an all ages show with a $5 suggested Pig Korean is an affordable donation. restaurant with a laid back American Pinup emerged from atmosphere. They focus on the suburban sprawl of Westchester serving fast, fresh, and healthy County, New York in 2010 to offer a food. The owners and staff are rousing blend of punk rock and confident that once exposed to powerpop with seasoned songwriting traditional Korean dishes like at its core. Thoughtfully arranged Bibimbap, Kimbap, and compositions and lyrical depth bol- Mandu, people will applaud ster the band’s radio-ready, exuber- their use of fresh vegetables and ant indie rock sound. Fronted by traditional sauces. They also Lauren West, who unites sultry, have many vegetarian, vegan, melodic crooning with a raspy, rock and gluten-free options. Whistle and roll growl, the band draws on Pig Korean is located at 25 N influences from across the spectrum Willson Ave and is open of alternative music, creating an Tuesday through Friday from explosive mixture of pop-savvy 11am to 9pm and Saturday melody and punk rock atti- tude. The result is the perfect marriage of hook and edge. Following two full-length albums and two EPs, multiple nationwide tours, and count- less appearances at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, The Fest, and SXSW since their arrival on the scene, American Pinup has carved out their own niche in the world of independent music. A tireless, DIY work ethic paired with undeniably infec- tious tracks and electrifying live shows has propelled the

Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 5C Page 6C • The RollingZone • MaRCh 15, 2016

Chico Hot Springs offers Upcoming Chicken Jam(s) set to rock ChickenJam West Productions are used as a mission statement for their groove is primarily rooted in up suds ‘n sounds has the show you’re looking for this reflection and activation. Touching rock, reggae, and funk traditions, the Your destination weekend is but Bleachers is a band consisting of month in Bozeman. Here’s a look at on everything from the bliss of trav- septet draws stylistic influence from an hour away as Chico Hot Scott Williams on guitar, Tim what’s coming up. eling and the growing pains of nearly every musical movement of Springs offers welcoming accomo- Borsberry on drums, and Pat The Magic Beans will perform change, to the ills of the justice sys- the 20th century. Over the past 9 dations, a natural hot springs to soak Borsberry on bass. They have an with help from Solidarity Service tem and environmental encroach- years, Rez has tirelessly toured the in, and live entertainment every intensely diverse song list, which is at the Eagles Ballroom on Friday, ment. The live show is everything country ten times over, cemented weekend! The final weekends this also a result of the our diverse ori- March 25th beginning at 10pm. that the band name suggests: a gath- their status as a consistent festival month have an ecclectic slate of per- gins. Tim and Pat hail from Helena Tickets to this 21 and over show are ering of people to assimilate and favorite, and honed their exhilarat- formers sure to keep everyone on and Scott is a transplant from Los $10 in advance in store or at cactus- share their truths. The reggae ing live show into an incomparable, their feet. Angeles, but grew up in Southern and $12 at the door. rhythms put forth by the band keep unabashed musical extravaganza. Arizona. A look over Doors at 9pm. They have shared the UTBs song list will show Seamlessly com- stage with a startlingly that we keep up with bining acoustic broad range of artistic today’s hits, and have roots music and tra- visionaries, including been playing yesterday’s ditional instruments Toots and the Maytals, hits since they were a with modern tech- Rubblebucket, Gogol ‘hit’ the first time! nology and amped Bordello, the Dirty Norrine the up dance music, Heads, George Outlaw Queen will The Magic Beans are Clinton and play a special Sunday as unique as their Parliament Funkadelic, show on March 27th place of origin, the Jimmy Buffett and beginning at 5pm. Her Colorado Rockies. Bernie Worrell. old school country west- The group’s diverse Evoking their personal ern will be sure to approach to music power animals, they impress. leaves no genres off fearlessly forge into a All Chico shows the table and no bold new chapter of begin at 9pm unless oth- one left out, many times resulting in everyone on their feet, and the lyrics their epic musical journey and pre- erwise noted. Chico Hot one song spanning several styles leave them craving active and imme- pare to hit the road for a nationwide Chico will be doing their part to Springs is the perfect location for within a singular composition. The diate change. Satsang has toured all tour once more. help you celebrate St. Patricks your getaway...not too long of a Beans use no pre-recorded tracks or over the country and has shared the The Morrison Brothers Day with corned beef & cabbage drive, but also just far enough away computers in favor of a more tradi- stage with the likes of Steel Pulse, Band will perform with help from and drink specials all day on to leave your troubles behind. The tional approach to music. Original Nahko and Medicine for the People, Lexi Wyman at the Eagles Thursday, March 17th. So be sure to historic resort is located in the heart songwriting, diverse instrumentation Trevor Hall, Chris Berry, Mike Love, Ballroom on Friday, April 1st begin- come on down, and don’t forget to of Paradise Valley, just north of and a deep musical bond between Jon Wayne and the Pain, Tubby ning at 9pm. Tickets to this 21 and wear green! Yellowstone National Park and nes- the musicians is what sets the band Love and many many more. With a over show are $10 in advance in Exit 288 will take the stage tled in the foothills of the breathtak- apart. Fans have coined terms like very dedicated fan base and a lot of store or at and Friday, March 18th and Saturday ing Absaroka Mountain Range. “spacefunk,” “ameritronica,” and respect in the music community $12 at the door. Doors at 8pm. the 19th. The high energy musical Chico offers an extraordinary vari- “groove grass” to try to describe amongst other artists, Satsang is a Drawing on their musical roots in group performs classic through con- ety of accommodations, exceptional the music they hear from The band to watch closely. Nashville, New Orleans, Los temporary rock, blues, and country dining, outdoor adventures, live Magic Beans. Spiritual Rez will perform with Angeles, and Washington D.C., The styles. The band connects with the entertainment, ultimate relaxation, Satsang will host their album local help from Milton Menasco Morrison Brothers Band play a unique audience and creates a fun and all with a warm smile and welcom- release party for The Story of You with & the Big Fiasco! at the Filling brand of country/rock music. exciting atmosphere. Their music is ing spirit from their friendly staff. help from Ladies Choice at the Station on Wednesday, March 30th Founded in 2007 by brothers carefully selected to get people Chico Hot Springs is located in Pray, Filling Station on Saturday, March beginning at 9pm. Tickets to this 21 Truman and Willie Morrison, the involved in the party and to keep the Montana, 20 miles south of 26th beginning at 10pm. Tickets to and over event are just $7 and avail- group’s award-winning sound took dance floor hopping. Livingston. Come sip, soak, and this 21 and over event are just $8 or able at the door. Doors at 8pm. form in their hometown of Under the Bleachers will per- swing! For more information, call $15 including their new album and With their latest release, Washington, D.C. with the additions form Friday, March 25th and (406) 333-4933 or visit available at the door. Doors at 9pm. Apocalypse Whenever, Boston’s beloved of brothers Matt and Kevin Nolan. Saturday the 26th. Under The • Satsang is a Conscious Music reggae-rock funkateers Spiritual Rez The band is currently based out of Collective made up of Drew deliver their most triumphant musi- Nashville and is performing regular- McManus (Guitar/Vocals), Karl cal offering yet. Produced by lead ly in the Eastern, Mid-Western, and Roth (Bass, Keys, Vocals, singer Toft Willingham, co-produced Southern U.S. In the last few years, Weissenborn), and Keller Paulson by bassist Jesse Shaternick, and mas- The Morrison Brothers Band has See Verdi’s Requiem (Drums/Percussion), as well as an tered by legendary engineer Howie opened for Merle Haggard, Leon ever growing and rotating group of Weinberg (Ramones, Beastie Boys, Russell, Frankie Ballard, Maggie The Bozeman Symphony will no), Margaret Lattimore (mezzo- multi instrumentalists including Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers), the Rose, Old Dominion and Big Smo, present Verdi’s Requiem on soprano), Michael Morrow (tenor), David Cleaves. Blending world con- 14-track collection of infectious and shared stages with many of the Saturday, April 9th beginning at and Mark S. Doss (baritone). scious lyrics with a unique blend of anthems is chock-full of rollicking biggest acts in country music today 7:30pm and Sunday, April 10th To learn more, contact the Reggae, Folk and Hip-Hop, Satsang guitar riffs, ocean-bathed melodies, from Alan Jackson to Alison Krauss beginning at 2:30pm at the Willson Bozeman Symphony at 585-9774 or seems to have something for every swagger-centric basslines, crisp soar- to Tim McGraw. Auditorium. [emailprotected]. Ticket musical palate. The lyrics come from ing horns, and ska-infused jam sec- For more information about this Power-Majesty-Beauty; with s are available to purchase for $22 and are rooted in change, growth, tions that have come to define Rez’s and other shows, visit Voices Stentorian! These are but a per student and $27 and up per awareness, and imperfection, and progressive signature sound. While • few words that describe the adult. Purchases can be made online grandeur of Giuseppe Verdi’s haunt- at, by ing Messa da Requiem. Join the phone at 585-9774, or in person at Bozeman Symphony Orchestra, the Bozeman Symphony Offices at Symphonic Choir, MSU University 1001 West Oak Street, Suite Opera superstar Mark S. Doss at Ellen Chorus, and quartet of internation- 110. Thank you to sponsors ally renowned guest artists as the Spectec/TIC, Walter & Regina An Evening with Mark S. Doss is a mind about an ultimate destination Chicago and Princeton, New Jersey 2015-2016 concert season of the Wunsch, and David and Kippy delightful evening of arias per- in the afterlife. In total command, where he performed as a bass-bari- Symphony concludes with what Sands. Receptions follow Saturday at formed by Grammy Award winning Doss raises hell with his raven-black tone soloist in Messiah and promises to be the most profound Starky’s Authentic Americana, 24 N bass-baritone Mark S. Doss. Doss is voice and titillates with his balletic Beethoven’s 9th Symphony respec- and stirring performance. Featuring Tracy Ave. and Sunday at the a world-renowned opera superstar. presence...,” published London tively (the latter soon to be released special guests Cortney Mills (sopra- Holiday Inn, 5 E Baxter Lane. • Having performed in all the major Financial Times writer Larry L. Lash. on CD under the Westminister opera houses of the world, Mark is Who is Mark S. Doss? “[S]tento- Choir College label); then Simone in one of the biggest names in the busi- rian bass-baritone Mark Steven Doss Zemlinsky’s Eine florentinische ness; Mark is a powerhouse. An gave the most sensitive and attentive Tragödie with Turin’s Teatro Regio, Evening with Mark S. Doss will interpretation of the text of the the bass soloist in Bach’s St John take place on Wednesday, April 6th quartet,” wrote Natasha Gauthier of Passion with the National Symphony at the beautiful Ellen Theatre in the Ottowa Citizen. in Costa Rica, Pizarro in Fidelio and downtown Bozeman. Doss has gra- Who is Mark S. Doss? “Leading Amonasro (Aida) at the Dorset ciously offered this special concert the field among the four principals is Opera Festival, and Jochanaan as a gala benefit event for the Mark S Doss as Amonasro–a in Salome with the Theatro Bozeman Symphony. thrilling stage performer who wastes Municipal in São Paulo, Brazil. This event boasts both general no opportunity to advance his char- Highlights of Doss’ career and premium seating. General acter and sings with vehemence, he include: his title role in Wagner’s The admission tickets for $28 allow tick- is the star of the show,” published Flying Dutchman and one of his most etholders into the concert at the The Stage. acclaimed roles, Escamillo Ellen Theatre beginning at Mark Steven Doss has sung with in Carmen, with the Teatro Regio in 7:30pm. A limited amount of pre- the major orchestras of Turin, double bill performances of mium tickets for $60 allow tick- Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago Premysl (Sarka) and Alfio (Cavalleria etholders into the concert, and and Toronto, while additionally per- Rusticana) with the Teatro de la grant access to the pre-concert forming 87 roles with more than 60 Maestranza in Seville, the reception beginning at 6pm at the major opera companies around the Dutchman at the Teatro Comunale Legacy Gallery, next door to The world, including Milan’s Teatro alla in Bologna (soon to be released on Ellen. Both premium and general Scala, the Vienna State Opera, DVD), Amonasro with the San tickets can be purchased online at London’s Covent Garden, San Diego Opera, the Dutchman with or by Francisco Opera, Lyric Opera of the Dorset Opera Festival, phone at (406) 585-9774. This spe- Chicago, and the Canadian Opera Méphistophélès in Santa Fe cial performance promises to be a Company. Opera’s Faust, and successful debuts night you’ll never forget. The 2014-15 season began with at the Vienna State Opera as Join us in celebrating this world- Mr. Doss as the Colonial Soldier in Amonasro and the Berlin State class performer, by playing “Who is Nicholas Lens’ World Premier Opera as Jochanaan (Solome). Mark S. Doss?” In select local of Shell Shock at the Théâtre de la Mark is known for both his musi- restaurants, you will find oversized monnaie in Brussels. Afterwards, he cal and humanitarian achievements. playing cards depicting Doss in cos- returned to Chicago for In 2011, Mark was awarded the tume as some of the most well Händel’s Messiah, where he was fea- prestigious Entertainment Award known operatic characters of his tured in a Chicago Sun Times article from Planet Africa to commemorate career. Hints are printed on card and appeared on FOX and AB 7 his volunteer work and community backs to help you guess which char- TV. Subsequently, was Mark’s debut fundraising efforts. An Evening with acter Doss is playing. You are as the bass-baritone soloist in Mark S. Doss represents a continua- encouraged to write your answer or Verdi’s Messa da Requiem with the tion of Doss’ charitable efforts. Join best guess in the blank spaces pro- Ottawa Symphony. Mark S. Doss and support the sym- vided. Play the game by visiting The 2013-14 season included phony during this evening of pure local businesses in March or by vis- Mark as Amonasro in Aida at the entertainment on Wednesday, April iting online. Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, 6th at 7:30pm at the Ellen Theatre. Who is Mark S. Doss? and the Four Villains in The Tales of Special thank you to concert “Mefistofele, Mark S. Doss is so Hoffmann with the New National sponsors Bruce Jodar and Kimberlie charismatic he may change your Theatre in Tokyo. He travelled to Birdwell. •

page 6C • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” March 15, 2016 • The rollingZone • Page 7c

Sacajawea hosts weekly live music Eagles entertains with live music The Sac Bar within the Sacajawea Hotel horses. His favorite saying is “Life is too short The Eagles, a decades-long mainstay in Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and more, with in Three Forks is a place to wine, dine, and to ride an ugly horse.” G.T. also likes to write downtown Bozeman, draws a diverse crowd. original arrangements and music of all genres enjoy some of Montana’s best live music. about real people and includes some ballads From cowboys to ski bums to college kids, you from the 1900’s to today. Hotel guests, locals, and people from all and has some fun with a little rock thrown in can witness nearly every demo- around are welcome along with Bob graphic on a typical night. They head out and enjoy Wills Western swing host live music, karaoke, serve everything the Sac has G.T. Hurley for measure. He inexpensive drinks, and as always, to offer. Here’s a look “writes songs about have unlimited free peanuts! at some of the the life he’s lived, Here’s a look at what’s coming up. upcoming music! and what he feels Quenby & the West of The Sugar and observes (‘the Wayland Band will take the Daddies will per- taste of gunpowder, stage on Friday, March 18th and form Friday, March the smell of horse Saturday the 19th at 9pm both 18th. This Montana- sweat and the damp evenings. Quenby & the WoW based trio was found- dark of the hard- play a wide variety of Vintage ed in early 2012 and rock mine’). G.T. Country, Contemporary (minus consists of Richard is a 20 year career Pop), Outlaw, and Classic popular Riesser on guitar and US Marine Patriot, covers as well as originals which vocals, Oscar former Ranch include songs from Merle Dominguez on key- Hand, Hard Rock Haggard, Buck Owens, Jerry boards, bass and Miner and today, a Reed, Mary Gauthier, The vocals, and Rick Quarter Horse Mavericks, Waylon Jennings, Philipp on drums and Breeder. While George Jones, Patsy Cline, Lucinda Quenby & the West of Wayland Band percussion. Between working as a miner, Williams and many more! the three, there is a he was in a serious The Tom Cook Band is set to perform Sunrise Entertainment brings the vast amount of expe- accident and Friday, March 25th and Saturday the 26th at fun of karaoke and DJ music every rience, professionalism almost bled out. As 9pm both evenings. With Tom Cook on Thursday at 9pm. and talent with its such, he has a acoustic guitar and vocals, Phil Savannah on The Eagles also hosts Margarita basis in Nashville, New York, Las Vegas and better appreciation of life and the plans of lead guitar, Kevin Loustaunau on bass guitar, Mondays and BINGO every Friday. San Francisco. Since its inception, the band his Creator. “God first, family second, then and Dan Ruggles on drums, the band plays Come play a game of pool and listen to has been successfully performing in various the music.” what they call “Americana Punkabilly Rock.” some great local bands at the Eagles Bar, venues throughout Southwestern Montana. Sunrise Karaoke will encourage you to The Bridger Mountain Big Band per- located at 316 East Main Street next to the The main attribute for this success lies in the hop onstage and show everyone what you’ve forms every Sunday from 7:30-9pm. The 17- Nova Cafe. For more information, call bands ability to be as versatile as it possibly got on Friday, March 25th. Come sing your piece jazz orchestra celebrates the music of (406) 587-9996. • can, thus enabling it to adjust their set list at heart out and maybe even do the Cupid any given time to adapt to any particular Shuffle between songs. venue. While the gist of their material is pop- Old school Country Westerners Sam ular rock and roll, country, oldies, R&B and Platts & The Kootenai Three will be put- Desert Rose provides food & fun blues, they also have an extensive arsenal of ting on a great show on Saturday, March 26th. A Montana-authentic evening of delicious Saturday, March 26th. From rock/reggae original songs, all of which are palatable, as The four-piece honky-tonk group focuses on food paired with the savory sounds of an band In Walks Bud, Williams will be playing well as an array of lesser-known but still great making roots country music that is engaging eclectic roster of local music artists awaits you a variety of rock, folk, reggae, and instrumen- songs by both obscure and well-known to any audience with Sam Platts (vocals, gui- at Desert Rose Restaurant & Catering tal tunes. He always brings a great crowd. artists/songwriters. Their main focus is variety, tar, steel guitar), J Kane (upright bass), Joel in downtown Belgrade. Here’s a look at music Sugar Daddies will close out the and they half-jokingly have a motto of “No May (drums), and Eric Lee (guitar). They try coming up. month with a performance on Thursday, request left behind.” to keep the spirit of authentic honky-tonk Yeti’s Jam will be held on Thursdays, March 31st. This Montana-based trio was The G.T. Hurley Band will take up the music present in their personal sound, while March 17th & 24th. This is a weekly jam ses- founded in early 2012 and consists of mic Saturday, March 19th. G.T. would be best producing something that is fresh and pleasant sion open to all string players of various Richard Riesser on guitar and vocals, Oscar described as a blend of Waylon Jennings to listen to, watch, and dance to. Jason instrumental styles. Dominguez on keyboards, bass and vocals, and Billy Joe Shaver on the Country side, with McMackin of the Missoula Independent said, Drink Me Pretty will return to the stage and Rick Philipp on drums and percussion. a seasoning of Tex Ritter and Wylie “Coeur d’Alene’s Sam Platts and the Kootenai on Friday, March 18th. The Bozeman-based Between the three, there is a vast amount of Gustafson (Wylie & the Wild West) on the Three don’t give a honk or a toot about fitting band is a dedicated unit that serves up a dirty experience, professionalism and talent with Western music side. As such, G.T. Hurley says into office background soundtracks. They play co*cktail of Blues Boogie Rock and Roll. its basis in Nashville, New York, Las Vegas his music is “Outlaw Western Music.” He traditional country music anchored by Platts’ Members include Sadie Locken on rhythm and San Francisco. Since its inception, the goes on to explain that his songs have “ele- steel guitar and baritone voice. The group’s guitar and vocals, Isaac Carroll on lead guitar, band has been successfully performing in ments of cowboy, blues and Southern rock sound is reminiscent of longtime Texas trou- Ben Dufendach on box drum, and Austin various venues throughout Southwestern that combine to form ‘outlaw Western.’ His badour Dale Watson.” Rehyer ticklin’ strings on the fiddle. Come Montana. The main attribute for this success musical taste comes from folks like Waylon All music begins at 9pm. The Sacajawea see the band that plays it quick and gritty– lies in the bands ability to be as versatile as Jennings, Marty Robbins, Gordon Lightfoot Hotel is located at 5 N. Main in Three Forks. no chaser. it possibly can, thus enabling it to adjust and Dave Stamey. G.T. writes about the cow- For more information about these events, visit Tom Kirwan will give a performance on their set list at any given time to adapt to boy way of life which includes the land and or call 406-285-6515. • Saturday, March 19th. Tom is a Gallatin any particular venue. While the gist of their Valley Native and singer/songwriter, born in material is popular rock and roll, country, the same town as his Gibson Guitar. He cov- oldies, R&B and blues, they also have an ers songs from old Country to Folk and a extensive arsenal of original songs, all of Great food & music at the KKC bunch of original tunes with titles ranging which are palatable, as well as an array of The Kountry Korner Cafe in Four singer–she’s a sorceress, creating phrasing from “Whiskey and Worry” to “Hooked lesser-known but still great songs by both Corners features live music throughout the and emphasis for each song she writes. Her Jawed Fishes.” obscure and well-known artists/songwriters. month. Here’s a look at upcoming event dates. solo set will include Americana and folk Cabin Fever will take the stage on Their main focus is variety, and they The Cafe’s Sunday shows are back in full music. Friday, March 25th. From Manhattan, the half-jokingly have a motto of “No request swing with a number of exciting upcoming Local pianist Bob Britten will bring his band plays a combination of original music, left behind.” performances. Quenby is set to perform on talents to the Kountry Korner every 70’s rock, and a wide variety of dance tunes Located in downtown Belgrade at 27 Sunday, March 20th at 5:30pm. Quenby and Saturday in March at 5:30pm. Upcoming from Dwight-style country to Pink Floyd. West Main, Desert Rose is where food is still her band play a wide dates include the This 5-piece-plus band showcases strong the real deal. Now open Tuesday-Saturday variety of vintage 19th, 26th & vocal harmonies and a wide variety of instru- from 11am-9pm, the restaurant recently put country, contempo- April 2nd. Britten mentals. The members are Lonny Walker on down a new oak dance floor and recovered rary (minus pop), out- studied piano and rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Steve its stage. Many bands are commenting about law, and classic popu- guitar as a youth Loessberg on lead guitar and vocals, Larry it being the best place to play in the valley lar covers as well as growing up in Greenbaum on bass, lead guitar, and vocals, due to the quality of the venue and continued originals which New Jersey, but it Josh Fike on drums and vocals, Jon Gerhts on support from its patrons and their longtime include songs from was the guitar bass guitar, Ross Barrett with percussion, and fans. All music starts at 7pm. For more infor- Merle Haggard, Buck that brought him Lane Quandt on harmonica and vocals. mation about these performances, the menu, Owens, Jerry Reed, to Montana. He Aaron Williams will perform on or catering services, call 406-924-2085. • Mary Gauthier, The studied classical Mavericks, Waylon guitar and Jennings, George attended Jones, Patsy Cline, Christopher Lucinda Williams Parkening’s mas- and many more! ter classes at Rich Mayo per- Rich & Tanna Mayo Montana State forms every Tuesday in University in March at 6pm. Upcoming dates include the 1981 and 1982. He played guitar and piano 15th, 22nd & 29th. A multi-instrumentalist, in various bands in Billings including the Mayo plays the guitar, harp and vocals. He Gentlemen of Jazz and solo piano nightly at plays an Americana mix you’re sure to enjoy, the Cellar 301 for several years. and his wife, Tanna, adds a flute and lovely Save the dates! The Korner will host a St. female voice. Patrick’s Irish Buffet on March 17th and Claudia Williams of Montana Rose an Easter Brunch on March 27th! plays solo sets on Fridays at 5:30pm through- For more information about upcoming out March. Upcoming dates include the the events, call 586-2281 or visit 18th, 25th & April 1st. Williams isn’t just a •

Red Lodge Songwriter Fest announced The 1st Annual Red Lodge George Strait, Tim McGraw, Patti Loveless, Songwriter Festival has just been and others. announced. Come celebrate summer and lis- The festival will take place June 23rd-25th ten to some of the country’s best songwriters in the mountain town of Red Lodge–“a quant in Red Lodge, Montana for the first this first little ski town with a drinking problem”–and annual festival. This three-day event will fea- five of its finest establishments. Shows will ture four hit songwriters from Nashville, start late in the afternoon and play into the Tennessee along with eight of Montana and late night. For more information and to buy Wyoming’s best songwriters. The festival tickets, visit revolves around the creativity of James A portion of the proceeds support Friends of Dean Hicks, Tony Lane, Anthony the Beartooths, which is dedicated to the Smith, and Montana’s own Kostas. Hear improvement and promotion of the Beartooth these artists perform their hit songs and tell Highway and it’s neighboring communities. the stories behind these songs that were Learn more at • recorded by chart topping artists the likes of

Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 7C Page 8C • The RollingZone • MaRCh 15, 2016

Bridger Brewing hosts local Norris comes at you live Norris Hot Springs is a place to soak on out for a soak and welcome Cole! music & nonprofits and relax, but it’s also a great live music venue Kalyn Beasley will be welcomed back on with a rotating schedule of performers. March is no different! Juan Soria is set to perform on Friday, March 18th. Juan will be playing a mix of original songs from his album “Erase Una Vez” and cover songs at his first visit to Norris. Songs will be performed in English and Spanish. Weston Lewis is set to take the stage on Saturday, March 19th. Weston is a former member of Bozeman band Cure for the Common, but has recently left the band to pursue other interests. He currently plays in The Vibe Quartet (the house band at The Bridger Creek Boys 406 Brewing Company which plays every Saturday, March 26th. Kalyn is a talented Monday evening), Cat’s Bananas (with Mike Wyoming-based singer/songwriter who recent- Koziel), solo performances, and as a sit in lead ly returned from Austin to his Northern Local brewery staple and Bozeman favorite Bridger Creek Boys will provide the guitarist for artists including The Andrew Rockies roots to pursue a solo career. He plays Bridger Brewing is your source for the very musical entertainment on March 30th. Hand Band, John Sherrill, The Electric an acoustic show featuring Americana and best of Montana craft beers and daily gourmet Veterans of the Montana Bluegrass scene, the Sunday, Lang Terms, Mathais, and M.O.T.H. Texas country, and also shares many of his food specials and artisan pizza. Having just cel- Boys have ten years and well over a thousand Aaron Williams will return to Norris on original songs. Kalyn was previously with the ebrated three years of success, the family- shows of experience, and will stun you with Sunday, March 20th. Williams from rock/reg- Bozeman based Bad Intentions band as front- friendly brewer also hosts Mussels & Music their picking. gae band In Walks Bud will be playing a vari- man and bass guitarist. every Wednesday and {Pints with Purpose} Bridger’s {Pints with Purpose} helps the ety of tunes including rock, folk, reggae, and Nathan North will perform on Sunday, every Monday. Brewery stand out from all the rest by support- instrumentals. He’s a blast and a favorite on March 27th. Nathan is a Billings performer Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 8pm, ing a local nonprofit each Monday. During the Poolside Stage! who uses loops to create complex and wonder- Bridger Brewing hosts Mussels & Music! these fun and charitable evenings, $1 of every Cole Thorne is tapped for Friday, March ful songs as a solo artist. He’ll be doing origi- Come enjoy some live music and over a half pint sold between the hours of 5pm and 8pm 25th. Cole has been on the Poolside Stage nals and favorite covers. pound of succulent P.E.I. mussels with house- will be donated to the featured organization. with friends Weston Lewis and Micah Norris Hot Springs is located outside of made sweet Italian sausage, tomatoes, garlic, Proceeds from March 21st will benefit Child Swanson, but this will be his first solo shot. Norris, Montana off of route 84. Every per- and chili flakes, topped with parsley and Care Connections. CCC advocates for the well- Enjoy reggae, soul, and blues on guitar and formance starts at 7pm. Cover is $9 and tomato salsa. There is no cover charge for being and quality care of children by support- ukelele, both covers and original tunes. Head includes a hot dip in the pool. • the music. ing early childhood professionals, families, and March 16th will see tribute group The the communities they serve. Child Care Petty Band. Connections serves Gallatin, Park and Montana Manouche will perform on Meagher counties. Learn more at bozemanc- Jill Cohn to serenade 406 March 23rd. Montana Manouche began in Money raised on March 28th will help 2012. Ray and Nancy Padilla and Livingston the efforts of Big Sky Youth Empowerment. BSYE Solo artist Jill Cohn has announced an together as a duet in late 2009. After touring jazz guitarist Dave Sullivan started jamming provides opportunities to extraordinary upcoming live concert at 406 Brewing extensively as a duo, it was apparent that there on gypsy jazz tunes just for fun. Soon after, teenagers in order to foster self-reliance, critical Company on Wednesday, April 13th beginning was a deep and rare musical connection and along with bassist Jerry Linn, they started play- thinking skills, and community participation at 6pm. This is a free, all ages show. 406 is Cohn started to write songs with this duet ing gig. In spring of 2015, the band recorded a throughout Gallatin County. Learn more at located at 101 E. Oak St. Suite D. sound in mind. six-song CD. In fall of 2015, Mike Gurzi and A songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, Cohn Cohn has thirteen years of touring history Mike Carey came on board as lead guitarist Bridger Brewing, located on 1609 South has released nine critically acclaimed CDs, and over 390,000 miles under the hood of her and bassist, respectively. They often play as a 11th Avenue in Bozeman in the Town and including, Beautiful I Love You. This VW Van, is an endorsee for both Taylor quintet, joined by vocalist Ann Dickensheets, Country complex, provides the Bozeman com- release embraces the singers’ relocation from Guitars and Elixir Strings, has made numerous who began singing with the group in April munity with unique hand-crafted brews, fresh Seattle to Northern California and meeting concert appearances, as well as many of her 2013. Montana Manouche plays a few original artisan-style pizzas, and more. Locally owned, Austin-based Guitarist, Dave Sampson. After songs featured on radio, film, and television. numbers, but their repertoire focuses on the family-friendly, and Bobcat proud, Bridger hearing Jill’s 2005 song and AAA Radio She was a top-five finalist in the Lilith Fair tunes recorded by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Brewing is located just across from campus and Favorite, “Rescue Dog” on KRSH FM, Talent Search, and has opened concerts for Grappelli, and the Hot Club of France. This Bobcat athletic facilities. To learn more about Sampson contacted Miss Cohn in regards to several national artists, including Jewel, music was very popular in the 1930s, especially upcoming events, visit possibly working together. The two became Stacey Earle, Loudon Wainwright III, and in Europe, and has enjoyed a worldwide resur- or call 587-2124. Hours are 11:30am to musical colleagues and began performing Dave Matthews. • gence in recent years. 9pm daily. •

Music, art & español at Lockhorn

Lockhorn Cider House isn’t only a spot to satisfy your craving for all-natural, gleuten-free hard ciders and a variety of food options of the highest quality. Lockhorn also boasts an impressive roster of live music throughout the month and hosts other events as well. Come show the crowd what you’ve got at Karaoke with Eric of the world and speak Spanish with complete Bartz on Tuesdays, March 15th at 7pm and confidence! 29th beginning at 8:30pm. Lockhorn will host hand-cut glass expert Folk, blues, and acoustic artist Edis and mosaic artist Lisa Lord’s Art Kittrell will perform Wednesday, March 16th Reception on Tuesday, March 22nd begin- at 7pm. Kittrell has performed in the ning at 7pm. The cider house will house an Bozeman area for many years, both as a solo Expressive Watercolor Class with Pam Dolan act and with the band, Textbook Blues. on Tuesday, March 29th from 6-8:30pm. Try Playing folky, bluesy tunes, she is known for your hand in watercolor painting in this powerful vocals and warm a personality. Edis wonderful class. The class cost is $35, which plays the twelve string and six string guitars, as includes instruction, materials, and a glass well as five string bass and hand percussion. of cider! Joe Corrado will be on hand with some Stop in for a cold glass and a hot plate and live tunes on Sunday, March 20th beginning enjoy these exciting artists. The Lockhorn at 5pm. Cider House is located at 21 South Wallace John Fox & Doug will follow with a Avenue behind Heeb’s in Bozeman and is performance on Sunday, March 27th at 4pm. open for business seven days a week between Singer/songwriter and electric guitarist the hours of noon and midnight. Lockhorn is Danny Bee will provide musical a small, family-owned cidery specializing in entertainment on Thursday, March 31st crafting all-natural hard ciders of the highest beginning at 7pm. quality. Their ciders are made especially for Lockhorn will also offer a series of Adult those who crave a seriously dry adult beverage Spanish Classes for ten consecutive free of added sweeteners and chemical stabi- Mondays beginning March 21st and running lizers. The ciders are made from 100% organ- through May 23rd, from 6:30-8pm each ic apples, include no added sugar or sulfites, evening. Space is very limited, so sign up in and are gluten free. For more information on advance! The cost of this Adults Only series is any of these events, call 580-9098 or visit $200 for all ten weeks. Feel like you are on top •

Elling House to host Chautauquas The Elling House Arts & Humanities becoming a member of the association or Center in Virginia City will continue its popu- serving as a volunteer for events or committees lar tradition of hosting Chautauqua pro- is encouraged to visit grams on Saturdays, March 19th and April And don’t forget the fantastic 16th. Each of the programs will begin at Chautauqua Raffle! The Elling House Arts 7:30pm, and will be preceded by a potluck & Humanities Center is raffling off an original dinner beginning at 6:30pm. Admission is by piece of art graciously donated by Sherril donation. Those interested in performing Gold of Ennis. This beautiful graphite and should call 406-843-5454. The Chautauqua colored pencil drawing on grey-toned paper is programs provide a wonderfully entertaining matted and framed with an old barn wood blend of music and original writing presented frame made by Frank Giblin at the Cattleman by area residents. The Chautauqua concept, Gallery in Ennis (finished framed size is 19 founded in 1874, is a uniquely American tra- inches x 17 inches). The drawing is of the dition of bringing entertainment and cultural Flocking Magpies at one of the EHA&HC’s programs to rural communities, and several Chautauquas! Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 Montana communities once hosted one or and can be purchased at the Chautauquas, at more of the “circuit Chautauqua” companies Ranks Mercantile in Virginia City, or from an during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. EHA&HC board member. Drawing will be The Elling House is a non-profit organiza- held at the last Chautauqua on April 16th. tion dedicated to providing the residents of Need not be present to win. Hope to see you southwest Montana with quality programs in at one of the Chautauquas! the areas of literature, history, and the visual Learn more about this and other events at and performing arts. Anyone interested in • page 8D • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 ––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” Carve out Hunger Bridger Bowl Saturday, March 26th March 15, 2016 The BoZone • Volume 23, Number 6

LocaL SportS in and around the BoZone

Hawks Go 1-2 at State AA Basketball Tourney By Danny Waldo the evening, hanging on to defeat a But costly fouls allowed Great Falls Great Falls once again came back, For one team, it wasn’t the ending pesky Great Falls High Bison squad back into the game, and Bozeman eventually tying the score at 37 a they had envisioned, while for the 45-44. led just 25-22 at the halftime break. piece with just over four minutes other, it was the perfect ending to an Girls Fouls would quickly become the remaining in the game. up-and-down season. Bozeman 45, Great Falls 44 story of the second half as three A rebound and put-back with just The Bozeman Hawk boys and After falling behind 6-0 behind a Bison starters picked up their third over two minutes remaining put girls basketball teams both found pair of quick threes to open the and subsequent fourth fouls, relegat- Bozeman back on top, and they themselves in the State AA champi- game, the Bozeman Lady Hawks ing them to the bench. Included in would not relinquish the lead. onship game on Saturday night, slowly and methodically took control the foul-plagued group for the Bison However, the game was not decided March 12th, in Bozeman, at the of the title tilt, using superior size to was University of Montana commit, until junior Amber Tarabochia Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, and while and quickness to erase the early Nora Klick, who picked up her knocked in 1-of-2 free throws for a the prospect for a clean sweep of the deficit and hang on late. fourth early in the third period and four point lead with just seven sec- basketball titles was certainly a possi- The first quarter was a seesaw was confined to the bench until the onds remaining. bility, it was not to be as the Hawk battle that ended with the score knot- fourth quarter. Great Falls hit a three with less boys were knocked off by defending ted at 10, but in the second Bozeman The Hawks again built the lead than one second left to close out the state champion Billings Skyview 72- began to distance themselves from up to nine with just over two minutes scoring, then there was nothing left 56. The girls did their part earlier in the Bison, racing out to a 20-12 lead. to go in the third quarter before to do but celebrate for Bozeman who Bozeman High's Caitlyn picked up their first state title since Lonergan participates in the 2010 after a runner-up finish 2015 Valley Showcase a year ago. Boys Bozeman High's Drew Huse Bozeman Youth Hockey wins state Billings Skyview 72, Bozeman 56 participates in the 2015 Valley The Bozeman Amateur Hockey to 0 loss, in the 2015-16 Montana it service organization whose mission Cold shooting and porous defense Showcase Association (BAHA) announces that Amateur Hockey Association is to provide facilities and programs were the main culprits in Bozeman’s the defending PeeWee “A” State (MAHA) regular season and State for the development of quality, unsuccessful bid to knock off the Champion Bozeman Icedogs Tournament. Statistics through affordable, and disciplined competi- defending state champion Billings successfully retained their title in an PointStreak confirm that throughout tive and recreational hockey. Skyview Falcons, and what many overtime Bozeman game against the regular and tournament season, Information regarding local hockey expected to be a drag out battle Missoula, winning 3-2. The tourna- the team also had 186 goals in the programs can be found at bozeman- down to the wire ended up being a ment hosted by BAHA and held at net, versus 33 goals against. • Falcon rout. Haynes Pavilion, in the Gallatin “These boys Skyview opened up a 30-22 half- County Fairgrounds, welcomed five work well time lead and continued to stretch it teams from around Montana. together as a from there. Bozeman’s Trace Recently, Bozeman went undefeated team and Bradshaw had 12 first half points, in the State Tournament, defeating always give but the rest of the Hawks combined Butte 15-0; Billings 13-1; Missoula their best for 10. Central Arkansas signee 7-3; Helena 4-2; and Missoula again effort.” Adds Aaron Weidenaar went 1-8 and 0-2 in the championship game 3-2 in Coach from three-point land for two first sudden death overtime. Moser, “The half points. Assistant Coach Chad Moser hard work Bozeman cut into the Skyview says “This Bozeman Icedog group of and deter- lead and trailed just 36-33 in the players has been a strong one for mination has third, but Skyview again answered several years, for two athletes this is paid off, with a quick burst to put them back their 4th State “A” Title in a row and CON- up top 42-35 heading into the for one other athlete it was his 3rd in GRATULA- final frame. state title, and second state title in a row. These players create an TIONS!!” The fourth quarter was all school history. exceptional team oriented group The Billings, as Skyview quickly opened Meanwhile, Bozeman was denied that continues to grow and develop Bozeman with a pair of threes and raced out their first title since 2011, but they each season.” Amateur to a 13-point lead. Bozeman would did improve on their fourth place The PeeWee “A” team had a Hockey no closer than 10 the rest of the showing from a year ago and finished remarkable record going into this Association way and the Falcons were on their the season with a very respectable tournament with a perfect 21 wins is a nonprof- way to their second consecutive 20-3 record. • ­Page 2D­•­The enDZone •­March 15,­2016

DaBobcat Backcourt Duo Carve out Hunger with Bridger Bowl

Earn Post-Season Accolades Bridger Bowl issettohosta bulk(nonperishable)food,you’ll Dirt Bag Ball onSaturday,March by Bill Lamberty Dakota.HiseffortpushedMSUto numberof eventsinthelastfew receive:onevouchergoodfora$20 26th,aballandsilentauctionbene- MSU Associate AD for Media Relations 9-9intheBigSky,theprogram’s weeksof itsseasoninadditionto liftticketandoneentrytowina fittingtheBridgerBowlProPatrol Mondaybroughtafittingvale- firstbreak-evenconferenceseason theirusualeveryday dictoryforoneBobcatguard,anda sinceColbertwasafreshmanin downhillfun.Here’sa anappropriateopeningsalvofor 2013.The5-11guardfromPost lookatwhat’scoming another. Falls,Idaho,entersTuesday’sBig upinthebackhalf of BigSkyConferencecoaches SkyTournamentgameaveraging March. votedseniorguardMarcusColbert 16.9pointsand5.1assistsagame. TheSpring Equinox SecondTeamAll-BigSkyandfresh- GS andGrand Prize manguardTylerHallwonBigSky CappinghisfirstseasonatMSUby Drawing willtakeplace Freshmanof theYearhonorswhile becomingthefirstBobcatFreshman onSunday,March joiningColbertontheall-league’s of theYearsinceJasonEricksonin 20th.ThisisaDual secondteam.Colbertwasthe 2001,Hall’scampaignhasbeenhis- GSraceforcitizen league’sReserveof theYearasea- toric.The6-4guard’s95three- alpine,telemark,and sonago,andHallbecomesMSU’s pointersisalreadyaschoolrecord, snowboardracersof fourthFreshmanof theYearinthe his561pointsisthemosteverbya allages.Thereisa$15 lastquartercentury. Bobcatfreshman,andhebecame entryfeepercompeti- “If youwonanawardinour thefastestplayerinschoolhistoryto tor.TheGrandPrize leaguethisyearyouearnedit,”said 100,200,300,400and500points. drawingfor BobcatcoachBrianFish.“Our TheRockIsland,Ill.,nativehas CommunityEvents leaguehadsomanygoodplayers, beenamongthetop10freshman Seriesistobeheldfol- andthereweregoodonesthatdidn’t scorersinthenationthisseason,and lowingraceawards. winawards.CongratulationsMarcus presentlyaverages18.7pointsand BridgerBowland andTyler,andtotheirteammates 5.2reboundsagame. theGallatinValley thathelpedthemgettheseawards.” Hall,ColbertandtheBobcats FoodBankareteam- Colbertpunctuatedhisbrilliant playSacramentoStateat5:35pm inguptocollectfoodtofeedlocal 2016-17BridgerBowlSeasonPass. withlivemusicbyQuenbyandbeer seniorseasonwitha29-pointeffort PTonTuesdayinRenoduringthe residents.Carve out Hunger will TicketvoterswillbegoodMarch26 promotionfromUnbrew;Easter onSeniorDaylastweekend,leading firstroundof theBigSky commenceatBridgerBowlon oranydayduringtheremainderof Sunrise Service onSunday,March27th theCatstoawinoverNorth Tournament. Saturday,March26th.Thisisthe the2015-16season.Ticketvouchers withSunnysideLiftruns,anon- GallatinValleyFoodBank’sfourth aretransferable.Whetheryou’rea denominationalservice,andbreak- AnnualFoodDriveatBridgerBowl. dayticketholderorseasonpass fastbuffetforadults($13)andchil- Betweenthehoursof 8amand2pm, holder,thisisyourchancetowinan dren($7);andBridger’s Closing Day for 2015-16 Big Sky Conference Men's Basketball GVFBwillbeacceptingfooddona- adultseasonpassfornextseason. theseasononSunday,April3rd. All-Conference Team tionsintheunloadlotof Bridger Formoreinformation,visitthe Toresgisterforanyof these FIRST TEAM Bowlinfrontof SaddlePeakLodge. upcomingeventsorformoreinfor- Player Year Pos. School (Hometown) Forevery15cansor15poundsof Otherdatesof noteinclude:the mation,• *Joel Bolomboy (MVP) Sr, F Weber State, -Fort Worth, *Ethan Telfair Jr. G Idaho State (Coney Island, N.Y.) #Venky Jois Sr. F Eastern Washington (Boronia, Australia) #Martin Breunig` Sr. F Montana, (Leverkusen, Germany) State swim championship at MSU Quinton Hooker Jr. G North Dakota (Brooklyn Park, Minn.) Jeremy Senglin Jr. G Weber State (Arlington, Texas) TheBozemanMastersSwim years.We’rehopingthetablesdon’t *Unanimous Selection #Two-time First Team Selection Clubishostingthe2016 Montana turnonusthisyear.We’reholding feeis$40. SECOND TEAM Masters State Championship themeetduringMSU’sspring TheBozemanMastersSwim Swim Meet attheMargaHosaeus break,whichcouldhurtparticipa- ClubisanofficialU.S.Masters Player Year Pos. School (Hometown FitnessCenterontheMontanaState tionfromBozemanswimmers.” Swimming(USMS)programanda Cameron Forte Gr.- Sr. F Portland State (Tempe. Ariz.) UniversitycampusSaturday,March Bozemanhashadoneof the nonprofitorganizationwith Victor Sanders``` So. G Idaho (Portland, Ore.) Austin McBroom Gr.- Sr. GEastern Washington (Los Angeles, Calif) Marcus Colber Sr. G Montana State (Post Falls, Idaho) Tyler Hall Fr. G Montana State (Rock Island, Ill,) HONORABLE MENTION Player Year Pos. School (Hometown Anthony Johson Jr. G. Northern Colorado (Indianapolis, Ind.) Geno Luzcando So. G Idaho State (Estacion Central, Chile) Walter Wright Jr. G Montana, (Waterbury, Conn.) Justin Strings So. F Sacramento State (Carson, Calif.

19thandSundaythe20th.Thisis strongestmastersswimmingpro- 501(c)(3)status.Thevolunteer-led thebiggestmeetof theyearformas- gramsinthestateoverthepasteight programwelcomesadultswimmers Conserve the Gallatin tersswimmers(swimmersaged18 years.Annually,32-41%of regis- of allages,abilities,andmotiva- andup)inthestateof Montana.It teredmembersof theMontana tions.Membersjointheclubfor Range! isheldina25-yardpoolevery LocalMastersSwimming manyreasons,includingtechnique spring,androtatesaroundthestate. Committee(theMontanasubsidiary improvement,lifelongfitness,com- “Your Wild Backyard: A vationist,wildernessadvocateand “We’reexcitedtohavethemeet of U.S.MastersSwimming)identi- petitiveswimming,openwater Conservation Strategy for the authorPhilKnight;retiredForest hereinBozemanagain,”saidrace fiedthemselvesasmembersof the swimming,triathlontraining,cross Gallatin Range” issettobethe Servicebiologistandconservation directorPhillipLuebke,whoisalso BozemanMastersSwimClub. training,injuryrehabilitation,and topicof apaneldiscussionplanned activistDr.SaraJaneJohnsonof presidentof theBozemanMasters Despitetheword“champi- simplyforthefunofit. totakeplaceattheBozemanPublic ThreeForks;andSierraClub SwimClub.“It’snicethatwewon’t onship”inthetitle,thisisanopen TheMontanaLocalMasters LibraryonThursday,March31st OrganizingRepresentativeKiersten havetotravel,butit’salmostlikean meet,sonoqualifyingtimesare SwimmingCommittee(LMSC)isa from7-9pm.Thepublicisinvited, Iwaiof Bozeman.Thepanelmoder- awaymeetforourmembers,since required,andyoudonothaveto subsidiaryof U.S.Masters andtheeventisbeingsponsoredby atorwillbelong-timeMontana ourclubswimsinthe50-meter liveinMontanatoparticipate.You Swimming(USMS).Itisoneof one MontanansforGallatinWilderness, wildernessguideandauthorHowie BozemanSwimCenterpoolyear doneedtobeamemberof U.S. of 52officialLMSCs.The aninformalgroupof citizensmostly Wolkeof ParkCounty. round.”Bozemanisthedefending MastersSwimming(USMS),but MontanaLMSCcoversthestate fromGallatinandParkCounties. Accordingtopanelmoderator champion,havingwontheteamtitle one-eventregistrations,which of Montanaexceptforthecounties MontanansforGallatin andwildernessguideHowieWolke, in2014and2015. wouldcoverbothdaysof theevent, of DawsonandWibauxonthe Wildernesshasproposedanunbro- “GallatinRangeWildernessis “Itusedtobethatthehostclub areavailableforswimmerswhodo easternedgeof thestate.There ken548,000-acreGallatinRange importantformaintainingwildness wouldalwaysdominatethismeet,” notwishtobecomefull-yearUSMS arefourclubsandoneworkout Wilderness,whichincludesallof the andbiodiversityintheYellowstone saidLuebke,“Butourclubtraveled members.Swimmersinterestedin groupregisteredintheMontana remainingroadlesslandsinthe Ecosystem.Thisisworld-class reallywellforthismeetthepasttwo enteringthemeetcandownloadan LMSCfor2016.• GallatinNationalForestportionof wildlifehabitatsupportingspecies therangepluscontiguouslandsin thataresensitivetohumanintru- YellowstoneNationalPark.This sion.Half of themountainrange 229,000-acrewildlandisthegroups’ northof Yellowstonehasalready primaryfocusatthistime.The beendevelopedandisopento Former SEAL Team Six member to speak Hyalite-Porcupine-BuffaloHorn mechanizedtransportation.Many WildernessStudyAreaencompasses peoplefeelthatwhat’sleftshouldbe From MSU News Service twoNavy/MarineCorps civilianworkplace.O’Neillisalsoa about150,000acresof thenational protectedasdesignatedWilderness.” Ticketsareonsalenowforalec- CommendationswithValor. contributorforFOXNewsandwas forestroadlessarea. JoeGutkoski,long-timeMontana turebyRob O’Neill, theButte O’Neillwasamemberof the honoredwithalifetimemembership Thediscussionwillbeapartici- conservationist,retiredForest nativeandformerSEALTeamSix SEALTeamSixthatrescued toUniversityCollegeDublinLaw patoryevent,withaquestionand Servicelandscapearchitectandcur- membercreditedwithkillingal- CaptainRichardPhillipsduringthe SocietyinNovember. answersessionfollowingthepan- rentmemberof Montanansfor QaedaleaderOsamabinLaden, hijackingof theMaerskAlabamaby O’Neill’slectureishostedbythe elist’spresentations.Thepanelcon- GallatinWildernessadded,“You whowillspeakatMontanaState Somalipirates,therescueportrayed MSULeadershipInstitute.Other sistsof world-renownedBozeman can’thavewildernessinlittlepieces; Universityat7:30pmonMonday, inthemovie“CaptainPhillips,”as MSULeadershipInstitutespeakers wildlifeecologistDr.Lance thenit’snotreallywilderness. April11thinMSU’sStrandUnion wellasthe Craighead;equallyrenownedbear Wildlifeneedsbigchunksof undis- Ballrooms.Aquestionandanswer teamthatres- biologistDr.DavidMattsonof turbedwildcountryandsodomany sessionwillfollowO’Neill’slecture, cuedMarcus Livingston;Bozeman-basedconser- Montanans.”• whichistitled“NeverQuit:The Luttrelldur- Storyof aLifeBuiltonSuccessful ingOperation Missions.” RedWings O’NeillwasborninButte.In portrayedin 1995,ayearaftergraduatingfrom thefilm ButteCentralHighSchool,he “Lone enlistedintheNavy.Whileinthe Survivor.” Navy,O’Neillwasateamleader O’Neill withtheNavalSpecialWarfare hasbeen DevelopmentGroupandroseupthe identifiedas chainof commandtoSeniorChief theshooter SpecialWarfareOperator.Hewas whokilledbinLadenduring comingthissemesterinclude deployedmorethanadozentimes. OperationNeptuneSpear,thecode MuslimreformistIrshadManjion Heheldcombatleadershiprolesin nameforthemission.O’Neillleft February22ndandattorneyand morethan400missionsinfourdif- theNavyin2012andisnowapub- humanrightsactivistKelly ferenttheatersof war.Hereceived licspeaker.Also,O’NeillandKodak MathesononMarch8th.“Wehope 52decorations,includingtwoSilver CEOJeffreyJ.Clarkeco-founded toprovidesomethingforeveryone StarMedals,fourBronzeStarswith thenonprofitorganizationYour withthisbroadrangeof excellent Valor,aJointService GratefulNation,whichsupports speakers,”saidCarmen CommendationMedalwithValor, UnitedStatesSpecialOperations McSpadden,directorof theMSU threePresidentialUnitcitationsand veteransintheirtransitionintothe LeadershipInstitute. O’Neill’slectureissponsoredby MSUVeteranServices/Veteran SupportCenter,Officeof the President,Officeof theProvost, ASMSU,JakeJabsCollegeof BusinessandEntrepreneurship, Murdoch’s,andKGLT.Tickets are$10forstudentsand$20for thepublic.Theyareavailableat localTicketsWestlocationsand 6:45pm.Formoreinformation, calltheMSULeadership Instituteat(406)994-7275orvisit LeadershipInstitute.• page 2D • Volume 23, Number 6 - March15,2016•TheBoZoneEntertainmentCalendar••406-586-6730––– Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” March 15, 2016 • The endZone • Page 3d

Ski Mo & Randonee races at Big Sky Resort Shedhorn Mountain Races tional Randonee race covering 11 about breathing will be held at Big Sky Resort on miles with a 5,000’ vertical gain. hard with fast Saturday, April 9th. There will be Racers in both events will explore descents on two different, concurrent courses: the breadth of terrain and vastness Andesite mountain. Ski Mo and Randonee. of The Biggest Skiing in America. You can’t just race The Ski Mo course is the final Casey Heerdt Co-Race Director you have got to ski.” stop in the 2016 COSMIC series advises, “This year’s Skimo course The Ski Mo race is and has a total $2,000 cash purse will descend the best Lone Mountain limited to 100 par- awarded to the top male and female has to offer in the spring. The Big ticipants and starts competitors. The Skimo course Couloir, Three Forks off the at 7am. The crosses the summit of Lone Headwaters Ridge and possibly high Randonee race caps Mountain twice, covering 18 miles action in the North Summit at 250 participants with a robust vertical gain of over Snowfield. Just like touring in the and starts at 9,000 feet. Special equipment is spring, you’ll be climbing in the sun 7:30am. For com- mandatory due to the precipitous and skiing in the shade. If speed is plete event informa- terrain. New this year, the Randonee your thing, we have designed the tion and registration, visit bigskyre- Party–Whiskey A-Go-Go in the between Bozeman and Yellowstone course will be a non-technical tradi- Shedhorn Randonee. This course is Join for the After Mountain Village Plaza from 5:00- National Park. Big Sky Resort is the 8:00pm featuring a Montana Biggest Skiing in America with Whiskey Tasting. 5,800+ acres offering an average of Big Sky Resort, established in two acres per skier and 4,350 1973, is located in the Northern vertical drop. Learn more at Hawks’ Purcell Headed to the College Ranks Rockies of southwest Montana • By Danny Waldo took a runner-up trophy home fol- players on next year’s squad as well. Longtime Bozeman Hawk head lowing the 2012 season. Gone to graduation are Bennett football coach Troy Purcell tendered Much like his reasoning for leav- Hostetler, Payton O’Reilly, Peyton his resignation recently and will be ing Havre back in 2005, the oppor- Guenther, Trace Bradshaw, DJ taking an assistant coaching position tunity to coach at the highest level of Perdaems and Gatorade Player of Freeskiing World Tour with the University of Idaho college football was simply too good the Year for the state of Montana, Vandals in Moscow. of an offer to pass up. Purcell will Balue Chapman who served as the returns Purcell, who came to Bozeman join the coaching staff of Paul backbone of this year’s state title in 2005 after leading the Havre Blue Petrino, a native Montanan, and will winning team. Perdaems, Bradshaw Registration is now open as the riders–it’s technical, steep, and Ponies to their first state champi- join up with one of his former assis- and Chapman formed the three- Freeskiing World Tour returns deep. Runs up to six miles long and onship in 34 years during the 2004 tants and all-time Bobcat greats, headed monster that was Bozeman’s to Big Sky Resort beginning glades and bowls covered in 400- season, leaves Bozeman after guid- Bobby Daly, who is on staff as backfield, while Hostetler has been a Wednesday, March 23rd and run- plus inches of annual snowfall make ing the Hawks to the state title this Director of Football Operations. three-year starter in the defensive ning through Sunday the 27th. Big Sky a prime location for a big past season. Purcell has stated that he will coach backfield and was a key contributor The Freeskiing World Tour mountain competition. Purcell’s time in Bozeman has Inside Linebackers for the Vandals. on both of Bozeman’s most recent (FWT) is the oldest competitive big Open registration athletes are been one of unrivaled success. In 10 So Bozeman will once again be state titles. mountain freeskiing tour in the his- able to apply to get into the main seasons guiding the red and black, looking for a new football coach The incoming coach will not face tory of the sport, producing the event now. All athletes who are Purcell led Bozeman to three state with the search expected to begin an empty cupboard by any means, world’s premier open big mountain signed up for the qualifier will be titles (2010, 2013, 2015), and men- immediately, although the position but they will have some big shoes to skiing competitions at the most sent an application to apply, if they tored three Gatorade Players of the has not been officially posted on the fill in the wake of Purcell’s depar- rugged mountains in North and choose, to be added directly into Year (Tanner Roderick, Will Dissly, district’s website.. The Hawks will be ture. Stay tuned for updates on South America. Founded in 1998, the main event. The application Balue Chapman). The Hawks also looking to replace a plethora of potential candidates the FWT, created and produced by will consist of general questions MSI, is heading into its 19th year of regarding athlete skiing/snow- operation. MSI also founded the boarding history. These will be Masters of Snowboarding in 2008 accepted until all main event spots specifically tailored to pioneer the are filled. Registration cost is $100 Cast a line at Fly Fishing Film Tour sport of big mountain snowboard- for open registration athletes. If you ing and the Junior Freeride Tour advance to the main event from the Though it may not quite yet be ed annual event. The original and phere, audience giveaways, and (JFT) to shepherd the development qualifier, you will pay an additional in season, anglers all around have largest tour of its kind, each show is valuable coupons, each screening is of aspiring youth. $50. All athletes must be 16 years something to look forward to this a high-energy celebration. Traveling a celebration of the sport. Big Sky Resort offers 5,800 ski- or older by the first day of the winter. The 2016 Fly Fishing through the US and Canada each For more information about this able acres and endless ways to navi- event, March 23rd. For further Film Tour will next stop by Lone year, the F3T features incredible event, to watch film trailers, or to gate 4,350 feet of vertical drop. information or to register for Peak Cinema in Big Sky, Thursday, never-seen footage from waterways purchase tickets online, visit The infamous Lone Peak has mas- this exciting event, visit March 24th with two showings at worldwide. With a party atmos- • sive appeal to big-mountain • 5pm and 8pm. Tickets to either showing are $15. Buy your tickets online or in person at: Lone Peak Cinema, Gallatin River Guides, Grizzly Outfitters, Eastslope Outdoors, and Lone Mountain Ranch. Ticket sales benefit con- servation of trout habitat in the Upper Gallatin River Watershed by the Gallatin River Task Force. This event would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of Lone Peak Cinema. The original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, The Fly Fishing Film Tour is a one of a kind experience. The Tour is fly fishing’s most anticipat-

Bobcats Fall on Buzzer Beater by Tom Schultz Montana State Sports Information Director for Women's Basketball In the end it came down to fundamentals. The Montana State women’s basketball team missed five of six free throw attempts in the final one-minute, 23-seconds and Idaho State scored ten unanswered points, including a half court heave with 0.2-seconds left by Juliet Jones and the Bengals escaped with a 52-50 win over the Bobcats, Wednesday afternoon at the Big Sky Conference Tournament. “Down the stretch, for us, it just came down to finishing the game,” said MSU head coach Tricia Binford. “The last two minutes of the game we were in control of that and had opportunities to finish it and put it away. It’s hard to help them with the butterflies for this tournament experience. I hurt for them so much because it is not characteristic of this team.” Montana State (21-9) entered the game shooting 75.5 percent from the free throw line. Against Idaho State (17-14) the Bobcats connected on just 15-of-29 tosses. The Bobcats seemed to have the fourth quarter in hand taking a nine-point advantage on a Peyton Ferris free throw at the 8:12 mark. Even when Idaho State closed to within three points with 4:39 left, MSU was able to reestablish its lead going up 49-40 with two-min- utes remaining. Ferris led the way for MSU with 16 points, while Alexa Dawkins and Jasmine Hommes each finished with ten points. Riley Nordgaard paced MSU under the boards with 11 rebounds. Neither team shot the ball well as the Bobcats held a 28-19 advan- tage at intermission. Montana State ended the contest shooting 29.6 percent, while Idaho State went 29.4 percent from the field. The Bengals also held a slight 49-46 edge in rebounding. •

Tell ’em, “I Saw It In The BoZone!” ––– The BoZone Entertainment Calendar • • 406-586-6730 • Volume 23, Number 6 - March 15, 2016 • page 3D Business Before Hours Thursday, March 24th @ 5:30 REACH Air Medical Services March 15, 2016 The BoZone • Volume 23, Number 6 BuSinESS in And ARound THE BoZonE

Tax day looms: free prep available Women’s IRS trained tax preparers are preparation with electronic filing ily–MUST HAVE; W-2 forms for from 12-3pm; HRDC Office, 32 S. offering FREE tax preparation to qualified individuals. For infor- all jobs worked in 2015; All 1099s Tracy, Bozeman, by appointment History events assistance through the VITA mation on your 2015 refund, call for other income, if applicable; only, Monday and Wednesday program (Volunteer Tax Assistance 800-829-1040 or visit Other tax-related documents; from 5-7pm (Call HRDC at 587- with MSU Program). The Volunteer Income You will need Childcare provider name, address, 4486 to make an appointment); Tax Assistance (VITA) program your Social Security Number, and tax ID number; Voided check and HRDC Office in Livingston, 111 The MSU Women's Center offers free tax preparation to peo- Filing Status, and Refund for automatic deposit; Copy of last S. 2nd Avenue, Livingston, by will present a number of programs ple who earn $54,000 or less, per- Amount when visiting this site. year’s tax return–if you have it. If appointment only, Tuesday, in March to celebrate Women’s sons with disabilities, and the eld- Tax preparation is available married and are filing jointly, both Wednesday, & Thursday from History Month. Their theme is erly and limited English speaking through April 14th. parties MUST be present to sign 11am-3pm (Call 333-2537 to make “The Limits of Gender Roles.” taxpayers who need assistance in What to bring in 2016: Photo the tax return. VITA Locations an appointment). You may also Talking Back to Sexism preparing their own tax returns. identification–MUST HAVE; include: Community Cafe, 302 N. 7th visit to prepare and Other Forms of IRS-certified volunteers provide Social Security cards and birth Avenue, Bozeman, walk-ins only, your own taxes free of charge or Oppression will take place on free basic income tax return dates for each member of the fam- Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday visit • Wednesday, March 23rd at 6:30pm in the Procrastinator Theater of the SUB. Join The F- Word feminist discussion group and Sustained Dialogue for this In honor of Bozeman’s professional women conversation about everyday sexisms and other forms of Bozeman Business and ing and continue with the Honors ceed. Their mission is to support licensed by the Business and oppression and the best ways to Professional Women (BPW) are set Awards Ceremony at 6:30pm. women personally, professionally and Professional Women Foundation, a engage in meaningful conversa- to host a very special gathering on Bozeman BPW will be offering a politically. national organization that was found- tions around them. Attendees Wednesday, March 23rd at the 10% discount on membership dues if Bozeman BPW’s members come ed in 1919 and remains one of this will watch Laura Bates’ Ted Talk Emerson Ballroom from 5:30-9pm. you join during this event. Please together for regular meetings where country’s largest organizations for on Everyday Sexism and discuss Some very special women will be hon- remember your business cards as you they pool their talents and resources to working women. The BPW the impact sexist and oppressive ored awards for Woman of will need them to enter the door prize create innovated professional, educa- Foundation empowers working behaviors on all of us. Achievement and Young Careerist, drawing and for networking. tional, and networking opportunities women to achieve their full potential Hysteria! A Dance while also recognizing an Employer of Bozeman BPW is a diverse group for women. They honor local women and partners with employers to build Celebration will kick off Friday, the Year for its contributions to work- of over 170 professional women work- who are making outstanding contribu- successful workplaces through educa- March 25th, from 8pm-midnight ing women. The evening will begin at ing to ensure that women in the tions to our community and helping tion, research, knowledge, and policy. in the Baxter Ballroom in 5:30pm with socializing and network- Gallatin Valley have the tools to suc- women succeed. Bozeman BPW is Learn more at • Downtown Bozeman. In honor of Women’s History Month, Chicks with Sticks and the MSU Women’s Center will present this dance party featuring Bozeman’s favorite Uncork with Vino per Tutti DJ, Missy O’Malley. The dance is Vino per Tutti offers wine for tastes. The staff and store owners stock you up for specialty affairs Wednesday, April 27th. The presen- open to all over age 18 with tickets everyone in downtown Bozeman, as are happy to help each of their cus- including weddings, private parties, tation will begin at 5:15pm followed available at the door. Tickets are the translation of the cellar’s name tomers to select a bottle of wine and corporate events. by a tasting at 6pm. Come to both $15 for singles, $25 for couples, suggests. The quaint shoppe strives they’re really going to like. Whether Vino also plays host to year- or just the tasting. Located at the and $12 for students with ID. to find great wines that represent a you’re interested in a cult classic, round events, wine seminars, and Weaver Room in the Emerson The Women’s History good value at any price, making it that 2006 Brunello or the best $10 cooking classes. Here’s a look at Cultural Center. This event is $25 Month Reception & easy for wine lovers all around to bottle you have ever had, Vino is what’s coming up this spring. Vino per person. Presented by Vino per Presentation of Student of find just what they’re looking for. your wine store. With a constantly per Tutti’s 3rd annual St. Patrick’s Tutti, Cardinal Distributing & Achievement Awards will occur Vino tastes thousands of wines per rotating stock, wines available are Day Beer Tasting will be held Rosenthal Wine Merchants. on Wednesday, March 30th, begin- year and only about 20% make it always new and exciting. If your Thursday, March 17th from 6-8pm Vino per Tutti is located at 315 ning at 5:30pm in the Great Room onto their shelves. There is no uni- favorite blend is not in the store, at the Weaver Room in the Emerson East Main Street. To learn more of the Alumni Building, located on versal “good wine.” Each person Vino will do all they can to order it Cultural Center. This event is $20 about wines offered or to register for South 11th Ave. This year’s determines what makes for a good to be delivered to the store in a day per person. A French Wine any of these events, visit vinopertut- keynote speaker will be MSU wine dependent upon their personal or two. Finally, the team promises to Seminar & Tasting will be held or call 586-8138. • Alum Celia O’Connor who will discuss her mother, Norma Smith, and her book: Jeanette Rankin: America’s Conscience. Please RSVP Spring events with Bozeman Chamber for this event to danforth@mon- The Bozeman Area Chamber of and $25 for non-members. opportunity to network with other may be included with membership. The MSU Women's Center is a Commerce will present another edi- Build Your Business One businesses & meet face to face with Please contact Karri Clark with department in the division of tion of Business After Hours on Bobcat At A Time will take place Bobcat Student Athletes who are questions at kclark@bozemancham- Student Success and was created Thursday, March 24th from 5:30- Tuesday, April 12th from 5:30-7pm exploring opportunities in the job or 406-922-0446. to promote greater responsiveness 7:30pm at REACH Air Medical at the Hilton Garden Inn. Montana market. Businesses who are looking Since 1910, the Bozeman to the needs of university women. Services, located at 200 Wings Way State University and the Bozeman to hire student athletes may show- Chamber has helped businesses grow Their focus is to empower women in Belgrade. A blue ribbon cutting Area Chamber of Commerce pres- case their business at this event for a and prosper. After 100 years of ser- and create an equitable campus event will kick off the event. This is ents this night with Bobcat Student booth fee of $125. There is no vice to the Bozeman Community, it is environment by offering educa- a free event for Chamber Members Athletes. Don’t miss this exclusive charge for this event and compli- one of the largest and most aggres- tional programs to the university mentary appetizers and sive business organizations in the population about gender and refreshments with be offered. Please state of Montana. On top of business women's issues. The Center is contact Karri Clark with questions and economic support, they serve open to all students, staff, faculty, at [emailprotected] or Bozeman tourism by promoting the and community members, male 406-922-0446. stunning landscapes, vibrant commu- and female. Hours of operation The Bozeman Chamber has also nity, endless events and the people are Monday through Friday from announced a Business Lunch that live, work and play in Bozeman. 9am to 4pm during the academic Seminar to be held on Tuesday, There are several membership year when classes are in session. April 19th between 11:30am and opportunites designed to fit your For information, visit 1pm. This luncheon will help atten- needs. Joining the Chamber is a great • dees develop an employee recruit- way to get involved in Bozeman's ment and selection plan. Robyn thriving business community. The Chupka of Tributary Consulting will Bozeman Area Chamber of be on hand to discuss methods used Commerce, representing its member- to recruit and select employees, legal ship, advocates economic vitality, Issues that affect recruitment and high quality of life and preservation Montana selection, and supervisor/manager of the free enterprise system through roles within the organization. This leadership, vision and communica- Mondays event is $18 for Chamber members tion. Visit and $105 for non-members. Passes to learn more. • at the R Bar The Rocking R Bar in Downtown Bozeman has begun to promote Montana made liquors and beers during its new Montana Mondays. These special days at the R Bar will include a special co*cktail menu that consists of Montana made liquors and have specials on Montana made draft beers. The Rocking R Bar proudly fea- tures liquors from Montana distiller- ies including Roughstock Distillery, Trailhead Spirits, WildRye Distillery, Montgomery Distillery, Willie’s Distillery, and Whistling Andy’s Distillery. The Rocking R offers 12 Montana made draft beers from 10 different breweries including Bozeman Brewing Company, Map Brewing, Katabatic, Beaverhead, Black Eagle, Kettlehouse, Lone Peak, Philipsburg, Tamarack, and Madison River. The products the Rocking R offers are constantly changing and they try to bring in the newest and most unique beers and liquors from Montana. On Mondays, all Montana made draft beers and liquors will be on special for just $3 a draft beer or co*cktail. There will be hat and clothing giveaways from the Rocking R Bar and various distiller- ies and breweries across the state of Montana. The Rocking R Bar is a proud supporter of the buy local, drink local movement and enjoys working with the local breweries and distilleries. For more informa- tion, visit •

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